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The second important aspect of achieving greatness is acting with intention.

Dorothy Norwood - Just That Good

Imagine company X has two sales people. However, he struggles to land anything substantial for the next 6 months. The same thing is true with businesses, marriages, and just about anything with repeatable elements.

IU basketball loses to Iowa at home for one reason: IU isn't very good

If you invest time into solving for what leads to success continuously, you will reap those benefits for years to come. Consider the best companies over time. None of them emerged overnight, nor was there a single inflection point that determined the success or notoriety of these companies.

On top of consistency, greatness comes from asking the right questions and iterating to learn what inputs drive favourable outputs, and ideally why. You literally need to become good at being decent. There is one thing to clarify: this habit of progression must come with the right inputs. Being consistent with something leading you in the wrong direction, will unsurprisingly lead you in the wrong direction.

So if this is the way you are constantly moving excluding short periods of local minima , pivot until you determine what the right inputs are. I recently stumbled upon a concept of zero acceleration, but non-zero velocity , which encapsulates this idea well. Before you find the path that you want to double down on, this habit of progression takes the form of iteration. Instead, try testing things intentionally every month or even every week.

This process of shifting between iteration and consistency is all part of developing a habit of progression. When is the last time you truly iterated and tried new things? When is the last time you found something good and then truly stuck to it for years? Whether it was a close family member falling into deep mental illness or friends building businesses to near-unicorn valuations, nothing ever happened overnight.

Even more notably, no one would have ever expected those outcomes years prior. What do I mean by that? Say that in life there are tiers of happiness. Of course, life is more complicated and dynamic than this view, but bear with me for a minute. Remember, the Hedonic treadmill is almost always at play. Why is this important? Everyone wishes to elevate their life and in association, their happiness. For us to reach these top tiers, we cannot hope for this to just happen. We must explore 58 and then 59 and then all of a sudden, 61 will appear as this new array of opportunity we had never considered before.

“I (might be) just that good”: Honest and deceptive impression management in employment interviews

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Discover the missing word. Paraphrase your sentence. Compare the frequency of words. Order a group of words. Does your English sentence make sense? Sentence examples for just that good from inspiring English sources. RELATED only that good simply that good just that decent quite that good recently that good meant that good just that better was that good just that goods right that good held that good but that good just that well earlier that good got that good.

The New York Times - Sports. The New Yorker. Amy Sherman-Palladino : But we almost never get coverage just to have it. We see the master, we rehearse it with the actors. We rehearse a lot on our show. Our actors are theater people and they like to rehearse, so we actually spend a great deal of time working it out, rehearsing, making sure everything plays, then rehearsing again with the camera.

What is Ludwig?

You have some scenes that play big comedic moments in one long take, whereas most filmmakers would have done it with cuts. Daniel Palladino : That episode was directed by Scott Ellis. Was that a risk in this scene? I think cutting to his reaction would have diminished the humor in that particular instance.

A lot of our stuff is just about holding on time, holding on moments, making sure the moments happen really quickly and on top of each other, as they would if they were occurring right in front of you. Let me segue now to ask about a different kind of long take. But you chose to stay outside of it. Daniel Palladino : It was a little perverse for us to attempt it! There was something about that picture postcard cottage that made me want to try shooting this way. Also, people talk about our camera movement so much that Amy and I wondered, What if we just locked off the camera and blocked a scene where these people are just moving in?

"Why can't I just be a good person?"

How would that feel? We wanted to see how long we could do a shot like that before it loses its potency. It is as you see it.

Micaela Erlanger's Favorite Lupita Nyong’o Looks

The dialogue is basically as it was recorded in that scene. And it just seemed like a fun, different maneuver. Because we never went to film school! You have a lot of musical numbers on this series, particularly in season two, and a lot of scenes where people are dancing. The variety show even has a dance number. I wonder, is that a real dance that existed, or did you make it up for the show? We have a brilliant choreographer named Marguerite Derricks. In episode six , when Joel and Midge dance together, the dominant color is blue. He knows that we have great love of MGM musicals and Technicolor musicals.

Amy Sherman-Palladino : Sometimes! Sometimes blue is okay! The Catskills was just starting to dismantle around the time when this scene takes place, and it took about 20 more years for it to all go away. Why the difference? Amy Sherman-Palladino : For the first alleyway scene with Midge and Rose, the look came about because of our production designer, Bill Groom.

So he was looking specifically for places that would have the opportunity to do a shot like that, knowing that David Mullen could light the shit out of that kind of thing. And we also wanted something that felt bohemian. Remember, Rose is in France, going back to her bohemian roots in a lively, clubby part of Paris. We thought the scene should have had color and energy because Midge was about to take that walk downstairs and go into the drag club for the first time. And then at the end of that episode, the look of that alley shot was important because it was [Midge] putting herself and Joel back on equal footing.

Doyel: It's time to admit this IU basketball team just isn't that good

Are the actors incredible athletes who got solid hits on every single swing, or are some of those balls digital? Amy Sherman-Palladino : Some of those balls are digital. What happens to the balls they missed?

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  6. Daniel Palladino : Yeah, I think the balls stayed in the frame and they were able to paint them out. That sequence is the exact running time of that recording. Did you conceive the scene to be exactly that running time? Amy Sherman-Palladino : No, that was a fluke and a freak, a scene showed us the right music for it.

    What do you mean by that? Rachel gives good back!