Luckys Leprechaun (A Holiday in Council Falls short)

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Ah, solitude. Time to think, time to experiment, time to reread her favorite book, Poisons, Potions, and Perceptions. She was alone for now, but someone was coming to find her.

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She could feel him on his way. Someone small. Someone confused and worried too. Everyone feared her, for the conjuring and trickery she could do was beyond the understanding of almost everyone - gnomes, fairies, woodland creatures, pixies and, of course, humans, — were all bedazzled and alarmed by her potent witchcrafting. Was she a good witch? Was she a bad witch? Oh, I can hear you. For one thing, I built a whole new website all by myself, which was a little harder than I expected.

But it is done now, so go look at it and tell me what you think. It is still at aprileight. I have a silly song to share with you that I learned from my music teacher friend Ms. I invited two of my friends to come in and sing with me. Well, since it is almost Halloween, I thought it would be nice to invite my favorite Witch over to sing with me. How lucky am I that she said yes? I truly appreciate you coming to sing with me today.

You can decide when it is over… hee hee hee. How do you know I can even carry a tune? There is actually a witch in your office. You take this fairytale thing pretty seriously! Nice to meet you, Which Witch. Thank you so much for helping me launch Season 4, Which Witch and Mia. I really appreciate it. I hope all of you friends and listeners out there teach "Gnomes are Short" to your friends and sing it all season. Come back next week and find out what happens when the Which Witch meets Gilbert, our little goblin friend here. It is a Halloween Fairytale story episode…. Now it is a Sing-Along Episode, so I hope you have your singing voice ready.

Charlie and Lucy told me to tell you not to worry. They said that the more out of tune and goofy you are, the more fun everyone will have. I'm so glad you are here, and I can't wait to tell you today's story. Charlie watched as the fluff of white and gray clouds moved at their leisure, casting shadows across the countryside below.

Lucy was fascinated by wanderings of the rivers as they wound themselves first one way and then another, never in a straight line, as they cut across the world below them. Lakes shimmered in the sun and looked like puddles from so far above. Aunt Cookie and mom were taking them on a big adventure all along the coast of Maine. Charlie and Lucy were pretty excited. And now here they were. Hey, Wait a minute, Aunt Cookie? Charlie and Lucy have an Aunt Cookie? Well, yes they do. On his way to the Town Beside the River with the Leaning Clock Tower, he caught this tale, and he is now sharing it with the townspeople young and old.

Today's we here the last part of the story, "Quinn Quillow and the Blue Ribbon. It is up to Stella Squirrel and her buddy It is up to Stella Squirrel and her buddy Brizbane, a tiny mouse with a lot of attitude, to see if they can get the lost ribbon from Mrs. Robin's nest. Here is an excerpt from today's story Are you up there? Come down and get me, will ya? And with a flick of her tail, Stella Squirrel skittered down the oak and then right back up again with the small mouse riding astride her like a horse and holding tightly to the fur of her neck to keep from falling to the ground.

Why did you call me? The Old Woman chuckled and smiled at Brizbane. It is nice to meet you, wee mouse. I am not a mouse. I am Brizbane, the Conquer. She seemed to be trying not to laugh…. I am glad you are here because I need your help. Good thing I brought my sword! Brizbane sighed and put his sword away. Brizbane was quite dizzy by the time they got to the foot of Mrs. But if I can tell it, it must come from somewhere. But where? We may never know. It is my favorite thing to do! It is Episode 28!

I called it a little minute about us because I love us, you and me together, so much! I have loved sharing my songs and stories and joy with you, my dear listeners. Can you believe it? Do you have a favorites character? Stop by my April Eight Facebook page and let me know.

Oh, how I would love to hear about that! And a big thank you to the Cincinnati Waldorf School - you've been such a big inspiration to me. ORG, I get to hang out with the coolest people in podcasting. Louisiana, Vermont, Florida, and Utah! Hi, Matilda and Ada! Send me an email at april aprileight. I have a celebration of a song for you.

I la la la la la la la la love being your friend, my friend! Thanks for listening to my podcast! If you haven't heard those, well, it might be fun to go back and listen to them now while you listen to these stories too. And so he began… and here is the story he told: A tale I tell, a tale I know, a tale that's never been told. There once was a wise old woman who lived at the top of an ancient oak tree. Now how could a person live in a tree? This oak had deep ridges in her bark that grew almost like a staircase that wound from way down at the roots and then all the way up, around and around, winding up the tree and then, there at the top, why, quite a fine spot for one table, one chair, one stove, one candle, one bed.

What more could an old woman ask for? In the mornings the birds were singing in the branches, in the afternoon the old woman was comforted by the shade of the leaves and the music of the breeze rustled through the branches like a song. And one of her particular friends was a April Eight has been cited as an expert by the Download on Podcasting. Happy National Donut Day! How about that? Well, there is. And it is coming up here in just a minute.

Okay, a few days. We would brainstorm all of our ideas about Peace on the first day of camp and then we would use that big list we made to write songs from all week. And we would also do other stuff like make crafts and do yoga and hike and stuff. It was really fun. And then, well, I think they all got hungry. And because they were hungry, they started talking about what they really liked to eat. That was the only thing anyone could talk about. And so we did. This song was written, with a little help from me, by a group of kids ages I hope you like it.

We could sing a song about compromise We could sing a song about hamsters We could sing a song about serenity But we want to sing about donuts. Bah bad dah! There is much to be said for my own dear Mother, and her name is Bonnie. Now my mom, Bonnie, was a teacher and she taught 5th grade for what seemed like a million years. And everywhere we would go when I was little, big kids and teenagers and adults of all ages would come up to us when we were out and about and say, Mrs.

Because yeah, my mom is super smart and knows how to make learning interesting and fun for everyone. Do you have a favorite teacher? Now I am a mother myself and the whole reason I turned into April Eight is because I was inspired by my own children, my two daughters whose names are Lyla and Mia. Do you ever have those days when you just feel sad? It is okay, right? Everyone feels every sort of way at one time or another. Sometimes we feel angry - everyone gets angry. Sometimes we feel grouchy - everyone gets grouchy. I love to giggle with my girls.

