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In the years to come, I would spend more time with Norris. We began to share the kind of connection that comes from a little magic and a love of similar things—flea markets, art, beautiful upholstery, and white wine. And then there was the knowledge that each of us had had a past relationship with a certain politician.

Norris lived in Little Rock, Arkansas, when she was young.

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In case you were wondering, the two of us spent very little time discussing this point in common. I also developed a rapport with Norman. The three of us had dinner in P-town one night. It was a long, colorful, story-filled evening—stories laced with more profanity than I would have expected. As we were saying our goodbyes, it somehow came out that I had been taking boxing lessons.

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  • At the time, it had been my latest attempt to get fit. Despite the crutches he was using for his hips, Norman still managed to faux spar with me for a round or two. Norris refereed, roaring with laughter.

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    She had a hardy laugh. And now this extraordinary collection of Norman's letters brings me back to those days and nights. He wrote:.

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    And so you get seven copies of seven of my drawings. You see, the card I had sent was laced with profanity—the swear word I had heard Norman use the most. Sorry, Mom.

    Happy F**kin’ Birthday (with Apologies to Norman Mailer)

    He wrote: O. Read More. Monica Lewinsky on Surviving Shame. Get V. The Author on the Art of the Online Rebuttal.

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    Thus, Norman Mailer , who died at the weekend, has been hailed as a great, if flawed, American writer, a pre-eminent chronicler of the 20th century. But it would be closer to the truth to characterise him as an arch-conservative who pulled off a stunning confidence trick. Mailer hated authority, homosexuality, women and almost certainly himself, producing fiction and essays that would be comically bad if they did not display addictions to violence and abusive sex.

    He was in his 40s when the movement against the Vietnam war brought a younger generation on to the streets; having established his credentials with his second-world-war novel The Naked and the Dead, Mailer marched with draft-resisters and wrote about it in The Armies of the Night. Then as now, few on the left cared that he was a hysterical opponent of contraception and abortion: "I hate contraception Millett regarded Mailer as "a prisoner of the virility cult", a man whose "powerful intellectual comprehension of what is most dangerous in the masculine sensibility is exceeded only by his attachment to the malaise.

    That malaise often expresses itself in domestic violence.

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    Mailer did not actually kill any of his wives unlike the French philosopher Louis Althusser , who strangled his , but he stabbed his second wife twice in the neck and his fourth accused him of beating her. His fascination with hyper-masculinity drew him to boxing; it also resulted in tragedy when Mailer was instrumental in securing the release of a convicted killer, Jack Abbott, who then stabbed a waiter to death.

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    Irresponsibility on such a grand scale does not exclude someone from the status of heroic outsider, a category also available to self-destructive rock stars. But the most telling comparison is with Mailer's near-contemporary Betty Friedan, who wrote sourly in that homosexuality was spreading across America like "a murky smog". Like Friedan, Mailer thought there were more gay men around and he blamed it on a loss of faith in the "notion of one's self as a man".