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Star Trek Enterprise Season Three 24 episodes 43 min. Star Trek Enterprise moments: Season 3 13 min. Enterprise Profile: Connor Trinneer 17 min. Day in the Life of Director Roxann Dawson 17 min. Deleted scenes, outtakes, and photo gallery hidden NX File featurettes. Star Trek Enterprise Season Four 22 episodes 43 min. Inside the "Mirror" episodes 15 min. Enterprise secrets 6 min. Visual effects magic 13 min.

That's a wrap 9 min. Links to the legacy 4 min. Deleted scenes and outtakes Photo gallery hidden "Save Enterprise" featurette. Conway , and the Okudas. Westmore's Aliens: Dr. Blu-Ray 3-disc Edition Blu-ray U. NEW for Sept. Blu-Ray Edition Blu-ray U.

Blu-ray 3D U. BR 3D Canada. Star Trek Thirteen: Beyond NEW for The Movies - 2-Disc Special Collector's Edition Series These editions of the first 10 Star Trek movies may well remain the definitive ones for the standard DVD format, featuring the latest Director's cuts of the films with upgraded effects, audio commentaries by people who actually made each film, informed text commentaries, and a generally superior batch of supplementary featurettes and extras on a second disc.

Be warned, they are becoming rare though. See the individual listings in the catalogue above, and get them while the bargains last! The Movies - Blu-Ray rereleases and derivatives As the first six movies get rereleased for the Blu-Ray format in , the world of Star Trek movie products becomes a much more confusing place. If you have a Blu-Ray player, and want all six movies possibly again , the "Summit Six-Pack" is the deal for you.

Each movie comes on one disc, packed with a new transfer of the film and all the audio commentaries and other featurettes from the standard DVD 2-disc collector's edition, PLUS additional new commentaries and featurettes. New in-movie pop-up extras replace the text commentaries of the collector's edtions. The only caveat is that the first two films are the old theatrical releases instead of the directors' cuts, which have very different timings, and so the audio commentaries from the collector's editions are not included.

So hang on to your collector's editions of "The Motion Picture" and "The Wrath of Khan", or seek them out as well if you don't already have them. The Movies - standard DVD derivatives Like their Blu-Ray counterparts, the standard DVD derivative releases are also single-disc creatures, which means they haven't got nearly the same amount of space and can't hold all the same extras.

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And so these discs exclusively present the new extras instead of the old. So remember to also hang-on to your older 2-disc collector's edition sets as well, or seek them out if you didn't already have them, as word is those were generally the better extras. Also, many of the movies are gradually becoming available individually.

Time to either upgrade to a Blu-ray player if you want to pick and choose amongst the new Star Trek movie packages, or grab the whole lot as a standard DVD package deal from the link to the left The trilogy set is also available for Blu Ray. Check for listings of extras on "The Wrath of Khan" as well. The Nicholas Meyer solo audio commentary from the 2-disc Collector's Edition Director's Cut appears to have been rejigged and included on the individual release of the movie see above , but not in the "Summit Six Pack" or these "Trilogy" box sets that came out a few months earlier.

Yeah, it's confusing. It may be wise to hang on to your 2-disc Special Collector's Editions, or seek them out if you don't already have them, until Paramount gets its act together regarding the new re-releases. The Original Series: "Purist" Standard DVD Release As someone interested in researching how the episodes actually looked and sounded originally, and when and exactly how certain musical cues first debuted, this was the DVD set for me, and it remains the most untampered-with full-season collection of Star Trek out there.

Unique extras include pure text commentaries on select episodes. Sadly, these sets are starting to become rare, and prices are now rising as these become collectors' items These sets also introduced "staple" extras that continue to be included in all subsequent releases of Star Trek - The Original Series: "The Birth of a Timeless Legacy" Documentary Featurette "To Boldly Go" 1 per season featuring cast and crew discussing individual episodes.

Standard DVD only, U. The Original Series Remastered Sets The re-mastered Star Trek sets are more readily available, and in addition to picture and sound quality restoration, liberties have been taken with "upgrading" the episodes. Most famously, new CGI effects and optical shots have replaced many space scenes, matte paintings, and phaser effects. Unlike similar upgrades applied to select Doctor Who DVD releases since , the CGI effects can not be turned off to see the original effects and optical shots.

