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Anne Montgomery. Show all 10 episodes. Aliens Katie voice. Tammy Duvall voice. Susan Doyle as Renee Zellweger. TV Movie Susan. Herself in Los Angeles.

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Herself - Guest. Show all 21 episodes. Show all 8 episodes. Herself - Interviewee. Herself segment Berlinale Herself - Guest as Renee Zellweger. Herself - Celebrity traveller. Show all 7 episodes. TV Movie Herself. Herself - Actress segment "Cold Mountain". Herself - Host. Show all 17 episodes. Avildsen: King of the Underdogs Documentary. The Reunions TV Movie documentary. Kilorenzos Smith in Talks TV Series documentary Irene P. Irene P.

At the Playground , Coulson interrogated each member of his original team in an attempt to find anything about Ward he could use against him. Secret Warriors are assembled. Mackenzie got the information about Fitz and Simmons kidnapping and sent it to Coulson. Coulson, knowing that he could not fail, raided with Hunter a bank and kidnapped Ward's brother, Thomas.

Coulson saw Ward, through the heat signal, entering the portal to Maveth with Fitz or Simmons with him, so he jumped from the Quinjet straight through it and landed on the planet. As they discussed what to do next, they noticed that May was missing, so Simmons explained that Andrew Garner was in the castle and had saved her life, so May probably searched for him.

May entered the chamber and informed that all of the Inhumans were killed by Garner. Only he and Johnson stayed and waited for Coulson and Fitz to return, while the rest returned to Zephyr One and waited for Mackenzie's orders. Then, Mackenzie ordered May to blow the castle, as he and Johnson returned to the plane inside the Containment Module , along with Fitz and Coulson, who had killed Ward on Maveth. Coulson meets President Matthew Ellis. President Ellis recognized that he needed S. However, the President and Coulson arranged for S. Coulson wanted to find Gideon Malick , so he used the Theta Brain-Wave Frequency Machine on Werner von Strucker and discovered a location where he could communicate with him.

He went there and called him, saying to Malick that he was after him.

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However, Malick was not so threatened by Coulson. Despite his agents' resistance, Coulson agreed that Talbot's bodyguard, Carl Creel , would join in their mission, to discover who of the symposium' delegates was Gideon Malick 's inside man. While Coulson and Talbot were in the meeting, May, Morse, and Hunter searched in the delegates' rooms for clues.

Hunter discovered that Talbot's son was inside Suspension Gel. Coulson discovered that Talbot was Malick's inside man due to blackmail on his son's life. He ordered his men to kill Coulson and Talbot, but, with the help of Creel, they escaped. Morse and Hunter penetrated Malick's plane. Coulson oversights the mission in Russia. Bobbi Morse and Lance Hunter arrived in Siberia and the rest of the team followed them. Morse infiltrated the meeting between Gideon Malick and Russian leaders, discussing the Inhumans and the proposed sanctuary for them.

The team learned that the Russian minister of defense, General Androvich , was an Inhuman, and Phil Coulson realized that Malick planned to use the minister to stage a coup and kill the prime minister of Russia. Coulson ordered his team on the ground to rescue the prime minister. To do so, Morse killed Androvich but was captured along with Hunter. The two did not tell that they were S. As Coulson explained his plan of escape, the two refused to run, stating that to keep S.

Coulson and his team said their goodbyes to them at a bar. To test Lincoln Campbell 's loyalty to S. Blake told them his aversion, with the Inhumans , so Coulson ordered Campbell to kill him. Despite his disagreement, Campbell fired a blast of electricity at Blake only to learn it was merely a hologram. Coulson was satisfied with Campbell. Meanwhile, Daisy Johnson found the operations base of the Watchdogs. There, the Watchdogs mistaken Alphonso Mackenzie to be an Inhuman, and went to kill him. Mackenzie and his brother dealt with them, with Mackenzie suffering with a moderate injury.

At the Playground , Johnson told the team about a vision she had seen as she had tried to rescue Hinton. She told about a fight she would do to save Hinton. Phil Coulson suggested to let Melinda May go to save him instead since Johnson had not seen her in her vision. Johnson trained May for the battle. They found the building where Hinton was held was owned by Transia Corporation. May was ready to go there but suddenly, Andrew Garner entered the base and told her he was soon to permanently be Lash.