But anyway, I wrote this song for my Lyla when she was little and feeling sad. Next week she graduates from high school. You know what they say, The more you cry the more you cry And you have such a lovely smile And a wonderful way of being perfectly you Shadows and delight A star of wonder a lamb and a lion Ooh hoo oh oh My Little Blue.

And you will always be Filled with pure light and energy And when beauty brings a beast You can tame it. He is a fool of the old fashion kind, wide open to the beauty of the world aro und him, a listener, a dreamer and a collector of tales. Let's see how he goes about catching tales, my friends And who do you think that was?

Well, mighty fine indeed, it was a wandering minstrel, sometimes called a fool. And since the month was April, well, he must be an April Fool, hows about that? Now I know I know, these days calling someone a fool will get you in all sorts of trouble, but back in those days, well, it was just a bit different. A fool is what you might call someone who was a teller of jokes, a singer of songs, a storyteller. Why, they are delightfully fun folk to have around, if you can find one.

Which you almost never can. For they are rare, rare indeed although, here in the Three Kingdoms of Greenbriar there are more than the usual amount, truth be told. For the three Kingdoms of Greenbriar, well some call it the Land of Fairytales, is where these Fools come, looking for songs and stories, enough to share and sing and tell to folks far and wide across the land and then they can come back and get some more.

For stories and songs want to be told, but if no one takes them out of the Kingdoms of Greenbriar, well, not many would hear them. But how do these storytelling folks come by these songs and stories they tell in the three Kingdoms of Greenbriar? Well, my friends, you are about to find out. Now our friend the fool, whose name was really Quinn Quillow, was resting on an old stone wall along the ancient road from Fimby to LeeBrook deep in Hawthorn Grove.

Quinn was wearing what he always wore, a scarlet cap and a yellow jacket with golden buttons given to him as a gift from a king for a story well told. Quinn was also wearing a smile upon his face Subscribe today and never miss an episode! And come be my friend on instagram. Or, leave a review on your favorite podcast venue and let other parents know you the value these stories have brought to your family.

Except today, My Lady Spring, a traditional poem set to song passed down through oral tradition lo these many years. On today's episode, we talk about birthdays birthdays birthdays. So whether yours is soon or way far away, I think you'll find some fun things to think about in this episode. And there is quite a noisy thunderstorm happening while I am recording, and my nervous little dog Roxie , well, she has a few things to say about that. I tell you about how birthdays are celebrated in my family and I share a little story about how extreme some people I know are about celebrating their own birthday.

Have you heard that one yet? If you haven't, I'd start at Jemi and the Birthday Surprise, because you won't understand Episode 3 if you haven't heard Episode 1 and 2 before it. Birthday, birthday, today is your special day. The years are as nothing for the world turns on and on But today is your birthday everyone sing along! We celebrate you and all the things that you do, You are wonderful in every way. You get better with every day! Birthday, birthday, today is your special day… And I also share with you a poem that I wrote about the month of April, when Winter says goodbye and Spring says hello.

It is called April Appears. Flying in on the wings of songbirds Rolling in like the rivers flooding. Peeping through the pink magnolias budding Smiling like tulips in the sun. Rest awhile and rejoice, for Spring has finally come. That makes it easy for folks to find a way to listen that is fun for them. The best place to find all things April Eight: aprileight. I have Waldorf family and homeschoolers, big kids, little kids, Montessori kids and unschoolers, regular schoolers, and world schoolers listening in.

And a lot of adults who just want a good fairytale. I love that! I have listeners across the globe these days. April Eight is for the innocent heart in all of us everywhere. I always have more songs and poems and ideas and shout-outs and happy birthdays and gratitudes that I want to share with you, and all of that doesn't always fit into a story.

So I thought, hey, what about doing a little minute every now and again to share all the things that don't fit into a story? And so, this is the first one. And it is about What is a little minute? So we talk about that. I also say Happy Birthday to Izzy - she turned nine years old just last week!

You can also download that song from iTunes. I send out some love to Annabel who is one of my first podcast listeners and I share with you a song from her current favorite episode, The Old Man and the Seagull. I give a little shout out to my buddy Stone, and his mama Michelle Duncan Wilson, creator of the thoughtful and meaningful mom podcast, Soul Work for Moms.

Mothers, check it out when you get a chance and let me know what you think. Lastly, it is one of my favorite times of the month - time for another Stay Up Late with April Eight! On today's episode, Grammy and the kids, that's Sage, Sander and Arwen, and of course, Birdie, the dog, have an unexpected guest. A leprechaun! Turns out, Lucky Mr. Liam and Grammy are old friends, and he comes to stay with her for safety from all those dangerous leprechaun traps that children all over the world are setting this time of year. Liam likes to speak in them. And he tells the kids and Grammy all about his adventures out in the world, trying to keep out of trouble.

It is a fairytale, and a tall tale, and a story of friendship -- a fun story for St. Patrick's Day or any day at all. Please share your favorite episodes with your friends. It is a pretty nice thing to do to provide fresh, sweet, happy, family-friendly fairytales for your friends and their kids. It just takes a second to set them up — just click subscribe!

If you are an Instagrammer, come say hi! I'm so excited to celebrate my 20th episode. Twenty fairytale stories written, narrated and illustrated and shared with you, dear Wonderfuls - that's a lot. And I have so many new ideas and characters to create and share that I can't help but cheer. In today's episode our friend Sander, who we met last week in Episode 19, "Grammy and the Star Soup", goes out on his own snowy adventure, this time with his dog Birdie.

He asked his sister Arwen to come out in the snow with him, but she was far too busy reading her favorite book, The Secret Garden, to even look up at him. She just shook her head and murmured something indiscernible. And his little sister Sage, well she was helping Grammy bake bread - her favorite thing to do. Sage was really too little to play into the wilds of the forest without an adult anyway.

