Baby Bunny Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

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I love how simple it is- perfect for dressing up or enjoying as is! Make them floppy-eared or with ears standing straight up! There are some error while crocheting, and I adjust it according to my understanding, wish you have fun crochet your huggable bunny for the Spring.

Permission is not granted for mass production or factory manufacturing of any kind. Please enter your comment! Please enter your name here. You have entered an incorrect email address! Would you be willing to make a video making the bunny? But I can follow videos. Please consider it. Thank you for sharing. Hi Cinthya! The only difference will be the ears and tail of course.

But that video will walk you through the head, arms, legs and body. All you will need to do is work with the yarn and hook size recommended for the bunny! I am not sure I am understanding the assembly of head are we putting the nose where we started our magic ring? Please advise the gauge. What an adorable bunny!!

I started my first Layla last night and I am concerned that I am crocheting too loose and the weighted beads will fall out. Do you recommend crocheting with a tight gauge in order to secure the beads? Also, have you ever tried making a Layla with any other yarns? My niece who I making this for has sensitive skin and I am worried the wool will be too scratchy for her. Thank you so much for this wonderful pattern! Hi Kaylin! Would Bernat Roving be a softer option for her? It does have a small amount of wool in it, so definitely steer clear if she has a wool allergy.

You could also try holding two strands of a worsted weight yarn together and get a similar result. You may want to make adjustments to your hook and try to crochet more loosely to help with the little holes. Experimenting with the a few different hook sizes and yarn combinations will probably be your best bet! Hi Monika! Thank you for the kind words about Layla. Currently, my patterns are available online only. As other commenters mentioned there is a slight error in the language on the legs Row 4 but you can figure it out easily.

I used Red Heart soft worst 4 yarn and it took less than 2 skeins. Thank you for bringing that typo to my attention once again. I found for the legs if in round four you do sc in the 1st and the 2 in the next stitch…the sc in the next 2 and 2 sc in the following stitch. That came out to Round 5 I did sc in the first 2 and then 2 in the 3rd stitch…then repeat sc in three stitches and 2 in the next…came out to This is a cute pattern thanks for sharing. Just need to assemble her!

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I get 26 stitches in row 4 of the legs too. And I found for row 5 I had to do 2 sc and then 2 sc. Otherwise I ended up with way more than Loving it so far! Hi Andi! Do you think you inadvertently increased by two stitches at some point?

Crochet Big Flappy Ear Bunny Amigurumi Free Pattern – MK

Do you mean single crochet once in the first two stitches? I decreased a stich to end with 24, but then round 5 has more than 30 stitches if I follow the pattern again. I dont know what the previous comment was in regards to, because it surendoes decrease from 18 to Great pattern… although i couldnt find that type of yarn locally sobused walmart acrylic. DId you run into any issues following the stitches for the legs? Round 4 is coming out to 26 stitches for me. Do you have to add the weighted beads or can you just stuff them?

I want to make one for my grand daughter but i really just want a stuffy for her. Floppy ears make 2. Sew the ears to the head just below round 8.

Hop to It: 17+ Free Crochet Bunny Patterns

Finish sewing and hide all yarn tails. I kept things simple and just tied a little satin ribbon around the neck, but you can use all your crocheting, knitting, sewing and embroidering skills to add some personal touches to your bunny. I would love to see how your bunnies turn out. Post a photo to my Facebook page or leave a comment below. All rights reserved.

Think spring with these creative crochet bunny patterns, free!

Feel free to sell items made with this pattern. Thank you. I searched a lot of patterns looking for a rabbit to pair with the tortoise I crocheted. Thank you for the patterns. They are great! This way you will get a nice round result. If you increase on the same spot every round, you will get a hexagon and the increases will be more prominent. Amazing - cute as a button. First time working in the round, difficult if you lost count but enjoyed the work. And almost went blind at the same time but absolutely loved the end product!

OMG thank you SO much for your pattern!

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Very well done and easy to follow. I just made my 1st stuffed toy for my daughter adn she is so happy! I loved making it! Thanks again! Gorgeous Bunny…however I too have found that the body seems a bit small compared to the head and your pictures. Your picture tutorials are fantastic.

Just Love the pattern and your other creations. Thank you kindly for the pattern. It came out pretty good. God bless, Marie. Thank you so much for this pattern.

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I just made a green rabbit for a little girls birthday today! I love it! Thanks for sharing this cute pattern. I really loved doing it. My one year baby girl also loved her new small friend. Your instructions are really clean and easy to follow. Hermosos trabajos, se pueden traducir pero cuesta un poco entender. Hello Kristi! I love your patterns and thank you for them. And I will definitely be adding more patterns soon, I just need to play catch up with some orders first. Love these little bunnies. My 2yr old insisted it have a mouth though.

Thank you so much for your easy directions! Love from Indonesia. Thank you for the pattern. So cute. I am curious why the legs must be different when finishing them? Because all decreases are pretty much on the same spot, lining up on top of each other, we are creating sort of a foot with the toes pointing in one direction.

To make sure both feet are pointing towards the front when sewn on, the last round of the right and left leg are slightly different.

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My niece asked for a cute pink bunny for Christmas. She picked out your pattern. Thank you for the awesome pattern. Merci beaucoup pour ce tuto si bien fait! I have no way to copy the pattern. I was wondering if you coul send me the pattern in the mail and if comes in a knitting pattern. I am in your patterns of the month. I like your rabbit pattern. I have no way to print.