As May stayed in the base with Garner, Johnson replaced her. Leo Fitz was able to hack the security cameras of the building. To the team's surprise, Grant Ward was shown before the transmission was cut off. Fitz said that he feared he was Hive. Coulson and Lincoln Campbell entered the building to find him.

He ordered her to go to the roof where Hinton was held. Campbell saw Ward but Coulson ordered him not to attack him. Johnson arrived at the roof, where Gideon Malick waited for her. The two had a duel and with Hinton's help, Johnson defeated Malick but Hinton was killed by him. With the acknowledgement that Hive had returned to Earth inside Grant Ward 's corpse, Phil Coulson briefed his agents about their next move against him. While riding Zephyr One , they received a footage of Giyera inside the facility, so they planned to kidnap him.

Coulson, Melinda May and Alphonso Mackenzie entered the facility and saw the destroyed research. Makcenzie discovered the facility's data had been transferred. Giyera discovered them and after a brief fight with May, she knocked him out and they brought him to the Containment Module in Zephyr One. Leo Fitz found that the data had been transferred to Schoonebeek Oil Field. Jemma Simmons told Coulson that Hive was maybe afraid of the the research so he had ordered its destruction. They realized that Hive was a parasite that could consume human skin and keep the memories of the bodies he took over.

Suddenly, Giyera managed to escape the Module and took control of the plane and landed it in the oil field. May called Daisy Johnson for help. Johnson and Lincoln Campbell knew they had to reassemble the Secret Warriors in order to save their friends. Once the Secret Warriors reunited, Johnson led her team to an attack on the base.

Using their powers, Johnson opened the hangar's hatch, Campbell caught Malick, Rodriguez rescued the rest of the team and Gutierrez killed Lucio. With Zephyr One being retaken, the team escaped from the base back to the Playground. Coulson with the Secret Warriors. Fearing that one of the Secret Warriors had been swayed by the dark Inhuman, Coulson ordered Alphonso Mackenzie to lock down the base. Coulson kept the information from the Inhumans and asked Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons to find in Lucio 's corpse something to prove Malick was right.

The pair found an infection in Lucio's brain. Suddenly, the power in the base was turned off. The team barricaded themselves. Mackenzie found in Lincoln Campbell 's locker the Kree Orb. Daisy Johnson led the team into a room where Coulson waited for them. He accused Campbell for being under Hive's control since the their first encounter with Hive. Campbell tried to escaped but Johnson knocked him out. As every Secret Warriors member was in isolation, Coulson said to Johnson that he disbanded her team.

Later, the base started shaking, revealing that Johnson was the one who was under Hive's control. Jemma Simmons and Leo Fitz are undercover. Simmons, Fitz and Mackenzie encountered Hive, Johnson and Hellfire , who kidnapped Radcliffe and warned the three not to follow them. Coulson explained to Alphonso Mackenzie that they were going to kill Hive. Upon their arrival, May seduced Hellfire to tell her where Hive was. After he told her, the team entered an abandoned facility where they saw the Kree Orb in action.

Coulson on Zephyr One saw an object in space heading to their location. The object crashed and two Kree came out of what appeared to be their satellite. The team observed as the Kree killed everyone they encountered. One of them fought against Hive while the other was killed by Johnson. Mackenzie tried to convince Johnson to come with him, but she refused, telling him that Hive planned to turn every human into an inhuman. Hive killed his opponent, so May and Piper tried to kill him, but he could not be killed.

They ran from him, saved Mackenzie from Johnaon and escaped in the Containment Module from the scene. Coulson and Glenn Talbot at the Playground. Talbot tried to make Coulson sign the Sokovia Accords , but he refused. Lincoln Campbell managed to escape from his isolation with the help of Johnson. It seemed he managed to take a Quinjet to fly to Johnson. However, he and Melinda May revealed that they had actually put Lash inside the Quinjet, so he could kill Lash, thus saving Johnson.


Johnson returned to the base on the Quinjet and told the agents that Lash had sacrificed himself to free Johnson, but he had failed to kill Hive. Simmons and Fitz explained to Coulson and Talbot that with the new information Johnson had given to them, they feared that Hive plan to release a virus that turned Humans into swayed Primitives.