The kicker for me comes from reports that the episodes have been rescored with new music. Interesting, funky, but since it's primarily the original music I'm after in the first place, this was not the set for me. Typhon Pact Plagues of Night. Typhon Pact Raise the Dawn. Department of Temporal Investigations Watching the Clock. Children of the Storm Voyager: Children of the Storm. Typhon Pact 4 Paths of Disharmony. Destination Truth Memoirs of a Monster Hunter.

Typhon Pact 3 Rough Beasts of Empire. Typhon Pact 2 Seize the Fire. Full Circle Voyager: Full Circle. Star Trek Voyager: Unworthy. Kobayashi Maru Enterprise: Kobayashi Maru. Martin Andy Mangels. World of Warcraft Beyond the Dark Portal. Starcraft II Flashpoint. Andy Mangels Michael A. Rise of the Federation Tower of Babel. Typhon Pact The Struggle Within.

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Vanguard Storming Heaven. Vanguard What Judgments Come. Dayton Ward Kevin Dilmore. Star Trek Cast No Shadow. Vanguard Declassified. My Soul to Take A Novel. Vanguard Precipice.

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StarCraft Dark Templar--Twilight. Vanguard 4 Open Secrets. The series Deep Space Nine introduced viewers to a turbulent region of space known as The Badlands, which has been a hazard to interstellar travel, and a haven to mysterious friends and foes alike for dozens of years.

In two novels, four generations of Star Trek characters all journey into The Badlands for varying reasons. In the first of this two-parter, Captain Kirk and Commodore Will Decker of the Classic Trek era encounter the first artifact on a plague-ravaged colony world, then Captain Benjamin Sisko of DS9 must deal with a Bajoran terrorist who gets his hands on the second artifact.

Finally, Klingon Captain Klag and the crew of the I. Gorkon must team up with Jean-Luc Picard and the crew of the Enterprise to prevent disaster when the final artifact is discovered. This series of larger novels, which first began appearing in mid, features stand-alone stories focusing on major guest characters or supporting characters from various different eras in Star Trek history. The stories are set in periods between the series or movies — the year and major character are shown in brackets for each title. Series of original novels, featuring all-new characters, set in the early days of the original Star Trek series.

Focuses on the work of the crew of Starbase 47 and its support ships, as they provide assistance to Federation Colonists in the Taurus Reach and also study a scientific oddity in the region. Endeavour and the U. Sagittarius as they explore the Taurus Reach. Unlike Vanguard, the series will not follow a serialized storyline, but will be more stand-alone in its approach. Set approximately 5 years after the end of Star Trek Voyager, these novels feature characters from The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and other Star Trek iterations, working together in a galaxy-spanning storyline.

The adventures of the agents of Department of Temporal Investigations, who monitor and try to prevent time-travel manipulations. This book also included a complete checklist of all the novels, and a chronological timeline of when all those novels were set in Star Trek continuity.

The Amazing Stories compiled a series of Star Trek short stories which had originally appeared in the magazine Amazing Stories in the late s. Star Trek — The Reading List This is a comprehensive listing of professionally published Star Trek fiction — novels and short-story collections. Novelizations by Alan Dean Foster of all 22 animated series [] episodes, in 10 volumes.

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Murdock Nebraska Author! Bennett and others Compilation of 6 shorter works originally published as eBooks. Block and Terry J. Steven and Christina F. Coleman and Randall N. DeCandido, J. Steven Kurtz and Christina F. Bennett, Michael A. Coleman, Randall N. Steven Kurtz, Christina F. Bick, Keith R. Gallagher and Martin R. John Harriman] David R. George III I. Bennett The Collectors [ebook] [] Christopher L. Bennett Timelock [ebook] [] Christopher L.

Taylor, ed. Novelizations by James Blish of 77 of the 79 original live-action series [] episodes, 12 volumes. Star Trek Log 1. Star Trek Log 2. Star Trek Log 3.

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Star Trek Log 4. Star Trek Log 5. Star Trek Log 6. Star Trek Log 7. Star Trek Log 8. Star Trek Reader above. Margaret Wander Bonanno, Christopher L. Allegiance in Exile []. The Weight of Worlds []. The Folded World []. The Shocks of Adversity []. No Time Like the Past [].

Serpents in the Garden []. Foul Deeds Will Rise []. Savage Trade []. Crisis of Consciousness []. Child of Two Worlds [].