And so, Sander finally decided to go out on his own with Birdie as his guide, out into the glittering wonder of snow to see what the world looked like under this fresh blanket of delight. Leave that for the giants. All the bears were hibernating…. When people ask me about how to get my A8 Podcast, they just hand me their phones and I set them all up — once you know how to subscribe it is so easy, but sometimes folks need a little help.

Today's episode is called "Grammy and the Star Soup" a great story for your kids at bath time, bedtime, car time, and family time. Did you catch my references to last week's episode in this week's episode. Pretty tricky, huh? Tune in next week for a special Valentines episode just for you. And if your child is inspired to draw a picture or make a painting, you know I would love to see it. I love it. See you next time! I'm so excited about this one because it makes me giggle - I just love my little Felix. Maybe because, just like him, I'm a younger sibling myself.

Now you might be wondering what a "little minute" is. Well, I gotta tell you, it is an expression that I've used forever but I really don't know if anyone else does. When I say, "I'll be there in a little minute," people have always looked at me like "What's a 'little minute'? Have you ever heard anyone else who says "a little minute"? If you do, let me know. I'd love to know that I'm not alone. Or maybe I am. Either way, I like my 'little minute' and I'm not giving it up. Did you catch my poetry reference from the Snowflakes episode in this one?

It would really help me out to know how best people are connecting. With so much to enjoy about winter, I'm glad it is here! And while you are over there on Instagram, follow me, and also my brother James and his band, Great Willow. We'll be staying up late on the last Saturday of every month! And as I mentioned, if you haven't heard the Jemi Stories, you are in a for a treat.

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But the rest of the kingdom is falling apart without her! And you'll never believe who comes to the rescue Oh, those 3 brothers sure do cause our Fairy Queen a lot of trouble! And what happens next, wel l, she is in for an adventure. And so are you, so come along! All the villagers will tell you, if you are foolish enough to go and see the Which Witch, you would never know which witch you'll get when you knocked on her door. Oh my! Which witch will Pell meet?

Don't worry, this is not too scary for the littles. What happens next, oh my goodness! Subscr ibe today and never miss an episode! Our two friends, Lillyanna and her little brother Josh chased a frog under a Great Willow Tree, and what should they find by an enchanted circle of fairies listening to a story from the Bard of Fairyland.

And what a tale he tells! All about a Fa iry Queen like no other, and the naughty brothers who want to ruin her. Let us see which one of us can bring down the fairy queen by making the citizens of this kingdom see that she is not as great as they all think. We have decided based on this book to start a garden in the spring, this made it look so fun!

What do teachers actually do every day in the teachers' lounge? When an imaginative child peeks inside, he embarks on a wild, funny adventure you'll never forget. Who knew that teachers surf, hike, eat frog-eyeball soup, and walk through the rain forest--all while in the teacher's lounge? Howard McWilliam's bold, vibrant illustrations show us all kinds of delightful surprises on the other side of the teachers' lounge door. Some know why the march took place; fewer still know how it happened.

Using a minimalist text no more than ten words per page as he employed in Underground, Evans covers the last two points. On August 28, , a remarkable event took place--more than , people gathered in our nation's capital to participate in the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. Many words have been written about that day, but few so delicate and powerful as those presented here by award-winning author and illustrator Shane W.

When combined with his simple yet compelling illustrations, the thrill of the day is brought to life for even the youngest reader to experience. When Mama got a new baby, Phoebe got a new digger. And when Mama is busy with the baby, Phoebe and Digger are busy, too. That is, until a big girl comes by, with mean teeth and grabby hands. Phoebe tries everything she can, but what if she never gets Digger back? Comical illustrations and a spot-on story are sure to make readers of all ages smile in recognition. No one likes to see dragons cry, so the boy points out their commonalities: they can all make silly and scary faces; they can all do the funky monkey.

What more, really, do friends need, other than to share time and do weird things? Friendship can be pretty simple, at least at the start, and Sauer—along with some glittering, inviting artwork from Starin—is an encouragement to jump in, despite the incongruities, maybe even because of them. Big hearted, heart gladdening, and—best—a light-hearted approach to finding friends. A little boy and two dragons discover what really matters about friendship in this charming picture book from the author of Me Want Pet and Mostly Monsterly. With scissors and tape a boy transforms himself into…a dragon!

He is BIG. Well, not really. When two dragons come over for a play date, what on earth will these three find to do together? He is just a boy. They are just dragons. Luckily, the dragons care more about what they all can do together, like make silly faces and do the funky monkey dance. What they really care about is being friends.

With simple, humorous text and classic, expressive line illustrations, Roar! Maybe she could earn their respect by winning the blue ribbon in the upcoming Air Show. Or maybe something even better will happen—something involving her best-ever invention, a Boy Scout troop in peril, and even the mayor himself! A classic underdog story full of humor and sweetness and retro pizzazz, Violet the Pilot is both endearing and adorable. But there'll also be friends and their families who can't wait to celebrate the holiday with Turkey! Can this very plump bird make it through every meal without bursting?

A silly, read-aloud story featuring food, friends, and one hilarious turkey! Benitez, the librarian, welcomes the pirates to the library-as long as they behave! Now the dilemma is how to get all the newfound treasure back to the pirate ship? Readers will be eager to set course for their own libraries after following Captain Jake through his library adventure.

The map of the Dread Pirate Dewey decorates the end papers leading library users through the Dewey Decimal system making this book a valuable learning tool for parents, teachers, and librarians. The Plans I Have for You combines playful rhyming text written by bestselling children's book author Amy Parker with whimsical illustrations by award-winning artist Vanessa Brantley-Newton to create a book that inspires readers of all ages to dream about their future. God has great plans for each and every one of us, and this book encourages children to think about the talents that make them special and will help them imagine how God may use our unique traits to make the world a better place.