Talbot revealed that Hive had taken from the ATCU a warhead, capable of creating a shockwave to infect a huge amount of Humans. Using Daisy Johnson 's information, S. Phil Coulson got the government cancellation code and he delivered it to Leo Fitz , who successfully stopped the launch. May rescued Holden Radcliffe from the Primitives , however she could not stop Giyera from taking the warhead.

With the dismantled Theta Brain-Wave Frequency Machine , the rest of the on the ground detained Hive to follow them as they rescued the staff of the base he had taken. As they ran to the Quinjet, Hive was about to attack them, but they put him inside the Suspension Gel. Daisy Johnson fights Hive. Upon arriving of the team, Coulson put the Suspension Gel in the hangar and locked down the base.

O'Brien and other agents turned into Primitives. Jemma Simmons managed to get Fitz out of the hangar. The Primitives then freed Hive. Mackenzie rushed to the Coulson's office and told him that Hive knew what Zephyr One was capable of and he could use it as his new missile. Meanwhile, the Primitives managed to enter the base.

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May and Fitz hided in Zephyr One as Hive took control on the plane and flew to the atmosphere. One of the Primitives shot Rodriguez as three turned off the power of the base.

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Coulson, Mackenzie, Campbell and Radcliffe locked themselves in a room, there they threaded Rodriguez wounds. They sensed that the heat increased, so Radcliffe realized Simmons had done it to blind the Primitives. They got out from the room and went to Coulson's office. Fitz freed Johnson. Lincoln Campbell and Hive wait for their death.

In Coulson's office, he called a Quinjet with which the team brought Rodriguez in an hospital and then flew to Zephyr One. Coulson refused that they would come with him, but they insisted to stop Hive with him.

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As they arrived, Coulson distracted Hive with an hologram so they could sneak into the plane. Coulson explained to his team that he would set the Quinjet to fly to outer space with the warhead inside it. They found that Johnson was missing and Campbell said she went to put the warhead inside the Quinjet. Suddenly Hive and the Primitives came and the team defeated the creatures, but Hive went after Johnson.

Campbell got to the Quinjet before Johnson and flew from Zephyr One to space with Hive and the warhead with him, the team watched as Johnson begged Campbell to come back, but he was willing to sacrifice himself. They saw through the screen as the Quinjet exploded in space, killing Campbell and Hive. The team sorrowed the death of their colleague. Agent Coulson and Agent Mackenzie chase Quake. Mace appointed Coulson and Alphonso Mackenzie to run the pursuit after her. One day, Coulson found Johnson speaking to Polly Hinton.

He ordered the agents to get her, but she escaped from them. Coulson ordered to seal the perimeter, although he knew they lost her. He and Mackenzie then discussed where they would be assigned. Coulson and Mackenzie follow Daisy Johnson. May got information from one of her contacts in law enforcement, that a Johnson might be in Los Angeles , as part of her fight against organized crime.

Making sure Mace would not know it, May called Coulson and Mackenzie to the Playground and gave them the information. Contrary to the orders they had been given, Coulson and Mackenzie investigated Johnson's fight against the criminal organization, Aryan Brotherhood. They found out that they stole a truck with bodies inside it. Agent Simmons gives her orders to Agent May. Fitz said they should wait since he did not know how the Director would use it.

Simmons ordered her team to bring them back. Coulson and Mackenzie waited for Johnson as they were watching through the cameras how the Arayan Brotherhood made a deal with the Chinatown Crew over a mysterious box. Suddenly, they could not see the feed and then they saw the criminals killing each other.

May's team came and used I. Coulson meets Director Jeffrey Mace. He assured the two that he was not angry about Coulson chasing Daisy Johnson behind his back, but she was a problem, since S. Mace asked Coulson to accompanied him while he would do a tour to United States Congress members in the Playground in order they would fund S. Meanwhile, with Jemma Simmons help, Alphonso Mackenzie and Leo Fitz were headed to a laboratory where the mysterious box contained Lucy Bauer was made.

