James Eldritch and the Misogynistic Ghost

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He pointed to the phone, its tinny speaker still blaring. Leave it be. Her eyes rolled in the other direction. Even today, he was surfing the internet and ignoring a promising investigation. Fed up with the noise, she took a shaky step from her chair reached out for a button on the phone.

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James slapped her hand away and pointed a finger at her. He leaned back in his chair and pulled open the curtains. A slant of light played across his tired eyes as he looked back at her. Have a look. May scrunched up her face and leaned across the desk to peer at the monitor. She laughed at what she saw. You believe this rubbish? There is a difference! James rubbed his brow.

Is that right? He hit the speakerphone button with his palm. Sorry about that. May smirked. But your execution was flawed. He sighed and closed the browser window. Thanks for nothing, Internet. This action might not be possible to undo. Are you sure you want to continue? Upload Sign In Join. Save For Later. Create a List. Summary For nearly a month, James Eldritch has managed a legitimate and moderately successful paranormal investigation business north of London—with May O'Dolon's help, of course.

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Michael Horton (E-kitapları)

Undoubtedly the best type of pervert. Always a good guy, and just to reaffirm that he's a good guy, they'll occasionally give him a rival in the form of an actually dangerous pervert who would cross the boundaries the Chivalrous one never could. However, it could also be that some part of him might also believe that Sex Is Evil and make him feel guilty about his "immoral" horniness and overcompensate for it by being extra nice. Or his hypersexuality could be an outlet for more complex personal issues, often making him The Woobie. The Dirty Old Man will often be this, or at least act the part, if for no other reason than his being too physically weak to commit sexual atrocities.

Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. Make sure to tell me that in ten years, alright? Eita Touga of 12 Beast. However polite and professional he is, the universe will always put him in an awkward situation, within range of violent retribution. Hachibe Maeda of Ai Kora is a strange case. While admittedly an individual who values women for the aesthetic appeal of their various body parts, he is willing to go to extreme lengths to protect the owners of those parts.

He's known as 1 in the frequency of sex among nations and has even less problems with nudity than France does, but his overall personality is very different from France's. This becomes most obvious when he's shown with Japan: he's made one or two sexual advances towards him which may or may not include actual sex , but most signs of his genuine affection for him are less centered on sex and actually pretty sweet seriously, trying to speak Japanese?

Taking all of Japan's snacks after the other nations ignore them? Being worried about his hair looking unkempt to Japan? Not to mention, the nations generally panic at the prospect of France being around because they fear he'll jump on them And let's be honest, he probably WILL. A subtler version is Prussia, who might talk big about how fearless and awesome he is, but freaks out at the sight of a teen Hungary's half-naked body and, once he realizes she's a female , he quickly hands her his cape for cover.

There's also Seborga, who is a Latin Lover but doesn't hit on female nation-tans who are too young for him, like Wy. France sees himself is this. However in practice he himself pushes boundaries without fully crossing them. He will not outright rape anyone, true, but he has flipped skirts, undressed people of both genders against their wills, etc. Not to mention openly admitting he's a pervert and takes some degree of pride on it , which is something an average example would most likely think twice before doing.

Shunsui Kyoraku from Bleach loves flirting with his lieutenant, Hot Librarian Nanao, and was known for chasing girls when he was in the shinigami academy. He promptly rescues Nanao when she collapses after Yamamoto sends out his enormous reiatsu and it overwhelms her. He's also a very badass captain who first tries to convince his rivals to give up on their purposes and only accepts to fight so he won't disgrace his opponents.

The character Ral from the manga Blue Dragon note: has nothing to do with the game is this. Finding out the difference between men and women is a big part of his Character Development. The fact that women have boobs and that he loves said boobies helps a lot. Kurozuma Wataru from A Certain Scientific Railgun is a super rare type of guy who can make a sincere comment about a girl's figure and he does so to two people who are likely to fly off the handle at that and give no offence. Hideki from Chobits. Make no mistake, he is a underwear-ogling porn addict, but would never take advantage of Chi in that way.

And heaven help you if you do. The "chivalrous" part is mainly when he's getting serious.

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Mick Angel also sways between this and Handsome Lech. The deceased Prince Clovis la Britannia from Code Geass , who despite being a tyrannical bastard, isn't a misogynist in the least. Milly also has shades of this. Cross Marian D. His character info in the fanbook, lists one of his likes is "good women.

But when he found out about the death of one of his lovers, a young woman named Anita , he was genuinely saddened and despite him not wanting Anita to follow him, he says she was a good woman. It's also stated, by Allen, that under his bed at his church, is filled with keepsakes from his lovers-pictures and accessories. Seems to show a sentimental side to Cross.

