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A line of poetry gave him the will to haul himself back to the surface. Mawson was sometimes reduced to crawling, and one night he discovered that the soles of his feet had completely detached from the flesh beneath. This thrilling and almost unbelievable account establishes Mawson in his rightful place as one of the greatest polar explorers and expedition leaders. Read Alone on The Ice here. Cherry himself would be among the search party that discovered the corpses of Scott and his men, who had long since perished from starvation and brutal cold.

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During the winter of , Dr. Jerri Nielsen, the only physician on a staff of forty-one people, discovered a lump in her breast. Consulting via satellite e-mail with doctors in the United States, she was forced to perform a biopsy and treat herself with chemotherapy in order to ensure that she could survive until conditions permitted her rescue. She was eventually rescued by the Air National Guard. Jerri Nielsens story of her transforming experiences is a thrilling adventure and moving drama.

Read Ice Bound here. For weeks in Antarctica, Douglas Mawson faced some of the most daunting conditions ever known to man: blistering wind, snow, and cold; loss of his companion, his dogs and supplies, the skin on his hands and the soles of his feet; thirst, starvation, disease, snowblindness — and he survived.

Sir Douglas Mawson is remembered as the young Australian who would not go to the South Pole with Robert Scott in , choosing instead to lead his own expedition on the less glamorous mission of charting nearly 1, miles of Antarctic coastline and claiming its resources for the British Crown.

His party of three set out through the mountains across glaciers in mile-per-hour winds. When the expedition was over, Mawson had added more territory to the Antarctic map than anyone else of his time. When Admiral Richard E. Byrd set out on his second Antarctic expedition in , he was already an international hero for having piloted the first flights over the North and South Poles.

But early on things went terribly wrong. Isolated in the pervasive polar night with no hope of release until spring, Byrd began suffering inexplicable symptoms of mental and physical illness.


By the time he discovered that carbon monoxide from a defective stovepipe was poisoning him, Byrd was already engaged in a monumental struggle to save his life and preserve his sanity. Read Alone here. The story of the remarkable Tom Crean who ran away to sea aged 15 and played a memorable role in Antarctic exploration. He spent more time in the unexplored Antarctic than Scott or Shackleton, and outlived both. Among the last to see Scott alive, Crean was in the search party that found the frozen body.

An unforgettable story of triumph over unparalleled hardship and deprivation. Read An Unsung Hero here. There have been many books about Antarctica in the past, but all have focused on only one aspect of the continent — its science, its wildlife, the heroic age of exploration, personal experiences or the sheer awesome beauty of the landscape, for example — but none has managed to capture whole story, till now. Gabrielle Walker, author, consultant to New Scientist and regular broadcaster with the BBC has written a book unlike any that has ever been written about the continent.

Antarctica weaves all the significant threads into an intricate tapestry, made up of science, natural history, poetry, epic history, what it feels like to be there and why it draws so many different kinds of people back there again and again. Antarctica is the most alien place on Earth, the only part of our planet where humans could never survive unaided. It is truly like walking on another planet. And yet, in its silence, its agelessness and its mysteries lie the secrets of our past, and of our future.

Read Antartica here. At the beginning of the twentieth century, the South Pole was the most coveted prize in the fiercely nationalistic modern age of exploration. This account of their race is a gripping, highly readable history that captures the driving ambitions of the era and the complex, often deeply flawed men who were charged with carrying them out.

Read The Last Place on Earth here. When Johnson went to work for the U. Instead, he found boredom, alcohol and bureaucracy. As a dishwasher and garbage man at McMurdo Station, Johnson quickly shed his illusions about Antarctica. Read Big Dead Place here. Watch The Thing here. And these are some of the best books to read when travelling for more reading.

Naturally they accurately depict what the books are about. If you liked this article a share would be appreciated! Jonny Duncan is a travel blogger and freelance photographer. He specialises in adventure and budget travel with over 20 years of experience. He started blogging in to give advice for other travellers.

He has lived in Japan, Amsterdam, Kiev, and more. I would like to read that Never Cry Wolf, I have heard about this book. Thanks for sharing this informative post. This looks like a good collection. What a great list of books! This is really very inspiring and informative post. I would like to read Icebound.

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Antarctica Books. It is only when all the parts come together that the underlying truths of the continent emerge. Watch this version not the remake. Jonny Duncan.

Antarctica's Lost Aviator: The Epic Adventure to Explore the Last Frontier on Earth

Most of them are unlikely to pay humans much mind at all—except for the leopard seal. This seal, named for its characteristic spots, has been known to become aggressive with humans in small boats. They're fierce predators and are perfectly happy to eat anything. Although they don't attack humans often, it's best to give leopard seals a wide berth. During the austral summer, Antarctic waters are full of many different types of whales looking to eat fish, squid, and plankton.

They're perfectly capable of taking down creatures that are much larger than they are, provided they hunt in groups. They spend most of their time in the water, but usually come on land to mate and raise their chicks. Although Antarctic penguins don't think of humans as a threat or a meal, it's still best to exercise caution when around them. Aenean lacinia bibendum nulla sed consectetur.

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20 Books Set in The Arctic and Antarctic (Must Reads For Cold Weather)

Port-to-port in Norway. Updating your booking. Info: We at Hurtigruten use cookies to optimize our websites for your needs. By using this website you consent to our cookie policy. Antarctica — Adventure to the end of the Earth. True polar expedition. Fascinating wildlife. Get ready for a rare adventure! From Ushuaia you cross the Drake Passage and sail on to an unforgettable exploration of Antarctica. Meet penguins up close and touch icebergs with your bare hands. MS Midnatsol. This epic expedition takes you through the isolated Falkland Islands and stunning South Georgia before experiencing the great continent of Antarctica.

MS Fram. Celebrate a spectacular Christmas! From Ushuaia, we cross the Drake Passage and sail on to an unforgettable exploration of Antarctica. Map Explore Antarctica Discover some of the possible landing sites you may visit on an expedition cruise to Antarctica. Explore Antarctica Discover some of the possible landing sites you may visit on an expedition cruise to Antarctica.