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Some of the rewards include cash prizes for winning contests in various channels of the site in addition to opportunities to pitch ideas directly to Sony Pictures and attend conferences.

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Why did Sony decide to rebrand Grouper as a talent-scouting web site? Felser told PaidContent's Staci Kramer that attempting to make money on a user-generated video site that's not named YouTube was too difficult. We are out of the user-generated video business.

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  • Technicalities about what defines "user-generated" aside, the Crackle team also has Sony's marketing machine behind it. The company said that it plans to pair its channels with various advertising partners and even allow them to skin a specific channel to create an entirely branded environment for viewers. Not only that, but advertisements will also air within the video player itself, meaning that even viewers who have embedded the videos on their personal web sites will be subject to Crackle's advertising structure even without the branded pages.

    Sony obviously hopes that this new site structure will help push Crackle ahead of competing video sites. With a revenue plan and a carrot to dangle in front of aspiring talent's faces, all Crackle needs is the talent to show up and the audience to follow. You must login or create an account to comment.

    Skip to main content Sony has ditched Grouper, its attempt to get in on the user-generated video content bandwagon, and rebranded the site as Crackle.

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    Delivering smooth and eloquent oratory is almost taken for granted. As I began to practice at our club meeting, two members jumped in and played the roles of the bride and groom. Others performed the readings that family members would give. Not only were my club members helping me out, they were having fun in the process. While our club meetings seldom feel routine, this one was certainly out of the ordinary for everyone.

    Sales Pitches That Snap, Crackle 'n Pop

    I hit a few snags that I would not otherwise have discovered until the actual wedding rehearsal — which would have been too late. At that point, the wedding party would be looking for leadership, not apprenticeship. We went beyond my allocated 25 minutes in the club meeting, because members empathized with the importance of my duties and gave me generous but candid feedback.

    The biggest area for improvement was my transitions. I needed to smoothly conclude numerous pieces of oratory and then introduce a musician or family member who would do a reading. I needed to pause confidently, introduce enthusiastically and incorporate welcoming gestures with my hands as the contributor approached the wedding party. I also realized that I lacked full confidence in the culminating moment in a wedding ceremony.

    So my club members encouraged me to practice it a few times, right then and there, and work in some pauses.

    Standing Room Only

    And you, sir. I had thought about what I needed to do, but how would I actually do it?

    So I rehearsed motioning to the wedding party to follow the bride and groom down the aisle, and then motioning to the immediate family in the first rows to follow them. Slowly, the whole thing began to feel ceremonial and, at the same time, natural. My club members had given me a huge boost. Their enthusiasm and helpfulness during the meeting was beyond my expectations. I had not only tightened up the entire flow of my parts in the ceremony, I had gained all the confidence I needed.

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    That Friday evening, the real rehearsal went smoothly. Then On Saturday, on the banks of the majestic mid-Hudson River in New York, the actual wedding ceremony went gracefully. So many Toast - masters skills came together when I needed them: being a master of ceremonies, facilitator, orator and leader. We can hone all these talents in our Toastmasters meetings to prepare for real-life events.

    3 Social Media Marketing Tips That’ll Make Your Crowdfunding Campaign Snap, Crackle, and Pop

    On Saturday, on the banks of the majestic mid-Hudson River in New York, the actual wedding ceremony went gracefully. This allowed them, I felt, to open their senses to the many other beautiful things happening around them, and within them. Afterward, during the reception, numerous friends and family members commended me for a job well done. It was the preparation and practice that made things go smoothly. Nothing can help you avoid being hit by the proverbial ton of bricks on occasion, but your Toastmasters club can help you be prepared, and with a lot more confidence.