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Upon arriving, the two were attacked by another man who threw Mackenzie into a reactor. Suddenly, Ghost Rider entered the room and killed the ghost, and Johnson came and freed Mackenzie. Jeffrey Mace reveals himself as an Inhuman. After Ghost Rider left, Mackenzie asked Johnson to come with him so they could take care of her, only to realize that Yo-Yo Rodriguez had been in contact with her all this time.

They were angry at her for leaving them, but Johnson said she did what she needed to do and left. At the same time, May developed the same symptoms Chen from the Chinatown Crew had had. To retrain her, Coulson and her team tried to knock her out, but May resisted. But only when Mace came he used his Inhuman strength and durability to knock her out. By the end of the tour, Coulson asked Mace how he planned to help May, but Mace remained him that he was now the director, therefore he could not tell him.

May was taken on a Quinjet away from the base. Coulson, Mackenzie and Fitz head to Miami. A group of Watchdogs , claiming to be Inhumans in order to incite fear and hate, caused a blackout in Miami , claiming that they would do the same thing to more American cities if the registration did not stop. As more and more cities across the nation went dark and violence against Inhumans rose, Fitz figured out that an EMP was causing the blackouts.

The three went to a party and saved Yo-Yo Rodriguez from a Watchdogs team that went after her. They found out that the Watchdogs were behind the attack and used the Inhumans list from the Sokovia Accords to track them down. Fitz found the location of the EMP device, so the four defeated the Watchdogs guards and brought back the lights to Miami and the other affected cities. After Coulson returned to the Playground , he suggested to Mace to publicly announce the re-legalization.

Mace organized a press conference, where he revealed to the public that S. After a short car chase, the two managed to catch Reyes. On Zephyr One , however, Coulson freed Reyes from the Containment Module after learning they were both searching for the same things. Reyes agreed to work with them and managed to get from his uncle that before she had turned into a ghost, Lucy Bauer was after a book called Darkhold. Reyes came with the two to a warehouse, there they found Watchdogs soldiers.

To their surprise, they saw Jemma Simmons and Daisy Johnson. Ghost Rider brought to the four James alive. Later, Coulson offered to Johnson and Reyes an alliance with S. Coulson went to an operation to free Morrow from prison without Jeffrey Mace would know about it. He and May came to the prison, however, Bauer and other ghosts had come before them and caused the wardens to attack them. Mackenzie, Johnson and Reyes arrived to save them. Meanwhile, Mace, with the help of Simmons, had a debate with Senator Ellen Nadeer , during which he revealed to the world that he was an Inhuman.

Reyes killed the rest of the ghosts, but Bauer freed all the Watchdogs prisoners, who were defeated by Coulson, May and Johnson. Bauer managed to kidnap Morrow. Coulson and Mace see the transformed Ghost Rider. Mace, however, found them. Suddenly, Reyes broke the Module's doors and transformed into Ghost Rider. He almost killed Mace, but his brother prevented it. After a short conversation with Coulson, Mace agreed that Reyes would come with S. There, Coulson asked May to take the Darkhold and hide it. Reyes killed Bauer, but an explosion inside the facility caused him, Coulson and Fitz to disappear.

Only after the two saw the bodies of four agents they realized Morrow had caused the explosion and received material production powers. She showed him the Darkhold but he refused to use it. Instead he suggested that his assistant, Aida , would use it, revealing that she was actually an Android.

With the knowledge she read, Aida built a machine that opened an Interdenominational gate which showed Coulson and Fitz were in trouble. However, the two managed to return to Earth safely, Fitz, after learning that Mace had taken Jemma Simmons away, demanded to see her, only to be surprised to her and he reunited with her. Reyes came into a hall where a large Quantum Battery full with energy from another dimension was placed. He managed to send the feed to Leo Fitz before he was trapped inside the box by his uncle.

Fitz detected a material inside the box which could destroy half of Los Angeles if it would drop. Mace brought to the mission Holden Radcliffe and Aida to assist them deliver the box into another dimension with the Inter-Dimensional Gate. Fitz also realized that Morrow harnessed the energy from the other dimension and unknowingly caused earthquakes. Coulson tried to convince Morrow to stop his plan but since he did not listen, Coulson ordered the team to operate.

