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The company had the cover removed — and FedExed back to Cooper the next day — revealing original leather underneath. On Jan. Outside, an foot banner depicting the chair hung in the show window for two months. In the end, the piece went to a private collector. It may have been a more genteel type of action than Cooper is used to, but on the adrenaline charts, it surpassed the most intense hockey shootout. Cooper plans to use some of his cash to attend the Toronto wedding of one of these mentees and to visit with others.

I tell them all I want in return is that they pay it forward, because the satisfaction is worth more than gold. As for the million-dollar question — where will Cooper keep his mail now? In the meantime, Cooper has designated a chair from his dining-room table to serve as temporary mail-collection device.

Get the news you need to start your day. Skip to content. For 45 years, he used this chair to hold his mail.

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Courtesy Bruce C. Related stories. Cooper Bruce Cooper and Christie's colonial American furniture specialist Martha Willoughby with the chair shortly before the start of the auction on Jan. When I saw it, my jaw dropped. Cooper The chair being inspected at the Philadelphia Museum of Art by curator Alexandra Kirtley in flowered dress and her staff. Courtesy of Bruce C. Cooper John Hays, deputy chairman of Christie's Americas, picking up the chair.

If the hero is strong and invulnerable, Mission Control is weak and frail. Various other contrasts may also be built up: if the hero is the strong silent type , Mission Control will be cheerful and will crack jokes.

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This will often lead to some sort of friction between the two and Character Development as time goes on. The defining characteristic is that the character provides banter, exposition, information and support, while the hero is still physically alone and isolated. Losing contact with Mission Control can be used as a plot element. Often the hero will mock his backup's unwillingness to risk it all in the field, and be punished when he loses their valuable help temporarily.

He'll be all too glad when everything's back to normal, he's risking his neck and MC's back in his chair. In some series, Mission Control makes up one half of a Spy Couple. If the hero is male, this character is often female, attractive, and in love with him. This type of portrayal is reminiscent of a fifties TV housewife. And don't call unless it's important! Yes, yes, I'll bring back the macguffin ; no need to nag.

If a series with a Mission Control runs long enough, they will inevitably be forced into a truly threatening situation. The hero could be captured see All Up to You , baddies could invade their HQ a Die Hard scenario ensues , or someone could just catch them off duty. Either the hero will coach them, in a role reversal, or they'll be held captive as a hostage and the hero will have to do his own thinking. May also fall into A Death in the Limelight. Sometimes, the bad guy will hack the communications and impersonate mission control , using voice filters and CGI to fool the hero into doing his bidding.

Mission Control has become increasingly common in video games, to put a face and voice on otherwise boring mission objectives and briefings.

Mission Control often overlaps with other character types by function or nature:. Contrast Sinister Surveillance , where the bad guys are watching your every move. Contrast and compare Mission Control Is Off Its Meds , where there's a voice, but it's misleading, hostile, insulting, or just insane.

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Missing Mission Control is a subtrope, which describes any situation where the Mission Control is killed, kidnapped, or otherwise incapacitated. And Mission Control Rejoiced occurs when the Mission Control starts celebrating the heroes' victory before the latter even return. The sitcom version, where the voice on the other end of the earpiece is Playing Cyrano , is Earpiece Conversation. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this.

Our latest Narratively story isn't available online - we printed the entire thing on a tote bag!

Get Known if you don't have an account. Snake can always count on Mei Ling to save his hide again and again. I'm sick of being the one in the van. You guys are gonna be in the van next time. Since they can link up via their cyberbrains, various characters in Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex serve this role at times, especially Techno Wizard Ishikawa and, even more so, Chief Aramaki who got to display his calmness under fire when he was caught off duty.

Christopher Guy: Chairs

The same role was filled by Prof. Kabuto in Great Mazinger and Prof. Two in X : for the Dragons of Heaven those chosen to save the world , the crippled, blind dream seer Hinoto guides them, while for the Dragons of Earth chosen to destroy the world , Hinoto's younger sister Kanoe guides them. We also have the Numbers Cyborg Uno, who takes this role on the villain's side. Soul Eater : This seems to be Yumi Azusa's main purpose, having been shown on several occasions to advise Shibusen people in the field, though she has an effective Weapon form which is used on occasion.

Being clairvoyant and having awesome Death Note-style map-drawing skills helps. This is Koshiro "Izzy" Izumi's role in Digimon Adventure 02 , as he mostly stays in the computer room or gives them advice. He often doesn't fight directly, since he plans his attacks beforehand and has his classmates do the bulk of the fighting, but he's no slouch himself, and when one rival class tries to sneak attack him, he beats them all up himself. Matsu from Sekirei does this occasionally, providing intel and support for Minato.

However, she is also capable of jumping into the fray and fighting, with a motorcycle and rocket launcher, if needed. Yukina from Night Raid acts as Mission Control, coordinating movements in silence during spy missions with the Sakurai Organization. However, instead of communicating with wireless technology which was not that advanced during the time period of the setting , she uses telepathy instead.

