Camp Bug Juice: A Bookworms Camp Adventure

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Sort order. Sep 19, Denise rated it really liked it. Cute story with lots of clever bug references. Will be enjoyed by young readers, especially those who understand the sleep-away camp context. I won my copy from Goodreads First Reads. It was a good story about a bookworm girl's first time at camp.

The story was cute but a little too old for my 6-year old daughter. I will save the book for her to read in a few more years. The main character was very well written and there is some drama so I think she will enjoy the book.

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The only downside was that it could have used some more editing and proofreading. Feb 01, Beth Seman rated it really liked it Shelves: first-reads. First Reads book that I won. Great coming of age story that is perfect for young girls. Setting the book with "bugs" instead of real people helps give it that whimsical quality while still telling a story important for girls of all ages. Looking forward to hearing what my 10 year old thinks after she reads it. Thank you for the book! Ebooks and Manuals

Jun 01, Rebecca McNutt rated it really liked it. Funny and entertaining book for younger children with a powerful message of accepting others, putting aside differences and meeting new people. Well-written and filled with illustrations, this book is definitely one that kids will enjoy.

A summer camp adventure with a difference, instead of insects coming to join YOUR summer camp, they go to one of their own! Bea the Bookworm makes new friends, deals with 'We're better than you-like' Queen Bees and more on her very first time away from home. Jan 12, Amanda Belyew rated it it was amazing.

Such a cute book with a great story. I loved it!!! There are no discussion topics on this book yet. About Brittany Cuenin. Brittany Cuenin. No trivia or quizzes yet. Welcome back. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. The show is so voyeuristic in its framing, largely capturing its cast through the crooks of bare legs or over the crest of wet shirts, that it was hard to take their plight particularly seriously.

This wasn't helped by their clearly archetype-ready personalities, with the show offering an obvious Sporty, Nerdy, Princess, and Survivalism Mouthpiece spread from their very first conversation. Even the fanservice generally felt pretty clumsy, and the show has nowhere near the directorial or art design assets to meaningfully convey the experience of being stranded in any tonal sense. The show's humor is also pretty one note; its gags almost all center around Homare doing something momentarily inexplicable or salacious, the peanut gallery gasping, and then Homare explaining how whatever she did was actually a survival technique.

On the whole, Are You Lost? Theron Martin. We're only a couple of series into the new season and we already have a leading candidate for Best Girl. Homare Onishima could very well be unbeatable, not because she's some action star or cute moeblob but because she's the ultimate level-headed pragmatist in a situation where pragmatism is a survival necessity.

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We're talking about a girl who, in what could easily be one of the season's feature scenes, grabs a locust out of midair and eats it without skipping a beat and before her companions even realize what she's doing. In fact, Homare doing extreme yet practical things learned from her survival training with her father, and how those actions flummox the other girls, looks like it's going to be the central running joke of the series.

That Homare could probably carry this series alone is good, because aside from her, none of the other girls have shown much in the sense of interesting personalities. One seems to be the standard nerdy girl, one is an athlete, and one is an apparent airhead, but so far they're mostly just here to react to Homare. Presumably they will show more quirks and character as the series progresses. A flippant take on a survival story clearly isn't the only goal here.

Various camera angles, scene framings, boob jiggles, and the actions of Homare also emphasize a fan service aspect to the present.

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This might work if done right, but it's going to require a very delicate balance. However, director Nobuyoshi Nagayama pulled a minor miracle by actually making Happy Sugar Life work in his last outing, so I'm definitely not discounting the possibility. Paul Jensen. I don't know if there's any pent-up demand in the market for a wilderness survival show starring generic anime schoolgirls, but if there is, Are You Lost?

The mix of elements here is certainly an odd one, and at the moment they don't seem to be blending particularly well together. Based on this episode alone, it's hard to tell if this series is trying to deliver serious information with a side of gross-out humor, or if it's just using the survival guide content to set up some jokes and a bit of fanservice. The one thing I can say for sure is that whatever Are You Lost? If you're here for survivalist trivia, most of what we get in this premiere is either basic to the point of being obvious or so specialized that its value is questionable.

On one hand, I don't really need an anime series to tell me that drinking seawater is a bad idea or that you shouldn't leave a dehydrated person out in the sun.

Daytime Awards (Short) - Bug Juice: My Adventures at Camp - Disney Channel

On the other end of the spectrum, while I didn't know which parts of a moose can be eaten raw going into that episode, I don't really foresee myself benefitting from that particular tidbit of knowledge. Some things in this episode do manage to find a happy middle ground, like how far away the horizon is when you're out at sea, but Are You Lost? At the moment, my biggest concern is the cast, which consists of a quartet of forgettable characters.

We've got the sporty girl, the bookworm, the dainty rich girl, and the obligatory wilderness expert, and that's about all there is to their personalities at the moment. The main source of humor seems to be the contrast between survival girl's expertise and her lack of social skills, but none of the jokes landed well enough to really make me laugh.

You're probably better off revisiting Laid-Back Camp if you're looking for an outdoorsy series with some real personality, but if you're dead set on watching the busty anime equivalent of Bear Grylls, Are You Lost? Rebecca Silverman. I sort of understand what Are You Lost? It seems to want to be a sort of semi-educational fanservice show, one that throws random bits of survival knowledge at you and flavors it with shots of girls' bodies and other prurient bits like literal spit-swapping and peeing in mouths.

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You know, for dehydration prevention. Most simply put, the two pieces of this story sit uneasily together. On a more personal level, I was hoping for something more in line with the manga Limit — a serious survival story that just happened to star schoolgirls. Elements of this do work; the different personalities of the girls, although clearly designed for maximum fan appeal, seem to mesh well and give a decent variety of abilities, with Mutsu's astronomy knowledge and Homare's survival skills looking the most impressive.

Exploring the island they've washed up on may be more interesting than Homare squeezing fish for their blood or offering to pee in Shion's mouth, and I do enjoy her deadpan almost Sagara Sousuke-like delivery, but none of that is enough to make me want to keep watching this. Ebooks and Manuals

My end feeling is that this could work as either a fanservice island story or a survival one — but both together just isn't cutting it. James Beckett. The premiere of Are You Lost? In the very opening shots, we get a bunch of shots of the four main girls passed out on their little bit of floating detritus, soaking wet so their skin and underwear is showing through the fabric. As each of the four girls wakes up, we get very conspicuous shots of their thighs and chests, not to mention an upskirt or two.

So, the first thing you have to know is that Are You Lost? Later, survivor-type Onishima explains to the others how you can pulverize fish to drink their blood and meat juices through a fabric filter, and to demonstrate she uses her own shirt to shower herself in a drizzle of nasty raw fish slurry.