First and Forgotten

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Had Tagore received the news without telling Joe—or were powers of divination at work? On the day that Joe was meant to return to the ashram, Great Britain declared war on Germany.

A Hundred Years After the Armistice

Remarkably, Joe did not immediately curtail his world travels. But, stalled in Darjeeling with a case of malaria, his previously vague ambitions began to coalesce: to marry, and to do something to help France and its allies. And he proposed to Elizabeth. They celebrated their engagement with a gala party in April, , the same month that Congress voted to declare war on Germany.

At the end of May, he telegraphed Elizabeth. His language skills had merited him a commission as a special interpreter to General John J. Pershing; he would soon leave for France. He was boarding a train to Detroit that night.


Joe and Elizabeth enjoyed a brief honeymoon in Washington, still believing they would be separated, until Joe gained permission to sail on a French passenger ship as a civilian. He could bring Elizabeth. After crossing the Atlantic on La Touraine, a vessel carrying the volunteer ambulance corps of several East Coast colleges, the two settled in a pension on Rue Vaneau, convenient to both A. He had toyed with photography at Harvard, and on his world travels, and, somehow, he managed to pick up film-editing skills as well; these were still new technologies that many of his elders could scarcely fathom.

Joe often credited life with Elizabeth for his success. Without realizing it, Elizabeth had conceived during their May honeymoon, or perhaps on the Atlantic crossing. In August, an American doctor explained her summer-long queasiness by confirming the pregnancy. She read the Paris papers daily and summarized the news for Joe; occasionally she aided him in translation work. It blew out the corner of the building, killing two. At the American hospital in Neuilly-sur-Seine, a suburb of Paris, Joe was allowed to attend the birth, talking his Sunbeam through what proved to be an easy labor.

Joe could only spend the night but, after one week in a hotel, Elizabeth made up her mind to rent a house and stay for the summer. Still, a note of desperation crept into his defense. As he rested in the shade of a fig tree in the garden behind the seaside cottage that Elizabeth had rented, his infant son napping in a carriage beside him, he considered how all five of his commanding officers had stepped down from exhaustion, nervous breakdowns, or illness, often leaving him in charge.

Was he succumbing? Then, while Joe was still in Brittany, a major military counteroffensive from the Allies brought the grinding Second Battle of the Marne to a close. The Germans were finally outmaneuvered by a swarm of Allied tanks at Reims, the cathedral town ninety miles from Paris.

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