With the aforementioned Lenalee, he holds her close, and protects her on the crumbling ark, while simultaneously trying to halt download of the Akuma Egg, but he never lets go of her, until after danger has passed. He also only stayed at the Order, which he hates, because Lenalee asked him to. It ended being a Fatal Flaw. Dragon Ball : Goku's late Grandpa Gohan is hinted to be quite a ladies' man; when he briefly comes back to life in the Fortuneteller Baba Saga, he mentions having a lot of friends in Other World, "and most of them are brunettes. Saito in The Familiar of Zero more on the chivalrous side in the Light Novel and more on the perverted side in the anime.

He's attracted to pretty much his entire Unwanted Harem , including his master Louise , his maid Siesta, the flirty Kirche, the quiet Tabitha , the naive Tiffania and even Princess Henrietta. Despite his perverted side, he never takes advantage of them even when given an opportunity. Shigure from the anime version of Fruits Basket. He is berated by many of the other Sohmas for it, but it becomes an almost endearing Running Gag nonetheless.

In the manga he uses sex as a tool to have revenge against Akito, his cousin and ex-lover, for running in the arms of their cousin Kureno And let's not forget the deal with Rin , either, though to his credit he doesn't take her offer. Full Metal Panic! He also tends to use his reputation as a pervert to distract others and avoid conversations he doesn't care for. Probably better demonstrated just before that when he gets genuinely mad at Sousuke for making Kaname cry, despite missing no opportunities to generally be a lech over the series.

Worick Arcangelo of Gangsta. Though thoroughly a Jerk with a Heart of Gold even when nursing wounds the man can't pass up a chance to grope a cute girl's butt. Emishi Haruki from Get Backers. He considers harming a woman to be just about the most terrible sin imaginable, and opponents admitting to it is nearly a Berserk Button ; meanwhile, he happily flirts with every woman he meets.

The closest he's come to 'pervert' was abruptly burying his face in a female friend's breasts, while desperately trying to cheer himself up after Amon's Heroic Sacrifice. He is a genius who completed all of his university courses in record time, but decided to quit before graduating. In the first episode, after he accidentally deletes the software company he's working at's major software program the day before it's set to ship, he manages to write only in a week not only a program that took the rest of the staff three months to complete, but makes it far more user-friendly than it originally was.

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Great Teacher Onizuka : Onizuka, when he's not being an inspiration to everyone around him. Always thinking of sex, looks up girl's skirts, has sex toys and porn galore , sizes up every attractive woman and became a teacher specifically for the schoolgirls. Yet when given the opportunity to act on these impulses with the young girls he's responsible for, his conscience doesn't allow it.

To wit, when Urumi semi-seriously offered herself to him he knocked himself unconscious rather than kiss her. A lot of that also has to do with the fact that Onizuka is a man-child who is terrified of actual sexuality, and just plays up his lothario qualities for show. In fact, the comic establishes pretty early on that he's still a virgin. One episode has him buying swimsuits for the crew girls after checking their measurements by mere sight , another has him visiting each one of his old girlfriends to see how are they holding up including a Ill Girl whom he buys medicines for and the tombstone of the woman who actually gave him his Gundam.

He also is very upset when one of his lovers, Femme Fatale Yurina, is shot to death, and very gracefully accepts Sala Tyrrell's apologies and definitive rejection of his affections. Kyon from the Haruhi Suzumiya franchise, even though he rarely has actually needed to avenge the dishonor of a beautiful lady — but push the right buttons and he'll defend.

And when a very pretty years-old girl with ice powers claims to be in love with him, he repeatedly refuses her affections by saying that she's too young for him - which is technically true, as he's 26 already. She has to die and then be revived before he comes to love her back In The Heroic Legend of Arslan , Gieve will flirt with every pretty girl within the vicinity but when Silvermask kills one of the Queen's handmaidens, Gieve was visibly saddened and angry and respectfully covered the girl's body afterwards.

For all of it, though, he has great respect for women and is loath to see them treated badly. When Riser molests his Queen in front of him just to make Issei jealous, then makes a comment that his arranged fiancee Rias will make a nice notch on his belt, he didn't know he pushed Issei's Big Red Berserk Button.

You can only imagine what happened next. They're peeping toms and panty thieves but that's as far as they go. They're the 'good' perverts that contrast the evil perversion of the Big Bad , who likes undressing people and putting them in embarrassing cosplay. Miroku from InuYasha. In a rather early arc, there is a young woman named Koharu, whose life he saved years ago ; she's very enamoured with him but Miroku actually turns her affections down , believing it was a case of Loving a Shadow.

