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What if everything you knew about dieting and losing weight was wrong? What if dieting was actually causing you to get and stay fat? This might be hard to do, since you have been dieting for sooooo long, but imagine a life where you no longer had to diet. A life where you could, dare I say it , eat cake and not gain weight or feel guilt? Stop the Diet Madness will help you take back control of your life and your body and help you finally get a grip on your relationship with food.

Everything in this program is backed by Eating Psychology principles and client based research, so you can be assured that these are proven strategies that will help you finally develop a healthy and peaceful relationship with food. What does this mean for you? You can finally stop dieting and start losing weight in a healthy and sustainable way.

The diet industry would like you to believe that you must follow a strict diet regimen and engage in punishing exercises in order to get to your desired shape and size. If not, you will be doomed to a life of misery and failure. The very method the diet industry promotes sets you up for failure and a life of misery. Think about it for a second. When you follow a diet: You are constantly controlled by food You have to consistently count calories, points or grams. Knowing that once I hit that magic number on the scale everything would be perfect in my life.

I tried relying on willpower. I tried the religious diets that dictated what I could and could not eat. And when I did stuff — well then I would go to the gym in an attempt to torture off the excess calories. But worse than all of that was the way I felt.


I always feared my appetite. I always felt out of control around food. I always felt like a failure. A failure because the number on the scale told me I was a failure.

Sweet nightmares: a guide to cutting down on sugar

Yes, I let the scale determine my mood. Perhaps you can relate? Never realizing the diets, in fact, were the problem. But why would the diet industry set you up for failure? According to Market Data, the diet industry rakes in over 65 billion dollar a year. Yup, you read that right. Last year, however, the diet industry fell 1.

When Susan Powter Tried to Stop the Diet Insanity | Mental Floss

The reason? Not really. It is also a known fact that they learned their marketing tactics from tobacco industry. Now we all know that the tobacco industry is not concerned with your health. They are only concerned with their wallets getting fat. Same is true for the food industry.

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So while their wallets get fat, you simply get fat. Not to mention the guilt of failing your diet, which causes you to eat even more. And while you are eating everything in sight , you swear that you will do better tomorrow. Which is exactly what they want.

I designed the Stop the Diet Madness program to help you break free from the vicious diet cycle. It is my mission to free women everywhere from the religion they call their diet, and from their self-imposed punishment when they break their diet doctrine. So who am I, and why should you believe me? Reason One: I am just like you. Are there certain signs? Is there a food journal you recommend? Do you recommend using a hunger scale? Thank you. Hi Lexie! Thank you for your comment.

Susan Powter

My recommendation is to get the book called Why Weight by Geneen Roth. That book was hands down the most helpful tool on my personal journey.


Sounds like we got off the dieting train around the same time. For me the most helpful trick was to srop weighing myself. Once I dissolved my relationship with the scale and thinking I had to be a certain number then suddenly I was able to stop focusing on calories and then I was finally anke to listen to my body.

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You are so right, the timeline should be forever and no looking back. Nothing compares to the diet free life! Love your blog! Hey Ryan! Thank you so much for the awesome comment! I am super happy for you. Okay here goes. I completely buy into the idea of intuitive eating. Mindfulness is so important in everything we do. My question is, as a mom and wife who works full time how do I make the logistics work. If what my body is telling me to eat, is not something I currently have in the kitchen…. I know eventually I will learn my body and I imagine it will fall into a routine, but what do I do until then.

I know this seems silly but I need some sound advice as I embark on this journey. Thank you so much for you blog. These are great questions Kami! To answer your first question, intuitive eating does require more frequent trips to the grocery story. My biggest problem is I actually get anxiety while I eat. How do I control the anxiety while I am attempting to eat intuitively? Just bloated and sick. Any advice would be appreciated.

Hi Melissa, this is a tough one. I know what anxiety is like, and unfortunately the advice here will actually make your anxiety worse… until you build up your emotional tolerance and it will start to go down. But getting started can be really tough. I just loved your post! So great, and it arrived to me at the exact moment I needed it. I feel like i have been binge eating my entire life. Or at least since I was a teenager, when my body started to change.

Since then, I have been always worried about what I eat and that turnes out in incredible weight fluctuation. Living like this is so stressfull and so frustrating.

‘My life is basically over’ – 14 days on a sugar-free diet

These days i have been eating a lot and feeling like crap. Promissing me to start all over in a tomorrow that never arrived. Finding your article blew my mind. I will try your method and hope it works for me. Thank you so much! Hi Anna! Thank you so much for sharing this.

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You seem like a courageous person! Hi Kari! I love reading your newsletters. I developed bingeing along the way because I had an all or nothing mindset. I have fears that I will never lose the weight and get back where I want. I want to have food freedom but I think I get impatient. Any advice??? I tooootally get this. I think we ALL get this. The peace with food HAS to come first. I would encourage you to look at the deeper psychological blocks to giving up dieting to begin unraveling this conundrum.