Printable version. View detailed images 1. Item No. Add to cart Add to wish list. Ask a question about this product. When leprechauns find each other. A humorous, rhyming celebration of St. Patrick's Day! Resource Center. The Book Farm Outlet Store 2. Marketing the Library 4. A Universe of Stories 5. Early Literacy 6. Book Downloads and Extras 7. Timeless Resources. Special offers Sitemap Products Map. This site requires JavaScript to function properly. Please enable JavaScript in your web browser. About Us. Our History. Contact us Meet Our Team! Fiction picture St. Patrick's Day Leprechauns Counting Holidays.

A Band of Babies 17 Item No. Elmore 18 Item No. Elmore is a porcupine desperate to make friends. But it is hard to seek closeness with others when you're covered with spikes that shoot off your back every so often. Elmore suffers rejection and heartbreak, but the goodness of his forest community ultimately shines through as the animals find a way to connect with this prickly bundle of love. Just as charming, funny, and good-hearted as her little pigs, Elmore the porcupine will snuggle and prickle his way securely into the picture-book canon.

How to Catch an Elf 16 Item No. A Kitten Tale 08 Item No. Butterfly Ride, The 12 Item No. A Stick Until A Tiger Tail 16 Item No. Excuse Me, I'm Trying to Read! This boo is full of charm, humor and cuteness. With it's wonderful African flair, absolutely gorgeous pictures and message to encourage reading, 'Excuse Me' is a perfect pleasure for children. I like this story because it teaches a lesson about how important it is to read, even if you are surrounded by wild animals. Excuse me, I'm trying to Read! Stanley's Wild Ride 06 Item No. Stanley knows he's not supposed to leave the yard, but he's dog-tired of it.

So when he discovers a way out … he's gone! A few escapes later, five dogs are on the lam. And with Stanley in the lead, they're off to have the kind of fun you can't find in a yard — chasing tomcats, sampling tasty garbage and soaking fire hydrants. Then, late at night, atop the steepest hill in town, they come upon a mysterious wheeled … thing.

Library Lion 06 Item No. But when a lion comes in one day, no one is sure what to do. There aren't any rules about lions in the library. It turns out, though, that the lion seems very well suited for the library. His big feet are quiet on the library floor. And he never roars in the library - at least not anymore. But when something terrible happens, the lion helps in the only way he know how. Could there ever be a good reason to break the rules? Michelle Knudsen and Kevin Hawkes offer an affectionate ode not just to rules and when to follow them, but also to that wonderful place - the library.

A New York Time Bestseller. An Amazon. A Child magazine Best Book of the Year. A Junior Library Guild Selection. Hawkes's evocative Help Me, Mr. Responding to disgruntled dogs nationwide, Mr. Mutt, canine counselor, has solutions to the stickiest dilemmas. But Mr. Mutt has his own problem to solve: the cat a. Now Mr. Mutt is the one who needs help—quick!

Through letters and newspaper clippings—and with plenty of their trademark humor—Janet Stevens and Susan Stevens Crummel give voice to despairing dogs everywhere. Mind Your Manners, B. Wolf 07 Item No.

Ten Lucky Leprechauns (13)

Very young children will delight in seeing this all-star cast of storybook characters-the tree pigs, Little Red Tiding Hood, the Gingerbread Boy, and others-interacting with B. Wolf in an entirely new, funny, and helpful story about knowing when to say "please," "thank you," and "excuse me.

Clever usage of familiar storybook characters. A no didactic way to encourage the use of "please" an "thank you" in the youngest. Bright, modern, funny computer-generated art by the acknowledged master of that medium. A perfect picture book offering. Rosa sat so Martin could march. Martin marched so Barack could run. Barack ran so Our children can soar.

This is the seed of a unique and inspirational picture book text, that is part historical, part poetry, and entirely inspirational. It symbolically takes the reader through the cumulative story of the US Civil Rights Movement, showing how select pioneers' achievements led up to this landmark moment, when we have elected our first black President. Each historical figure is rendered by a different award-winning African-American children's book illustrator, representing the singular and vibrant contribution that each figure made.

A cohesive and affecting collective portrait. With sparse text and eloquent illustrations, Cook pays homage to African-Americans who paved the way for the civil rights movement which helped pave the way for the election of Barack Obama as President of the United States. The illustrations are by 13 amazing artists who capture the struggle for equality. Don't miss this one. Spare prose and vivid imagery make this a truly moving and accessible picture book to be savored by readers of all ages. Brooms are for Flying! But when the children take off their masks, they get a big surprise: Under her mask, the little witch really is a witch - and she shows the others that brooms really are for flying.

Metal Man 08 Item No. Wiggle and Waggle 07 Item No. Yes We Can! Faith 09 Item No. One Frog Sang 07 Item No. Duck for Turkey Day 17 Item No. There's a Bug on My Book! All About Grandmas 16 Item No. As Good as Anybody 08 Item No. Back to Bed, Ed! Baby on Board 17 Item No. Black Rabbit, The 16 Item No. Bus for Us, The 01 Item No. Christmas Farm 08 Item No. Delicious Bug, The 13 Item No. Down the Back of the Chair 14 Item No. Eensy Weensy Spider Freaks Out! Emily's Balloon 06 Item No. Green Line, The 09 Item No. Heather has Two Mommies 16 Item No.

That Neighbor Kid 17 Item No. Thunderstorm 13 Item No. Book of Mistakes, The 17 Item No. Presented as a grand adventure, the moment when a child first learns to read is powerfully rendered in this well-made story. The book abuser is a young library visitor with a mop of black hair who grabs a blue book while the others flee all of the books have expressive faces and sticklike appendages. A question mark above the boy's head as he opens the book signals his non-reader status. Instead, he holds it upside down, rips it, tosses it, and folds the pages, accompanied by anguished looks from the book itself.

On a return visit, the book's efforts to avoid the boy are futile, and he strikes again. But then something wonderful happens: the boy learns to read, and he and the book are reconciled. Kolar's Stomp, Stomp! Library champions don't usually tolerate the ill-treatment of books, but sometimes, Slater implies, what looks like bad behavior is just boundless eagerness. A spine-tingling tale of book bonding. In this wordless story, a little boy finds a book that he loves at the library. Delivery 17 Item No. By truck… by train… by boat… by rocket… love can travel any road, ride any track, cross any ocean, and soar through any sky.