Arima's best friend Hideaki Asaba from Kare Kano might also apply; he loves being surrounded by his "kittens. Part of his success is that he always paints them except for Yukino When they point this out to him, he just shrugs and says that's how he sees them. While Asaba may have entertained the notion that Arima and Yukino's future daughter would be his soul mate, he gave up on that idea pretty quickly when she was born and became another father figure to her. When she turned fifteen and confessed her love for him, Asaba was really disturbed.

Akari from Karneval knows that he's a handsome bastard that women want yet whom the nurses hilariously deny , but seemingly hasn't exercised the "pervert" portion as far as the viewer is concerned. Turns out he just wanted to strip her from her soul-corrupting armor and rescue her from the path of evil.

Comic Books. He hits on anything in a skirt, although this is part of the fact that he acts goofy as a way to deal with his own problems. In one instance, the Titans are swimming and Dick and Starfire are skinny dipping in the hot tub.

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  • Something Gar says causes Starfire to stand up , and even though Dick manages to cover her with a towel, Gar freaks out and starts apologizing profusely. The Incredible Hercules : Hercules. He hooks up with the Girl of the Week every other issue, partly because he wants to get laid and partly because he finds them interesting people. Taken to its logical extreme in Fall of an Avenger. He would even support them with his investments until he could see them again. All of them were saddened when they learned that he was dead. Depending on the writer, Dick Grayson can fall under this trope.

    Tony Stark, better known as Iron Man. Superboy Kon-El's first girlfriend thought there was no way they'd work out due to his "wandering eyes", though he did mature out of the less savory aspects of this by the time he picked up the name Conner Kent. At one point he finds some sexbots of the female Teen Titans, belonging to the teenage Toyman not the original villainous version which Kon-El clearly enjoys Superboy : I hate you.

    I hate you more than anyone I've ever known. Fan Fiction. Destiny is a Hazy Thing : Kiba's to Karin who is attracted to his charka like an addict and thus is generally kept in his presence when Ino jokes that he should make a move as she would be willing to do anything he wants. Kiba immediately puts down the idea saying that while Karin is cute, he's not comfortable taking advantage of her because A he'd prefer it if she liked him for him and not due to his charka and B it would count as rape and he respects women too much to do that.

    An excerpt from Clover the Clever's diary informs us that the only thing he was more renowned for than his sexual prowess was his sense of honor. The Reading Rainbowverse interprets Thunderlane as one of these. He ends up dating Princess Luna. She should have listened to him - the next one she meets, Nosey, isn't as nice. The hero of A Long Night At The Hippodrome , Piercing Gaze, is definitely lecherous, but he is only interested in mares who are "willing and experienced enough to know what they want.

    He also refuses to use his position as a theatrical impresario to exploit aspiring female performers. In Friendship Is Magical Girls , Spike's particular vice-based ninja magic is powered by lust, which he fuels with perverted acts. However, despite this he's still a decent person, and has the utmost respect for the girls.

    Yuisu is often prone to spacing out and drooling when it comes to beautiful women, but is able to control herself. But in the sequels, with the Relationship Upgrade confirmed, he's a one-woman man version of this - mostly to tease her. Though he's not as perverted as some of the other guys in the story , he can still be flirty when he wants to. Regardless, Mack still respects women and the thought of women selling themselves out for men disgusts him. He openly admits being a horny teenager, but he's also a very Nice Guy who will put the girls' comfort and necessities over his hormonal urges.

    He even feels guilty over having lusty thoughts on Gwen and Bridgette once he knows about their past bad experiences with guys. In Son of the Sannin , Jiraiya becomes an even bigger example of this, with special focus on the "chivalrous" part. Living with Tsunade under the same roof gets him hold back his antics for her sake, and this endears him to her enough that she falls for him and they get married.

    Misogynistic 90's TV Moments That'll Make You Cringe

    Film — Animation. Prince Naveen from The Princess and the Frog. Despite his well-known reputation as a womanizer, he seems to respect women for the most part. Film — Live Action. Lester Burnham from American Beauty. He spends the movie obsessing over a Fille Fatale girl who is the same age as his daughter. When he actually gets a chance with her, he stops once he finds out she's actually a virgin, and her suggestions of sexual prowess were made up.