Coulson tried to get Reyes out of the box, but as the Inter-Dimensional Gate gate opened, Reyes stayed to kill his uncle and he vanished with the box. Johnson tried to escape the scene, but as she landed near to crowd of journalists. Mace hurried to explain the Johnson had been a S. D agent all along. In the Playground , Coulson said to Johnson that he had wanted she would become the new Director.

Johnson officially rejoined S. Coulson planned to have the book destroyed, while Fitz and Radcliffe would wipe out Aida 's memory, since she could not be trusted. Since Simmons had already figured out the Inhuman was the Senator's brother, Vijay , she, Mace and Johnson went to the Senator's home to find him, only to rescuing from the Watchdogs. However, Vijay left with his sister. Meanwhile, Aida resisting from being wiped from her memories and escaped. Finding also Nathanson 's body, the team realized she was after the Darkhold.

The LMD attacked the base by entering its system. After she found the book, Fitz and Radcliffe got back the control on the system and stopped Aida before she was about to leave. Mackenzie then cut off her head and the book was safe again. During an appreciation ceremony for Daisy Johnson , a sniper tried to assassinate Jeffrey Mace. However, the plane crashed in wood, killing Burrows.

Glenn Talbot helped S. Eventually, Johnson and Melinda May found and rescue them. At the Playground , Coulson clarified to Mace that from now on, he would make the orders while Mace would still be the face of S. Phil Coulson saw an opportunity to implant surveillance cameras inside Ellen Nadeer 's office. However, the two were caught. Coulson realized that there was a leak inside of S. They arrested him, only to realize they had arrested his LMD. Melinda May Life-Model Decoy reveals herself.

The Watchdogs kidnapped Billy Koenig. Knowing that the Watchdogs had taken him for the Darkhold , Coulson asked Daisy Johnson to identify the kidnappers. Johnson managed to identify the financier of the Watchdogs, Anton Ivanov. After they recruited LT, she revealed that the book was hidden inside the Labyrinth. They arrived at the place, but as Sam recovered the Darkhold, Watchdogs arrived with Billy. Then they rescued Billy, but Holden Radcliffe took the Darkhold and escaped. Johnson catches Tucker Shockley.

While Coulson and Alphonso Mackenzie were trying to find a way to locate May], Senator Ellen Nadeer was killed in an explosion in her office. Mace, Johnson, Fitz and Simmons investigated the scene and discovered that Tucker Shockley had visited the Senator prior to the explosion. Johnson caught him and interrogated him on Zephyr One.

However, he revealed himself as an Inhuman and tried to use his powers to explode himself, but they managed to throw him out of the plane. Shockley was still alive, so the four came out with a plan to catch him. Johnson exploded Shockley with her powers, but as he was about the reform his body, he was trapped in gas state inside a container by Fitz and Simmons.

Mace, on the other hand, was kidnapped by Anton Ivanov. The team located Mace in a mining facility in Russia. Coulson confronted Ivanov, who saw Coulson responsible for the alien troubles on Earth. Johnson managed to hurt Ivanov severely. They found Mace, but Aida escaped with Radcliffe and May on a submarine. Johnson fights the Life-Model Decoys. While Simmons was hiding from the rest of the LMDs, Daisy Johnson also discovered the truth and convinced Simmons she was the real her.

Jemma Simmons is plugged into the Framework. Eventually, Johnson and Simmons managed to wake all the agents, with the exception with Alphonso Mackenzie , but Aida created for herself an Inhuman body. Coulson , May and Simmons are threatened by Glenn Talbot. On Zephyr One , the agents located the missing agents' location and went to rescue them.

They saved Coulson and May and brought them onboard, but surprisingly Aida saved the still plugged into the Framework Alphonso Mackenzie. They returned to the Playground and found it burned down. Glenn Talbot and his unit suspected the agents to be Life-Model Decoy and threatened them. Meanwhile, Aida lost her mind upon learning Fitz did not want to be with her. She used her Inhuman abilities to attack Davis and Prince , so the agents had to abounded the base and leave Aida behind.

Glenn Talbot informed Phil Coulson that there was a conference regarding S. In order to draw Aida to them, they returned to the Playground. Coulson handed Reyes the Darkhold and the latter returned to Hell dimension. With the exception of Fitz, they were sent through a White Monolith to the year , where Earth had been destroyed and the survivor humans lived in the Lighthouse bunker on the ruins of the planet.