Lelouch from Code Geass often performs this role, guiding his forces on what to do and when to attack. Deconstructed in Bleach. While the Mission Control guys work at full capacity during the Vandereich invasion , the sheer turmoil and chaos of the invasion is really making their leader Akon from the Twelft Division stretch his resources. And for worse, when the MC area is attacked, they're completely defenseless Shizuki from Hekikai no AiON takes this role whenever Seine needs advice or information through the use of mobile phones.

Averted in Naruto. The Intelligence Division of the Shinobi Alliance army acts as this to help coordinate their attacks based on the info that pops up in the battlefield.

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  6. It's not limited to one place, though. It's separated into at least control positions, with the main one at their headquarters. In Guardian Fairy Michel , Biam often stays behind to pilot the Black Hammers' castle, and briefs them if something is going on in missions. Despite being one of the series' strongest fighters, Saruhiko Fushimi from K often takes this role, as Scepter 4's hacker. He does it notably in the very beginning of the first season, and the Christmas mission in the second season, in which he along with Enomoto controls the security points and blockades within the tower.

    It's an important role, but it often leaves him aching for a fight. In My Hero Academia , after Ragdoll of the Wild Wild Pussycats has her Quirk stolen, which is essentially a Career-Ending Injury in this setting, she becomes her team's Mission Control so as to be able to continue helping her teammates. They're essentially informants. In Kenzo's case it's surprising, because he was one of the main heroes in the previous season, and has mostly retired from battling.

    They of course are the ones making important decisions and launching the support vehicles to the scene, but aren't participants in the action. Aleph from Global Frequency. She was born to be the ultimate Mission Control; she's a "superprocessor" — someone who can "handle any number of separate input processes while performing multiple complex tasks and running deductive strings. Barbara Gordon, alias Batgirl , helped out many of the superheroes in Gotham City and around the world when she was Oracle, since she was crippled by the Joker in Batman : The Killing Joke.

    In Superman vs. Lex Luthor specificlly called them "Mission Control". Brainiac 5: You forgot about Dyrk Magz, and all because he has no superpowers. And now — neither do you. In 99 River Street , Stan uses his position as dispatcher to gather address information for Ernie while keeping the cops off his friend's tail. A good deal of Apollo 13 takes place in NASA's Houston mission control centre, and, as in the real event, the operators there were just as much heroes as the astronauts were.

    The recreation was so good that one of the consultants, a NASA employee, kept forgetting it was only a set and looking for the elevator at the end of the day to leave for home, just like another "real" day back in Houston. Jarvis, Iron Man 's AI, would be this if he didn't have a certain amount of control over the suit himself. Merlin throughout Kingsman: The Secret Service , observing the progress of the Kingsman recruits through video feeds.

    Exemplified during the climax when his hacking helps to impede Valentine's progress and save Eggsy from enemy soldiers. Luther Stickell from the Mission: Impossible Film Series , although he gets some action some more about suspense than actual bullets flying in each of the films.

    In Ghost Protocol , all four team members either discuss or are depicted on-screen as being in the Mission Control position. Riley fulfills this role for Ben in National Treasure. He does this again for both Ben and Abigail in the second movie, and also gets a little more in-the-field time himself. Universe in Serenity. He is captured and eventually killed by the Operative.

    Ned in Spider-Man: Homecoming is aware of this trope, referring to it as "the guy in a chair" and wanting to be it to Peter. He gets his wish during the climax, helping Peter out remotely due to the latter not having his advanced suit. Their mission control, in turn, is the Pentagon. And a more chilling version, Soundwave is this to the Decepticons by attaching himself to a Pentagon satellite.

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    He's the only mutant who can restrain Sebastian Shaw psychically or otherwise , so it's imperative for the mission that Xavier survives. He also gives instructions to Erik as the latter searches for their target. Avengers: Endgame : Natasha acts as the coordinator for the Avengers, receiving holo-calls from allies across the world and beyond as they respond to various emergencies.

    In fact, she, personally, is the only form of government we see at any point. Erek King from Animorphs found himself playing this role to the heroes on more than one occasion. See The Android and The Attack for the best examples. He spends most of his time in his lab, helping the heroes from long-distance with any hacking needed. A rather unimaginatively-named intelligent dagger that Thorn the protagonist carries with her. He's served with odd agents of the Dark Lanterns Breland's intelligence agency and has a wealth of knowledge about politics, magic and numerous other fields that would be helpful to his wielder.

    He can also sense magical auras and make educated guesses at what specific spells the target might have around them. He can also sense when someone is spying on him and Thorn with divination magic and a simple set of touches can allow Thorn to communicate with him without anyone else noticing Steel's own voice is telepathic and can only be heard by someone physically holding him. A weird fantasy variant was used for a time in the Garrett, P. Big and used him as a remote-controlled spy and mouthpiece on some of Garrett's cases. Subverted at times because Garrett detests Mr.

    Big and isn't thrilled about being nagged at long-distance, while the Dead Man is never as forthcoming with information or advice as he could be. Timo View Profile View Posts. Mitsota View Profile View Posts. If you have 2 or more bars you can 1shot him with a free heat move, otherwise you wanna dodge baqck when he swings and punch him while he's staggered. Remember to use Brawler.

    Rush doesn't let you to use the heat move. Like everyone else said use the essence of self destruction heat move, or run up hit him a couple of times and run away, rinse and repeat. Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 31 Aug, am.