The Porking of Madame R.: An Erotic Mystery

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He has replaced the retiring Thomas Pembridge an equally great Malcolm McDowell , who remains on as "conductor emeritus. Bernadette Peters also stars as the president of the symphony, and Saffron Burrows is the libidinous star cellist. Co-created by Jason Schwartzman who occasionally appears as podcaster "B. Sharpe" , Roman Coppola, Alex Timbers, and Paul Weitz, Mozart in the Jungle —which is based on a novel by Blair Tindall—nicely exists in the world of classical music without seeming too esoteric or brainy.

It balances moments of humor with its soapier moments, and with each episode running a half-hour, it's a breeze to watch. This one lasted four whole seasons, with 40 episodes to binge. Relaxed and spread over several episodes Season One covers an entire summer , and helmed by acclaimed indie directors like David Gordon Green, Hal Hartley, and Amy Heckerling, the show manages to juggle partying and sex with actual, heartfelt character concerns. It's easy to care about these misfits. Pressured by his father Richard Kind to become an accountant, college student David Myers Craig Roberts takes a job as an assistant tennis pro at a prestigious country club in the summer of His girlfriend Gage Golightly is the yoga instructor, and his slovenly best pal Oliver Cooper deals drugs from the valet parking lot.

Amidst much partying, David crosses paths with the club's cutting, caustic owner Paul Reiser but finds himself drawn to his pretty daughter Alexandra Socha. Ennis Esmer is terrific as David's experienced, faux-classy, well-fed tennis pro supervisor, and Jennifer Grey Dirty Dancing is David's mom.

Three seasons are available. Patriot was created by screenwriter Steven Conrad The Pursuit of Happyness , who also directed most of the episodes. Michael Dorman stars as John Tavner, a withdrawn, wounded intelligence agent who has perhaps seen too much. He performs bizarre, hilarious folk songs which don't even rhyme about his exploits, just to get things off his chest.

His latest assignment requires him to work a cover job at a piping company where, again, the technical dialog is insanely, poetically brilliant so he can travel incognito to Luxembourg. There, he will be able to access Iran, and hopefully prevent a nuclear disaster. But just about everything that can go wrong, does go wrong, hilariously.

Terry O'Quinn plays John's father and senior officer, and Michael Chernus is amazing as John's less-cool, but cool-with-it brother. Tig Notaro has a way of speaking that's perpetually, wryly, bemused, as if she were frowning and smiling at the same time. She's wonderfully engaging, especially in this version of herself, a Los Angeles radio host who returns home to Bay St. Lucille, Mississippi to be with her dying mother.

Herself recovering from cancer, she winds up returning to be with her fastidious stepfather, Bill John Rothman and her lovable loser brother Remy Noah Harpster. She also makes a strong connection with a local sound engineer, Kate Stephanie Allynne , and nurses a silent crush on her. Co-created by Oscar-winner Diablo Cody Juno , One Mississippi isn't nearly as heavy as it sounds, thanks to Notaro's fine performance and the show's very funny supporting characters and pithy observations. It's directed as dryly as one of Notaro's comic monologues: part realistic, with a big toe dipped into absurdity.

There are currently two seasons, consisting of 12 episodes. Giovanni Ribisi stars as Marius, an ex-con who is so desperate to escape his former life that he borrows the name of his cellmate, Pete. Pete's family hasn't seen their long-lost Pete in some time, so Marius moves in with them and passes himself off, even landing a job at the family bail bond firm.

Marius must use all his con-man skills to stop the family from discovering his secret, try to score some cash, make it to his parole meeting on time, and take down a brutal gangster named Vince Bryan Cranston. Any crime-drama show that features Cranston is inevitably going to be compared to Breaking Bad , but Cranston—who co-created Sneaky Pete with David Shore—clearly and definitively sets the two shows apart, giving this one a more playful, darkly comic bent.

Although as it builds to its climax, it gets more and more appropriately tense. The cast is terrific, but Margo Martindale is a standout as Pete's grandmother, who runs the store with some serious moxie, and isn't afraid of some field work. Season Two launched this past March. Housewife Midge Maisel Rachel Brosnahan supports her husband in every way possible; she even wakes up early to prepare her makeup so that he doesn't ever see her without it.

She also attends his pathetic attempts at stand-up comedy and takes notes for him.

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But the couple eventually splits and Midge finds she has her own flair for comedy, noticed even by Bruce Luke Kirby. Audio Streaming Media. Nicole Rivelli, Amazon Studios. Anker's popular, already affordable car chargers and dash cams are even Score a KitchenAid 3. Save big on power tools from Home Depot, today only!

Table of Contents Transparent 9. Jean-Claude Van Johnson 8. But fuck, the woman had his dick saluting. Fear curls around her skin and she presses her back further against the rough backdrop. His chocolate skin a stark contrast against icy grey eyes, their gaze locks and she breathes in jaggedly, he licks his lips while following the movement of her rising chest. As if only noticing now that he is barricading the significantly smaller woman against the wall, he moves back in one quick step. Malia gives him one last curious look before side stepping away from him and making her way to her ride.