The agents had to blend among the locals to hide from the Kree , who had the control over the station. During their stay in the future, S. Despite still being labeled as criminals, S. It was during this underground existence that S. Although S. The invaders were eventually routed by Glenn Talbot , who had been sheltered by S. Her difficulties culminated in an unsanctioned mission undertaken by some of her teammates.

This choice was approved by everybody else, including Coulson himself. Under this new Director, S. In the aftermath of the battle , Coulson officially announced that he would retire in Tahiti and recognized Mackenzie as his successor. A year later, thanks to the efforts of Mackenzie and Melinda May , S. Their first missions were split into two objectives: one team took the Zephyr One into deep space looking for a version of Fitz who was supposed to be still alive, while the rest of S.

There was a Wall of Valor located at every S. Regular S. A military branch used for heavy security has access to military grade personal armaments. A few selected elite agents carry less conventional armaments, such as explosives, or bows. The military arm of S. This branch also has access to exclusive aircraft types. After the Fall of S. Those lanyards were replaced by new Clearance Level color based cards.

Multiple non-electronic S. The first version of the S. It retained limited use until S. This version of the S. It was used after S. This alternate version of the S. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. For the Framework Variant, see S. For the television series, see Agents of S. One word. Sometimes, to protect one man against himself. Other times, to protect the planet against an alien invasion from another universe. It's a broad job description. Contents [ show ]. This protocol was designed as a black-ops action known only to the highest-ranking S.

Once initiated, Project Reclamation is conducted through secure communication known as electronic mail. Our agents were instructed to gather you, the selected elite, from a host of nations, and bring you here to give A senior agent had called in an An object of unknown origin. We've dealt with those before. He said the entire village had died trying to protect this one. When I radioed for medevac, I got nothing but an earful of excuses. That's when I realized I was more loyal to S. Never occurred to me that one might come from above.

And our one woman security force had a prior commitment on the other side of the universe. We need to find more. Your tax dollars at work. Hard work. We keep our fingers on America 's pulse, and believe me, America has veins in every section of the world. Years and years ago. Said she could fix the problem. So she went in, crossed off the enemy force. Didn't say how. But you won't. Note the word "Homeland". We're not currently authorized for foreign ops. We're working on it. A Ten Rings cell controls this vessel.

I know you brought me on to Project T. We did locate an important clue that could have pointed us in the right direction, but with the ever shifting topography of the Greenland ice sheet, I imagine we'll be starting from scratch again. But keep up the good work! What do you want from me? You have become a problem, a problem I have to deal with. Contrary to your belief, you are not the center of my universe. I have bigger problems in the southwest region to deal with. Think you can handle things here on your own? You know, you strike me more as the soldier of fortune type. Where was it? South Africa?

Certain groups pay very well for a mercenary like you. Who are you? One way or another we'll find out what we need to know. We're good at that. I got word that General Ross is about to make a move on him. The sooner we accept it the sooner we can fix it Or the sooner we can stop wasting our time pretending that we can make a difference. Someone to screw it up. Someone so inept General Ross will refuse to release Blonsky. I could do it. What do you want of me, playful one? What do you wish, slight vague burden Drifting now, dying, towards the window Opening a little on a patch of garden?

How can my soul be ever assuaged Though my heart is disengaged? Though my heart, though my soul Are far away from that girl, How can my soul be ever assuaged Though my heart is disengaged? And heart, over-sensitive heart Says to my soul: by what art, By what art has it captured me This proud exile, this misery?

My soul says to my heart: do I Know myself what trapped us, or why, Though exiled, we are here today, Though long ago we went away?


The sky is copper Devoid of any light, You might almost gather The moon had lived and died. Floating clouds Grey oak-trees lift In near-by woods Among the mists. Wheezing crow You gaunt wolves too, When north winds blow How do you do? Through interminable land Ennui of the plain, Vague snow once again Gleams like sand. How this pale land, oh traveller, too Pale yourself, mirrors you, And your drowned hopes how sadly they weep High in the sighing leaves!