    Luigi in Another Time, Another Place is a bit of a graceless sleazebag, but at least he does take Janie's initial rejections gracefully and he doesn't browbeat her about it. Austin Powers , despite some implied deviant sexual behavior, is still for the most part courteous toward the ladies he's trying to woo. He makes outrageous passes at Vanessa, but when she tries to kiss him, he refuses because she's drunk. Back in the sixties, he was clearly attracted to Vanessa's mother, but never made a move on her because she was married.

    Considering who he's a parody of , this is to be expected. Peter Sellers in The Bobo plays a wandering musician who agrees to a wager where he can get a theater engagement if he beds the local gold digger Britt Ekland within three days - but resists taking advantage of her when she gets drunk. Possibly averted as the deal specified his being in her apartment one hour with the lights out, and they were far off in another location.

    He may be a playboy inventor much like his son but he is respectful to coworker Peggy and he later explains to Steve what he meant by having "fondue" with her he was essentially asking Peggy that after a mission if she wanted to go out and eat with him. Steve had never heard of fondue before, and assumed it was a sexual euphemism. Theater impresario Henri Danglard in French Cancan.

    Peter Venkman from Ghostbusters Despite relentlessly pursuing Dana often to her annoyance , he refuses to take advantage of her even when presented with the opportunity. Captaun Phoebus in the version of The Hunchback of Notre Dame is still presented as a womanizer, but cares about Esmeralds's safety in contrast to his un-chivalrous book counterpart. James Bond : Pierce Brosnan 's Bond is just as prone to bawdy innuendos and sleeping around as the other incarnations. The big difference is that he genuinely cares about the women in his life, and does everything he can to keep them safe.

    He is affectionate towards Natalya, Paris got "too close for comfort," he is unusually protective of Wai Lin even before they officially become allies, he falls in love with Elektra, and his sheer panic and later relief when he attempts to resuscitate Jinx proves that she's not just a notch on his bedpost.

    Chivalrous Pervert - TV Tropes

    Harry Lockhart in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang : although he appears to spend a lot of time thinking about Harmony in a sexual way, he is quick to become upset when she isn't upset over the idea of being groped in her sleep. James Lennox in Men with Brooms , the kind of classy guy who brings a " Rent-A-Girlfriend " to a funeral of a beloved friend, refuses to take advantage of Amy when she makes a drunken rebound attempt at him.

    He even goes on to berate Chris for unintentionally causing Amy to fall Off the Wagon. Jim Kirk in the reboot Star Trek franchise may flirt with any women he sees, but he is never overly pushy with them. He also treats Uhura, Spock's girlfriend, respectfully and even apologizes to her when there was a moment he was frustrated with Spock.

    Stroker Ace : Stroker starts off as a womanizer who doesn't even believe in the word 'virgin'. He spends the entire movie finding a way to bed Pembrook and settles on getting her drunk. However, he ultimately turns into a chivalrous pervert when Pembrook passes out in his hotel room. He undresses her, and he can be seen resisting his urges until he decides to just leave her alone. He confesses the next morning that nothing happened after she passed out. In Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles , Mikey has April on his mind in pretty much every non-action scene where they interact.

    He even apologizes for how creepy his "We will find you" line sounded when she first meets them. Van in Van Wilder. He flirts mercilessly with love-interest Gwen but he never actually makes a pass at her since he knows she has a boyfriend, even though the guy is a complete Jerkass. He does the same thing with Kaitlin in Freshman Year. Monty in Waiting He backs out at the last minute because she's roughly a week shy of being eighteen.

    However, he instructs her to tell everyone that he totally nailed her. You know, for his image. Of course, this is part of his Character Development , as he had zero hangups with violating the Jail Bait Wait. Subverted by Sam Lombardo in Wild Things.

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    Although it seems like he's upset at Ray killing Kelly on moral grounds, it's clear that he's really only concerned about a potential Spanner in the Works wrecking the plan. He has no compunctions about exploiting Kelly's love for him for sex and money, and intends to frame her for what will probably be a life sentence for Suzie's murder.

    But he treats his favorite stripper, Cassidy, like a real person rather than a piece of meat, even going as far as to defend her when some other patrons make insulting remarks to her. X-Men Film Series X2: X-Men United : Iceman adores Rogue, and although he's supposed to be looking the other way, he can't resist taking a peek at her while she's changing into his mother's old clothes.

    X-Men: First Class : Charles Xavier boldly hits on co-eds, but when his latest target for conquest sincerely needs help, he's all business. Sean Cassidy is introduced flirting with a girl, who seems to find him comical more than anything else. He also wolf-whistles at Angel. The literary James Bond is one of these in spades. Movie Bond, however, is more of a cad.