Float 15 Item No. A little boy takes a boat made of newspaper out for a rainy-day adventure. The boy and his boat dance in the downpour and play in the puddles, but when the boy sends his boat floating down a gutter stream, it quickly gets away from him. So of course the little boy goes on the hunt for his beloved boat—and when the rain lets up, he finds himself on a new adventure altogether. This seemingly simply story from Daniel Miyares is enriched with incredible depth and texture that transcend words. Flood 13 Item No.

A beautiful wordless picture book about the effects of a flood on a family and their home. Journey 13 1 Item No. By the turn of the last page, children will immediately begin imagining the next adventure. Becker's background in movie animation is apparent in his sense of pace, motion, and action; his extraordinary detail work; and his sharp visual cues: objects of imagination and escape. Laudable for its adventuresome female protagonist, scope, and sense of fun, this title will draw girls and boys back to it again and again. Grades Readers will be both dazzled and spurred on imagined travels of their own.

Becker has made a beautiful reminder that there are times we need to turn it off. It's so well done. This is a book of extraordinary magic and beauty. Completely original. Becker's breathtaking urban and bucolic scenes map out a visual narrative that reflects the girl's journey--both external and internal. As Journey ends, you'll want to immediately return to the beginning to experience it again.

Becker's wordless masterpiece is both timely and timeless. Talk about making your own adventure! This gorgeous, wordless book is a gem. Becker's picture book is one of the finest get-lost-in-your-own-imagination tales of loneliness, escape, adventure, and, ultimately, new friendship that I've read in quite some time. Becker launches readers into a wordless adventure amid exotic lands and narrow escapes. Some stories, including this one, don't need words to fire the imagination. With its fine attention to detail and jaw-dropping storyline, Becker has created a modern day classic in the midst of an overpopulated genre.

I don't get to use this word very often when I'm talking about books for young children but I'm going to dust it off and use it now: Beautiful. There's no other way to describe Journey. A Caldecott Honor Book.

Cupid's Apprentice

Only Child, The 15 Item No. Quest 14 2 Item No. Breathtaking in scope, consider this a wordless testament to the power of not just imagination, but art itself; picture books rarely feel this epic. In addition to the winning adventure of the silent story, Becker manages to evolve his imagery with more sophisticated designs and ideas that draw readers into the narrative ever more deeply, proving once again that lush details, a meticulous sense of motion and action, and a boundless love of fun are worth all the words in the world.

Much of the interest comes from his ability to successfully blend architectural styles from a variety of cultures and time periods, the type of exotic settings that children associate with potential danger and requisite cleverness and courage. He clearly understands and perhaps wants to suggest that loneliness, boredom, or rainy days can trigger rich, imaginative play. Creative problem solving is at the heart of this genial book. The watercolors have a slightly smoky haze that adds to the epic quality of the landscape, while the inclusion of the map a cleverly constituted color-coded infographic allows kids to puzzle out the quest and match map components to the kids' stops.

An exhilarating sequel to last year's "Journey" that has every bit as much visual enchantment. Fans will eagerly anticipate the final installment of this engrossing wordless journey. Opening the door onto a fantastically-imagined and meticulously-rendered world.

Now he's back with "Quest" the second installment in a planned trilogy , giving readers exactly what they wanted: the chance to dive back in and continue the journey. If too many people notice it, Hollywood is bound to come knocking and turn this transporting, elegant story - a wordless picture book that's "Harold and the Purple Crayon" raised to the power of "The Lord of the Rings" - into something airless, bombastic and murderously trite.

But to read this book once is to want to personally distribute one to every bored kid you've ever seen. Aaron Becker, creator of Journey, a Caldecott Honor book, presents the next chapter in his stunning wordless fantasy. A king emerges from a hidden door in a city park, startling two children sheltering from the rain. No sooner does he push a map and some strange objects into their hands than he is captured by hostile forces that whisk him back through the enchanted door.

Just like that, the children are caught up in a quest to rescue the king and his kingdom from darkness, while illuminating the farthest reaches of their imagination. Colored markers in hand, they make their own way through the portal, under the sea, through a tropical paradise, over a perilous bridge, and high in the air with the help of a winged friend.

Journey lovers will be thrilled to follow its characters on a new adventure threaded with familiar elements, while new fans will be swept into a visually captivating story that is even richer and more exhilarating than the first. Red Again 17 Item No. Whether being explored for pleasure or for academic purposes, this title will add value to any library collection, especially ones that have copies of its predecessor. A twist ending that will blow many young minds and some not-so-young ones, as well. Return 16 3 Item No. Skunk on a String 16 Item No. Book Reviews: The highly anticipated wordless picture book from debut author and collage artist Thao Lam "Wordless Well-read readers will find subtle references to Eric Carle.

In Skunk on a String, we meet a skunk who has been tied to the tail of a balloon. Try as he might, the persistent critter can't get anyone to untie him. In this wordless story, he is shooed and swatted through a bustling parade, past the windowpanes of the city's apartment buildings with their diverse, busy inhabitants, then up to the construction cranes high above the city. He floats through the zoo, into traffic, under water, and eventually lands atop a Ferris wheel. When he finally unties himself, the skunk misses the aerial life - so he comes up with an inspired way to fly again.

Paper collage art in whimsical colors and patterns - polka dots, gingham, and florals -creates a playful dynamic and brilliantly captures details of urban life, from the legs of a crowd to window boxes, spilled ice cream, and clothing flapping on clotheslines. This heartwarming, highly visual adventure takes a new vantage point on the ordinary and shows the skunk expanding his horizons, overcoming adversity, and, eventually, helping himself. Snow Rabbit, The 15 Item No. One goes out and sculpts a little rabbit, but when she brings it back inside to her wheelchair-bound sister, it begins to melt.