Hops and vines, Leaves and flowers Tents with signs For free drinkers! Cafes bright, Beers, clamour, A waitress, light For every smoker! The winds that blow Must weep, alas. What to think then? Oat fields sigh. A slap in the eye From a bush in passing. Rather hovels Than maisons. What horizons Of red forges! One thinks of what? Sinister perfume! What was that? What rattled Like a sistrum?

Brute locale! Oh, your breath, Human sweat Shrieks of metal! Through black grass The Kobolds go. Hugo Turning , turning, fine horses you go, Turning a hundred, thousand today, Turning often and turning always, Turning, turning to sounds of oboes. Better than drinking away till you spin, Sailing around this mad circus instead! Good for the belly, and bad for the head, Badness en masse then goodness again. Speed quickly now, brave steeds of their souls, Already here night falls from above Soon will unite the pigeon and dove, Far from the fair and far from the fold.

Turning and turning! The velvety sky In starry gold is now slowly arrayed. There steal beloved, and lover, away. Turn to the drumbeat, joyous and high. The carts file by in silence All through these calm ways, Doze, cows! Now sleep away, Mild bulls of plains immense, Under your skies, scarcely day! August I opened the door.

You lay in bed as if you were weary. But, O light body that my love bore, You leapt up naked, crying and happy. Oh what kisses! What mad embraces! I myself laughed through my tears. Surely those moments will leave their traces, My saddest of all yet best it appears. Green Romances Sans Paroles: Aquarelles, Green Here are the fruits, the flowers, the leaves, the wands, Here my heart that beats only for your sighs.

Shatter them not with your snow-white hands, Let my poor gifts be pleasing to your eyes. I come to you, still covered with dew, you see, Dew that the dawn wind froze here on my face. Let my weariness lie down at your feet, And dream of the dear moments that shed grace. Let my head loll here on your young breast Still ringing with your last kisses blessed, Allow this departure of the great tempest, And let me sleep now, a little, while you rest. Dear, at a turn of your head My despair flooded back. The sky was too blue, and too tender, The sea too green, air lacked force.

I always fear — it must be remembered, Some atrocious act of yours. I suffer like this And wake endlessly. Yet I love Kate And her sweet gaze. How I love Kate! But the difficulty For a lover, poor he, With his darling to be! Streets — Dansons La Gigue! I loved, above all, her pretty eyes Brighter than stars in the skies, I loved her malicious eyes likewise.

I recall, oh I recall The hours, the words we let fall, And this the very best of all. Paddington Beauty Of Women…. Sagesse: Bk I, I Beauty of women, their frailty, and those pale hands Which often do good yet can bring all suffering. The dawn Cry, when soft vespers are sung, signal new-born Or sweet sob that dies in the folds of a shawl!

Harshness of man! Vile leaden life here below! Let something at least, far from kisses and blows, Let something survive for a moment on the slope, Something the childlike subtle heart contains, Goodness, respect! For dying what can we hope To take with us, and truly, what when death comes remains? Towards the Middle Ages vast and delicate I needs must sail, the shipwreck in my heart, Far from our carnal mind and the sad flesh. King, statesman, monk, chemist, artisan, hour Of the architect, soldier, doctor, advocate, What times!

Yes, may my ruined heart voyage yet Towards all that ardent, supple artistic power! There let me take part — anyhow, at the court Or elsewhere, what matter — in that vital thing, And may I, a saint, do good, think true thoughts, High theology and solid morality, journeying Led by the unique folly the Cross has brought, O mad Cathedral, soaring on stony wings! It is discreet and so light: A water-drop trembling on glass! A voice known to you and dear? But at present misted and veiled Like a widow desolate, assailed, Yet like her still proud, it appears, And in the long folds of a veil Stirred by the autumn breeze, Hidden, to startled heart reveals The truth like the star so pale.

It speaks to us also of glory Of humility, of asking no more, And the marriage of golden ore To sweet joy of peace without victory. It is hard-pressed , and passing by , The suffering soul without anger, And the moral is all too clear! Listen to the song that is wise. At twenty new trouble appeared In the guise of amorous fires, Sweet women fuelled my desires: They found me less sweet I fear. Was I born too soon or too late?