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He who does not honor the Son does not honor the Father who sent Him. In Phil. Jesus is raised up to the right hand of God, being seated upon the throne of heaven now, and as such He is already being honored and worshipped by all of the angels and creatures before His throne.


I love all of the choruses that we sing to honor Jesus and His Name, in all of His glory, majesty and beauty. It is for love ; in the gospel, sinner, you are invited to be reconciled to God, you are assured that God forgives your sins, ceases to be angry, and would have you reconciled to him through his Son. Thus love is established between God and the soul.

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Then it is for laughter , for happiness, for joy. Those who come to God in Christ Jesus, and believe in him, have their hearts filled with overflowing peace, which calm lake of peace often lifts up itself in waves of joy, which clap their hands in exultation. What hindered the king from being able to honor his son was the unwillingness of the invited guests to attend the Wedding Feast. In this parable, the king sent out his slaves to do the inviting, and these slaves symbolize John the Baptist, the 12 apostles, and the church in general, who in the book of Acts went out to the nation of Israel initially, and then also the Gentiles, calling them to come to salvation through Christ.

The Jews declined to receive Jesus as their Messiah and come to Him for salvation. This king was mighty in his power and his kingdom was far-reaching, and he could have forced the people to come to the Wedding Feast, however if they did not come of their own free will this would not truly accomplish His purpose of honoring his son.

God could have made robots who had no choice but to worship Him and do His will, however He desired to be volitionally loved by His people, and therefore He created people with a free will who can choose whether or not to worship and serve Him. Yet, in doing so God also knew that tragically many would not choose to worship and serve Him, and that these ones would be eternally punished for such wicked and sinful actions. All refusals to the invitation of a king to such an event are grievous acts of sedition and rebellion.

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It is a considered a tremendous insult and affront to refuse the invitation of a king to an event such as a Wedding Feast, and therefore the king exacted revenge upon those who refused such a gracious and generous offer to attend such a prestigious and important royal event. Therefore, to those who refused the invitation to come to the Wedding Feast and murdered his slaves, the king sent out his armies and destroyed them and set their city on fire. The most wicked thing that a person can do is to refuse the offer of salvation through Jesus, and thus refusing to receive Christ as your Lord and Savior is the only sin that will send a person to hell.

A person is not saved based upon any innate goodness or righteousness that they have of their own, but whether or not they are willing to receive the gift of salvation by faith, and for those who are willing to receive the gift, the righteousness of Christ is then imputed to them. The ones who originally had been invited, the Jews, chose by and large to ignore the invitation to come to the Jesus as their Messiah and receive salvation, and therefore the Lord sent out the apostles and brethren of the early church to all of the corners of the earth to bring to salvation any and all who would be willing to come.

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You see, God greatly desires that all people come to salvation through His Son. God gave His only begotten Son to come to earth to undergo the greatest of humiliation and suffering so that the sins of all mankind might be covered and salvation be procured for all who would come to salvation. Home Bloody Harry. Size chart.

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