So they take it outside and into the forest where enchanted things begin to happen. Princess Camcam mounts paper cut scenes into dioramas that are then meticulously lit and photographed, lending the illustrations depth and heightened drama. Steeped in subtle detail and unspoken emotion, The Snow Rabbit is a book to cherish. Also known as Princesse Camcam and the creator of the celebrated Fox's Garden, Camille Garoche lives in Paris with her partner and daughter.

Camille's 3D, cut-paper illustrations have been exhibited throughout Europe. Where's Walrus? And Penguin? When Walrus escapes the zoo with his new friend Penguin, their adventures are twice the fun! Will the zookeeper find them? Or will these clever runaways stay one step ahead disguised as subway riders, baseball players, and even grand opera performers? Hiding in plain sight, they elude the clueless zookeeper until a fly ball at a baseball game leads Walrus and Penguin to a chance encounter with surprising results!

A must-have for schools celebrating this special day. Here are different ideas for celebrating this fun and important day. The th day is about math—and so much more! From collecting to counting, baking to bouncing, reading to writing, every possible kind of activity is included for th day celebrations at home or at school. Bright, detailed photographs and plenty of innovative ideas will make this beautifully designed book the essential, must-have book for every family and classroom. Chester's Back! Which author-illustrator will come out on top - Chester or Melanie Watt - is anybody's guess!

This time, there's no denying in Chester's mind that he's the star of the show. His already outsize ego has ballooned even more due to a spate of fan mail on the heels of his self-titled debut. As Chester sees it, who needs Melanie Watt when they have Chester? He's got no shortage of his own storytelling ideas. With heavy paw and red marker, this control-freak cat does not hesitate to commit them to paper. When Chester starts acting far too Hollywood, Melanie calls an open audition to replace the high-maintenance feline.

This isn't a move that Chester will take lying down. Get ready for a seesaw comedy of dueling author-illustrators. Who will come out on top is anybody's guess! Is this poetry? A brainteaser? The poet J. Answers appear unobtrusively on each page, and engaging information about the original poets is included. This funny book is a treat for fans of words and numbers alike. Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free Originally a gift from France to celebrate our shared national struggles for liberty, the statue, thanks to Emma's poem, came to define us as a nation that welcomes immigrants.

The text of that now famous poem, "The New Colossus," appears in this free-verse biography, illustrated in an exquisite folk art style. Groundhog Weather School 13 Item No. Ever wonder where Groundhog Day first began? Want to know the reason why we have different weather seasons? Curious about how some plants and animals can help predict the weather? Learn the answers to these questions and many more at Groundhog Weather School!

This clever story—starring a cast of lovable groundhog characters—is a fresh, informative, and fun look at Groundhog Day through the eyes of the animals who are the stars of it each year. Book Reviews: "The amusing illustrations, colorful paintings digitally collaged with found objects and papers, set the tone for this inviting introduction to groundhogs and the holiday named for them.

Halloween Good Night 15 Item No. This book will fly off your holiday shelves. Given Cushman's cartoony illustrations, readers might be surprised by how poetic his verse is. Some details excel: The mummy mommy and baby speak hieroglyphs; the creature from the Black Lagoon is resurrected as an infant swaddled in seaweed; the opening spread, of a child reading under the blankets, is filled with items that visually foreshadow monsters to come. If you were a ghost haunting a castle and moat, Rattling thick chains, making underpants float, When you stopped all your moaning and screeching in fright, How would you tell your phantom papa good night?

On Halloween night, creatures around the world tuck their little ones into bed. How do skeletons say goodnight? What about werewolves, mummies, or vampire bats? In this silly Halloween romp, young children can take a trip through spooky castles and haunted graveyards to find out! Healthy Kids 13 Item No. Photographs showcase children from Afghanistan washing their hands, a team of boys from Australia playing sports, a group of girls from Panama wearing their seatbelts. Honey, I Love 03 Item No. To one young narrator, it's the simple things that mean the most, like sharing laughter with a friend, taking family rides in the country, and kissing her mama's arm.

Dear Girl, 17 Item No. Dear Girl ends with love. Scary times call for extra love. A must purchase. Each missive reminds readers to be herself, be smart, be adventurous, sometimes cry, and always listen to your instincts. The mother-daughter connection is always loving and personal.

They advise girls to be confident, to speak up, and to be curious and adaptable to anything. Sure to be a hit for mothers and daughters of all ages for its warm, supportive message. Dear Girl, encourages girls to always be themselves and to love who they are—inside and out. Dear Girl, This book is for you. Wonderful, smart, beautiful you. If you ever need a reminder, just turn to any page in this book and know that you are special and you are loved. Does it scrinkle scrattle like falling leaves?

The one thing he knows for sure is that it is worth waiting for. But once those first snowflakes start to fall, Peep realizes just how wise her older brother really is for waiting…and just who she wants to cuddle up to when the snow starts to really sing. Love 18 Item No.

A cab driver plays love softly on his radio while you bounce in back with the bumps of the city and everything smells new, and it smells like life. With a lyrical text that's soothing and inspiring, this tender tale is a needed comfort and a new classic that will resonate with readers of every age. The Plans I Have for You c Book Reviews: "PreS-Gr 2-Lightly inked and washed with watercolor, each small family grouping forms the background portrait of a succeeding generation-figures in the clothing of their day with detailed surroundings that hint of their history.

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Freeman milks both humor and angst from the hairy situation, while not skimping on cute animals, either. An ideal storytime book that ought to snag the attention of listeners and readers. Natalie's hair is really wild—and she likes it that way! A host of friendly animals agree, and they move right in. At first it's just butterflies and birds that take up residence atop Natalie's head, but soon there are zebras, elephants, even a tiger! With all the roaring and squawking and snorting and burping, poor Natalie can hardly sleep. She needs to find someone to help coax those critters out.

Inspired by the author's own childhood adventures with her hair, this playful fantasy will delight all girls and boys who resist having their tresses tamed. Oliver's Otter Phase 18 Item No. After a trip to an aquarium, Oliver decides he wants to be a sea otter. Oliver tries to copy sea otter behavior at meals, while playing, during a trip to the store, and at bath time. This fictional story includes a 4-page For Creative Minds section in the back of the book and a page cross-curricular Teaching Activity Guide online.