His eyes smoulder into her back during the whole ordeal. With a small thrill in her step, she enters the car. Swallowing tightly, she revs her engine and indicates out of the parking space. Without any success, the young Silvetti makes her way home… this occurrence had toke place every night for the past six months. A couple minutes later, Malia finds herself idling in front of her shop, she notices all the lights upstairs are turned off, unbuckling she exits the vehicle and swipes her key-card, the sliding doors beep before opening. The minimal light from the moon shines through the wall-length windows and provides significant lighting for her to make her way up the metal stairs.

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Pulling off her jacket, she drops it over one of the bar stools and walks around the semi-wall into her bedroom, furthering into the bathroom. As quietly as possible she strips and enters the sterile space. Gazing in the mirror she notices a slight flush to her skin, Malia enters the large glassed cubical and turns on the valves. Within a couple of minutes, all the glass surfaces are fogged. She grabs a luffa and scrubs the disgust off her body.

I frustrated sigh follows her hands down her lean legs, every fucking time! For a sick reason, any man outside of her family, touching her always made her feel foul. She pulls back her covers and takes a seat on her bed, booting up the laptop beside her, Malia checks all her appointments for tomorrow before laying down and drifting off to a pill induced sleep. Malia rises to the sound of dishes clattering in her kitchen, yawning the woman moves to a sitting position. Her two staff member should be in soon, she swings her legs over the side of the bed and stands up. After brushing her teeth and washing her face, she dresses in her usual tights and long-sleeved shirt.

She enters the kitchen and takes a seat, together the duo devours the food. Malia helps with cleaning and then heads downstairs, while her mother takes to writing another one of her novellas. Sticks of exotic odours burns through the lower level, she sets up shop and awaits her first customer. Stationing one of the needling spaces, Malia goes through the inked design.

Several minutes later the doors open and Malia looks up to greet, Rhett and Kol. The only two other men she trusted outside of her family, shit… they could be considered family. The South African and Asian grin at their boss. The three of them muck around and joke about their exploits, until their clients begin to shuffle in one by one.

Malia bites her tongue as her phone buzzes for the eighteenth time, she refused to speak to her brothers… a small smile graces her lips as she thinks about Lydia. Lunch comes quick and her mother descends with a large bowl of pasta. Sofia adored the two boys, it came as a relief to know that her daughter had two men to keep her safe.

She always felt cautious when it came to Malia, the girl seemed strong but a mother knows when her baby is hurting. She plates up some for her daughter and together they eat up. As Sofia eats, her eyes remain focused on Malia, who seemed to go out every night and only ever return past midnight. Unknown to Malia, outside her shop across the street idles a tinted vehicle.

Kia, watches the shop with a furious scowl, he clenches the wheel between his hands tightly.

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The fucking sun glared just as harshly as he did against the glass windows, making it impossible to see inside without actually going up close. He remains in the car, seething. That is until the front doors slide open and a long, dark haired woman exits. She looks up directly at his vehicle and runs her hand through her hair, moving the silky strands, exposing her feature. Kai sucks in a deep breath, those fucking features.

Feeling like a dickhead himself, for not knowing such vital information he pulls out of the space and accelerates away from her striking eyes and defined jaw. A jaw he wanted to clench tight while thrusting up into her sweet heat. Malia watches after the sleek black car with a frown, thinking little of the suspicious vehicle she continues on her way down the street towards a lovely young juice shop owner. Upon entry, Satoka grins broadly, she holds up a cup tray with four vibrant drinks. With quick steps she takes the drinks back to her shop, ensuring the ice remains in solid form.

The boys quickly snag their drinks and she takes one up to her mother. A couple blocks down, Kai storms into his rental apartment. He releases his jacket along with his phone and heads for the gym across the road. Entering the old but well equipped studio, he silently makes his way to the boxing ring. Shin watches after the dark skinned brute, he eyes some of the junior boxers and with a furious shake of the head, no one approaches the ring… where Kai fists his hands. The mid-aged, retired man keeps his distance for a few moments, allowing the thirty-something mess sweat of some of his anger.

Finally, Shin approaches. The younger male looks down at the owner with an air of annoyance, but nevertheless in his next movement he strengthens the weakened cut. The words are met with silence. The added fuel has him dropping his stance and moving out of the ring. He leaves the gym with curious eyes following his departure. With a furious stride he practically claws back into his car. With vicious thoughts he makes his way back to the young Silvettis shop. Parking out front he watches two men leave the store. He notices the Raven moving around, courtesy to the darkening sky. Deciding to leave her defined jaw with a couple of warning dents, he swiftly exits his car and strides across the empty road and into her store.

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Malia looks up at the sudden entrance. Her eyes widen as she takes in the large man crossing the space to her, he stands at an impressive height with an intimidating build. Instantly she recognises him. The same cutting glare, ridged stance. Shocked, she feels liquid heat seep out of the junction between her thighs. Kai makes his way through the store, directly to her. He raises his hand. And, before he can stop himself, he grabs her jaw tightly, slamming his lips to hers.

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Her shocked gasp falls directly into the warmth of his mouth…. That was lame and came across as if she was wallowing in self pity and being ungrateful. Sin was there for her in her troubled times.

If she could attend school, she could definitely at least answe Cheryl Palecek Dowdy: I love this story I hope this is not the end I want to know if darrow saves his wife and what happens with kell and emmy. I don't know what to say. Kelebogile Mojabeng Mohoalali: Is beautiful written. Can I join that family.