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Glimpses of Heaven

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More filters. Sort order. Dec 31, Kerri rated it liked it. A friend who is studying to be a palliative care nurse pulled this book out of her purse one day, and it struck me as just the kind of thing that we need to understand better and be able to talk about. What is the dying experience like, and can learning about it help us to be less afraid, and more helpful to loved ones who are dying? I got this book for Christmas and read it in a couple of days - it's an easy read, and each of the 40 or so stories pushes you on irresistibly to the next.

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The book A friend who is studying to be a palliative care nurse pulled this book out of her purse one day, and it struck me as just the kind of thing that we need to understand better and be able to talk about. The book feels like the author intended it as a gift to the reader - she wants us to understand that people in palliative care go through an experience that we can't understand, and that it involves a process of illumination, freedom, and love. Her own perspective is Christian and it infuses her interpretation of her patients' stories, though she's clear that not all of her patients share her strong faith.

I appreciated Harris sharing her experience. It's clear she approaches the dying process with profound sensitivity and understanding. It's also fascinating how accurately she could sense the "dying time" of her patients. It's a book that deserved a robust edit to deal with repetition and some awkward wording. There is also a tendency to wrap up each story with a similar sense of peace and comfort, which left me wondering if most of her patients really found this peace, or if she selected from memory those who did. But Harris offers a picture of what dying can be when handled well - part of life, a time of reflection and making peace.

The book succeeds in putting the dying process in perspective and offers comfort. I'm betting that it has started many conversations. Glimpses of Heaven is another in the genre of non-fiction examining "life after life" stories. This one varies in at least three ways from others I've read. First, it is not even remotely scientific, nor does it pretend to be. In fact, the author Trudy Harris clearly evinces a religious bias and it infuses her interpretation of virtually every experience.

That isn't necessarily bad; it just is, and each reader must make his or her own judgment. I'm OK with that. Second, it is not about near-dea Glimpses of Heaven is another in the genre of non-fiction examining "life after life" stories. Second, it is not about near-death experiences, as are most books in this genre.

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It is, instead, accounts of people passing from this life into the next. The author looked not for those who claim to have returned from beyond the veil, but rather related the stories of people in their last moments before death. Finally, it is not an analytical or research-based summarization of "life after life" or NDE experiences. Rather, it simply relates the stories of people in their last moments before death, as witnessed by the author, who was a hospice nurse now retired. I appreciated that she simply with the exception of the religious interpolations told the stories, in most cases giving the readers space to draw their own conclusions.

It was a quick read I finished it in a half hour while waiting for my son to get out of his driver's ed class which means I may be having my own near death experience soon. I found it more comforting than thought-provoking, but I think that was the author's goal. Trudy Harris began her career as a hospice nurse in This collection of over 40 stories, including that of her parents, offers glimpses of what lies beyond, and what the living can learn from the dying. I picked this book to read for two reasons; I lost my dad in August, and I was with him when he died.

I was hoping this book would offer some measure of comfort that he went peacefully and unafraid, and reading these stories helped to reassure me of that. The second reason, is that I am living with stage IV breast cancer, which is incurable. I have accepted the fact that this disease will eventually kill me, but I often worry that I will feel anxious and afraid when that time comes.

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If I ever do need hospice care, I hope that I will have someone like Trudy to care for me. I just wish the stories would have been a little more detailed about the experience of dying; not just the spiritual side of it, but what the body goes through physically. I think the more we know about death and dying, the less afraid we become of it.

Overall though, this is a beautifully written book about a very sensitive subject. Jan 05, Toni Wyatt rated it liked it. After going through Hospice with my father recently, I will say that the book helped in some ways, but in others I found it a bit far-fetched. It gives unrealistic expectations to families who have a loved one in Hospice. I would suggest reading the Hospice booklet, 'When the Time Comes', for a better idea of what to expect during this difficult time. Maybe some are alert and talking toward the end, but that is certainly not the case for the majority.

Mar 23, Peg rated it really liked it. I lost my year-old Mother last year and reading this book has given me peace and comfort. I often wondered about a 'dream' my Mother said she had about a year before her passing. This book cleared up my thoughts about her dream and I know now that it was not a dream. Trudy Harris worked as a devoted hospice nurse for many years and shares some of her experiences with dying patients.

True Stories of Hope and Peace

She relates how people say they feel, requests they make, and what they envision and say at the end. She was ab I lost my year-old Mother last year and reading this book has given me peace and comfort. He warned her against discussing her trip to heaven. After he left the room, one of the hospital staff mistakenly brought a full meal to her, which included two broiled pork chops, applesauce, cottage cheese, lemon cake, and tea.

Betty devoured the entire meal in a matter of minutes. Nurses were horrified by the mistake, and insisted they pump her stomach before her surgery, scheduled that day. Betty argued with them, certain she was healed. The doctor returned to her room, amazed. He pulled back the sheet to examine her incisions.

He saw the fresh pink skin that began to form in the New Country. I realized God loved all the churches where they exalt the name of Jesus. I know what it will be like on the great resurrection morning to see loved ones. Every morning is like Easter at my house now.

It is also available on www. Do you want to know God personally? Here are four steps …. Our God is always in love with His people and shows His blessings every day. GOD can do anything he wants. He is GOD! And by the way those flowers and colors, you seen. There is no color like that , here on earth.

They are the most beautiful, I have ever seen. I also went to heaven. To God be the Glory for ever and ever.

Thank you Father for giving us your Son. Through him we are richly blessed! God gave her a great talent which she used to help others by giving them a glimpse of what heaven is like. I too am looking forward to being in heaven with Jesus my Savior. I had already read her book and was just considering becoming a Christian at the time. She listened patiently to him, as he told us women that our vote mattered, blah, blah. Finally, when she got up to speak, here was this beautiful 6ft. Afterward, I went up to her and asked to see her cut-down scars, just to see for myself.

Her skin was very dark, because of the liver failure she had endured. Her spirit, however, gave her a glow that was showing through that skin to a miraculous extent. I said yes to Jesus within a few days. My memory of her has stayed fresh through all these years, as I believe I was in the presence of kingdom greatness that day. It made such a deep impression on me that I have always clung to this testimony as encouragement whenever I have prayed for healing, for myself, or others. Snyder, former Bishop of Saint Augustine"This book is for everyone--from health care providers to social workers to clergy, and all of us who will one day find ourselves saying good-bye to someone we love.

Glimpses of Heaven goes where few people venture--into a sacred space that is worth exploring.

A kindergarten teacher, author Trudy Harris based this story on an incident in her own childhood. Add to Wishlist. Log In to sync your basket across devices. About Meet the Author. Trudy Harris A kindergarten teacher, author Trudy Harris based this story on an incident in her own childhood.

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