Its extensive back matter helps teachers with time-saving lesson ideas, provides extensions for science, math, and social studies units, and uses inquiry-based learning to help build critical thinking skills in young readers. The Spanish translation supports ELL and dual-language programs. The interactive ebook reads aloud in both English and Spanish with word highlighting and audio speed control to promote oral language skills, fluency, pronunciation, text engagement, and reading comprehension. Paint Me a Picture 17 Item No.

With simple rhyming text and accessible art, this book is a springboard for drawing and sharing stories, giving color to emotions, and kids permission to do, create, show and tell. It delightfully, poetically, celebrates the joy and imagination in art in all its forms and inspires the artist in everyone. Gator Dad 16 Item No. Presented by New York Times bestselling author Brian Lies Bats at the Beach , this heartwarming story demonstrates a series of very special ways children can connect with their fathers and should appeal to parents and little readers everywhere.

Nibbles the Book Monster 17 Item No. Appropriate for ages That makes reading a fun experience and why you should check out this chewing charmer. Readers of all ages will fall in love with Nibbles and want to participate in this adventure. Will anything or anyone be able to stop him? With books within the book, Emma Yarlett's utterly appealing artwork, and lots and lots of nibbled holes, this laugh-out-loud funny and ferocious charmer's unstoppable appetite for the printed page will nibble a hole right through your heart.

Jack's Worry 16 Item No. Wide awake yet again, he asks his barnyard friends how they lull themselves to sleep. The bull, the cow, the cat, the spider, and even Mother Hen, they all say they count sheep! Granddaddy Ram knows exactly why, and with a little help from his grandfather, Woolly is soon fast asleep. What's Up Chuck 16 Item No. A hilarious follow-up to Grin and Bear It, this early reader offers lessons on jealousy, self-confidence and the art of making new friends.

Chuck Wood has won the Best of the Forest art contest three years running with his graceful wooden sculptures. But this year, newcomer Scooter Possum provides stiff competition with his abstract paintings, causing Chuck to erupt with jealousy and insecurity. With the help of his friends, he rediscovers his love of making art and learns the merits of coming in second place. Yodel the Yearling 18 Item No. Backmatter explains the difference between torpor and hibernation and includes two activities: one identifying what black bears eat from among 11 photos and the other matching descriptions of evidence of black bears to photos.

Just like human children, the yearlings play, explore their surroundings, and then snuggle up with mom for milk. This nonfiction picture book with a cuddle factor includes a 4-page For Creative Minds section in the back of the book and a page cross-curricular Teaching Activity Guide online. Yoga Bunny 17 Item No. Even bunnies do yoga! It's a perfect day for yoga, and Bunny is practicing his poses and wishes his friends would do yoga with him! But Lizard is too tired, Fox is in a rush, and Bird has the hiccups. Will Bunny ever be able to get his friends to slow down and realize that yoga just might be the solution to their problems?

Akin to I Am Yoga by Susan Verde, Yoga Bunny helps readers relax and unwind as they learn beginning yoga poses, from downward dog to tree pose. Debut author-illustrator Brian Russo shows readers just how relaxing yoga can be. Yak and Gnu 15 Item No. Whose Story is This, Anyway? That depends on who you ask. Everyone has a tale to tell—but if they can all get on the same page, this might turn out to be the best story ever! Are Pirates Polite? These pirates remember to say "please" and "thank you. Fun, rhyming text by Corinne Demas and Artemis Roehrig pairs pirates' questionable activities with their lead-by-example lessons in manners.

David Catrow's humorous, zany illustrations depict the swashbuckling nature of the pirates. Follow along as pirates have fun on a pirate ship, divide up their treasure, and teach manners. Beautiful 16 Item No. Billions of Bricks 16 Item No. Look at all the bricks! Grab a hard hat and all your tools, and get ready for a construction adventure in counting! This clever, rhyming picture book leads readers through a day in the life of a construction crew building with bricks.

See a Problem?

A brick may seem like just a simple block, but in groupings of ten, twenty, and more, it can create many impressive structures, from hotels to schools to skyscrapers. This is a terrific introduction to counting in quantities for children. Bringing the Outside In 15 Item No. Can I Join Your Club? Chowder 06 Item No. While the neighborhood dogs are content to fetch newspapers and take walks, Chowder spends his days on the computer, dancing with his headphones, and using his favorite toy of all, his telescope.

But being different makes Chowder lonely. When a petting zoo opens, Chowder is determined to make friends with the zoo animals. And with a strong kick and a flying leap, Chowder finally finds a place where he can be comfortable being his silly, slobbery self. In other words, taken away. It's only when ALL the toys are confiscated that Brooks and Mikey finally learn how to work—and play—together nicely. But not before creating a whole heap of trouble. Dear Dragon 16 Item No. A playful celebration of difference and poetry. A sweet and clever friendship story in rhyme, about looking past physical differences to appreciate the person or dragon underneath.

George and Blaise are pen pals, and they write letters to each other about everything: their pets, birthdays, favorite sports, and science fair projects. What will happen when these pen pals finally meet face-to-face? Easter Parade! Time to read and give a cheer!

I'm a Little Leprechaun Song for Kids - St Patrick's Day Song - The Kiboomers

Egg 17 Item No. Another stunner from Henkes, who is able to evoke so much with few words and such seemingly simple illustrations. Gorgeous and thought-provoking. Terrific encouragement for readers to embark on their own narrative experiments. The concise text and straightforward illustrations, however, belie a more complicated tale.

This is a book that reads will want to pour over. Every Color 16 Item No. So the girl sets off in her boat to take Bear on an adventure and help him see the colors up close. Goodnight, Manger 15 Item No. I Am Yoga 15 Item No. I Want to be a Witch 16 Item No. Find out what happens when one little girl decides to make up her own rules about being a witch! Everyone wins! Forget reading aloud—this story demands bombastic, full-volume performances. This is the sort of story that makes children love to read. Listen to Our World 16 Item No. Little Miss Muffet 15 Item No. A fun romp. Poor little Miss Muffet.

