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The new plant can produce new tubers, which will be genetic clones of the mother seed plant. Potato plants also produce flowers and berries that contain botanical seeds.

How can potatoes benefit my health?

These can be planted to produce new tubers, which will be genetically different from the mother plant. Potatoes can grow from sea level up to 4, meters above sea level; from southern Chile to Greenland. One hectare of potato can yield two to four times the food quantity of grain crops.

Every Way to Cook a Potato (63 Methods) - Bon App├ętit

Potatoes produce more food per unit of water than any other major crop and are up to seven times more efficient in using water than cereals. They are produced in over countries worldwide. It is a fundamental element in the food security for millions of people across South America, Africa, and Asia, including Central Asia.

Potato Facts and Figures

Warmth and moisture can cause the spuds to start sprouting, which is why you are supposed to keep them cool and dry. The sweet potato is full of lies, just like the not-a-berry strawberry. Potatoes were first grown in South America Many people assume potatoes are Irish, or, at least, come from Idaho.

This vegetable made its way to Europe aboard the Spanish conquistador ships around , and though they planted potatoes in Spain, they mainly used the crop as livestock feed. In , the push to eat the nutritious vegetable finally sunk in, and soon it made its way to tables across the continent.

Culinary Uses

It took another 40 or so years for them to flourish, a development that occurred with the onset of the Russet Burbank, still one of the most popular potatoes today. Potatoes were the first vegetable grown in space In a partnership between NASA and the University of Wisconsin, seed potatoes were first tested in space in aboard the Space Shuttle Columbia. Potatoes can turn green Yes, like with other plants, sunshine causes photosynthesis to occur in potatoes. So, if you want to avoid a green-skin tuber, keep your roots in a dry, dark place and away from pesky sunbeams.

All About Potatoes: History, Recipes and Oddities

Potatoes last a long time if you treat them right First, if you are growing potatoes you need to make sure to dry them off after harvesting before you can store them. In fact, that ruins the protective skin, so you are better off placing the dirt-encrusted tubers in a cool, dry and dark spot like a root cellar if you are lucky enough to have one.

They should last about six months this way, totally enough time to get you through the winter. In retaliation, Crum sliced the spuds as thinly as he could, fried them in oil with some salt, and turned them into crispy potatoes.


Lore had it that if you carried a tuber with you, it could prevent rheumatism or help soothe a toothache. They also used raw potato for treating ailments, from healing broken bones to easing frostbite to helping clear up of blemishes on the skin.

Potato chips were invented for revenge. Wait, what?

Instead of taking a hot bath as we are prone to do, the Incans eased aches by rubbing the sore area with the water from a batch of boiled potatoes. Heck, they even used the spud to tell time, all based on how long it took for the root to cook.

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