All she wants to do is eat her curds and whey in peace. But when a rather terrifying spider appears, she desperately scurries away. Frantically searching for some much-needed solace, she ventures outside only to be startled by a vivacious frog, a squawking crow, and easily the largest moose ever seen!

What else could she possibly encounter outside? And will she ever get back to the safety of her tuffet? Rediscover this adored, classic nursery rhyme—for the first time in paperback—with delightfully charming illustrations by acclaimed author and illustrator Iza Trapani! Not books. Not magazines. Not even the menu on the ice cream truck. Stars are for good readers. Stars are for understanding words. And saying them out loud. Fortunately, Madeline Finn meets Bonnie, a library dog. Reading out loud to Bonnie isn't so bad.

When Madeline Finn gets stuck, Bonnie doesn't mind. Madeline Finn can pet her until she figures the word out. As it turns out, it's fun to read when you're not afraid of making mistakes. Bonnie teaches Madeline Finn that it s okay to go slow. And to keep trying. Just like the sticker says. In the beginning, in the beginning.

Man gave names to all the animals. In the beginning, long time ago. With Dylan's blessing, illustrator Jim Arnosky has crafted a stunning picture book adaptation of the song that's a treat for both children and adults, with breathtaking images of more than animals. The revered musical legend rarely allows his songs to be illustrated, and Arnosky has done the song proud with a parade of spectacular creatures ready to receive their names—until the surprise ending, when children get to name an animal all by themselves!

Coupled with the story's lyrical text, this is a lovely mood piece. A quiet, warm look at the bond between grandfather and grandson. Signs with arrows point the way home, reassuring readers that despite the lengthy trip, Max is heading in the right direction. His face is expressive, clearly conveying his varied emotions, from wonder to happiness and wistfulness. The paintings created using a subtractive process in mixed media help define Cooper's characteristic humanistic images.

Experience the wonder of the moon following you home with a Coretta Scott King Award-winning illustrator! Max loves his grandpa. On that swervy-curvy car ride back to his house, Max watches as the moon tags along. Campoy and Howell deliver a clear, uplifting message about the power of art to revitalize people and their surroundings.

What good can a splash of color do in a community of gray? As Mira and her neighbors discover, more than you might ever imagine! Based on the true story of the Urban Art Trail in San Diego, California, Maybe Something Beautiful reveals how art can inspire transformation—and how even the smallest artists can accomplish something big. Pick up a paintbrush and join the celebration! And what Dana likes to do is pinch.

And call people names. You probably know a kid like Dana. What can stop her from being so mean? Five short chapters with comical full-color illustrations offer a fresh, fun take on bullying and birthdays and pet elephants. Though it feeds, clothes, and provides shelter for us, soil is the most overlooked and underappreciated resource on the planet. Mighty Mole is a great introduction and incentive for students, teachers, and parents alike to learn more about this wonderful resource, SOIL. With mighty adaptations to their life underground, moles are superheros for improving the soil underfoot.

Dirt, tunnels, and earthworms make moles tick. Below your feet, Mighty Mole is on the move. Like a swimmer in dirt, she strokes through the soil. Her tunnels are everywhere! She finds food, eludes a predator, has a family, and helps to make Super Soil. Moles live almost everywhere yet are rarely seen. Similarly, soil is a largely invisible ecosystem and yet is vital to the health of the world. Following the story, two Explore More for Kids pages offer a matching challenge and a review of some of the remarkable traits that make moles "mighty.

Monday is One Day 15 Item No. President Goes to School 16 Item No. Book Reviews and Awards: Children's Choices? Washington Library Media Association Alabama Camellia Awards nominee, grades K-1? Alabama Department of Education Kansas National Education Association Charlotte Award Suggested Reading List primary? New York State Reading Association Utah Book Award finalist, children's division?

Utah Center for the Book OC Family Magazine. School Library Journal. Picture Book Depot. Preschoolers and younger elementary students will enjoy seeing an esteemed man being human and childlike The Voice-Tribune. Kids will get a kick and a chuckle out of this tall tale about the president. Hickory Ridge Reader. This wise, funny tale, with its warm-toned pictures, deals humorously with school issues such as working through conflict and taking turns.

It is sure to spark spirited discussion, laughs and exuberant rounds of hokey pokey in classrooms across the country. Washington Parent. When the president of the United States has a frustrating day, he decides to go back to the place where he learned the most important lessons of all. Everyone has bad days. Even the president. So when his day starts off badly, Mr. President decides he is in need of a time-out from running the country.

Disguising himself, he sneaks out of the White House, hurries down the street to the local school, and enrolls in Mrs.

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There Mr. President slides his fingers through globs of finger paint. He spins himself silly on the merry-go-round at recess. But when he returns to the White House, he is greeted by a panicked secretary of state and two angry world leaders on the brink of war. Fortunately, Mr. President recalls what he learned in Mrs.

My Name is Yoon 14 Item No. Swiatkowska's stunningly spare, almost surrealistic paintings enhance the story's message. Yoon may be new to America, but her feelings as an outsider will be recognizable to all children. She struggles with the adjustment to a new language and wants to keep her name as it is in the Korean language.

She fights writing her name in english by making up different names for herself, including "bird" and "cat. Yoon does not want to be in America, and is having a little trouble adjusting, but after time she begins to feel more comfortable. This would be great to read aloud in a class and opening a discussion on when the students have felt uncomfortable in a new situation. Reading this book would be useful to help DLL to share how their names are written in their home languages.

It would be very nice if a parent or parents could be brought in to help write all of the student's names in different languages and displaying the names in the hallway for visitors to see. At one booth at a multicultural fair this past school year a family from China did this for anyone who stopped by, and it was a big hit!

I only wish the teacher in the story would have asked Yoon to show her her name written in Korean. Terrific book though!