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My parents did not push me, but I knew they supported my interest. My dad was raised by a priest after his mother died and his father could not take care of him. That priest was revered by my dad. Debemos fomentar el deseo de considerar el sacerdocio en los muchachos que cursan sus estudios secundarios y universitarios. Dios nos llama de maneras inesperadas. Es necesario que animemos a los padres de familia a que fomenten las vocaciones. She, too, had a great respect for priesthood because of our young dynamic associate pastor.

Although I suspect that they both would have wanted their only son to get married, have children and pass on our family name, I knew I had their support in my decision to become a priest. Their support meant the world to me. As our Diocese continues to pray and seek vocations to the priesthood, I encourage each one of us to identify those whom God is calling, be they second career candidates or younger men.

Both have a place in ministry today. Both can contribute to the work of the Church. Both need to be invited. Mi padre veneraba a ese sacerdote. Ambos tienen un lugar en el ministerio. Ambos pueden contribuir a la labor de la Iglesia. In a statement released by the U. Wester of Salt Lake City, who heads the U. They said the Mexican government must ensure that migrants are not abused and subject to exploitation by criminals and corrupt officials.

In each instance, Bishbrowse through it for articles of interest and then put it out op Kicanas replied to the letter writer. I have read the bill and fail to see where any civil or constitutional rights are violated and can only see where human rights will be saved by the adoption of SB I would much rather see my Church focus on humanitarian and charitable activities to those who are affected rather than being ambivalent to the laws or unofficially condoning illegal behavior.

I can only assume these comments where made to pander to the large Latina population within the diocese and the Progressive movement that continues to infiltrate our religion. In the past few years Catholics have been bombarded with questions and criticism about the pedophilia scandal. Now it has raised its ugly head again and once again Catholics are asked to answer the critics and the uninformed. I had trouble doing so because the only answers I had came. You state that the majority of the men, women, and children that enter this country without documentation are not criminals.

That is a false and misleading statement. Anyone entering this country without the proper documentation is a criminal because they are breaking the law. They may not be dangerous or violent criminals, but criminals nonetheless. I will continue to support my parish, Our Lady of the Valley, but will not support the Archdiocese as long as it caters to the Hispanic population. This is America. Now I have these two articles and I am able to respond to questioners and critics in an intelligent manner. However, I still have one problem.

Why is this type of information not the centerpiece of Sunday sermons in every parish in the Diocese? While we starve for reliable answers on pedophilia we hear sermons on Love Thy Neighbor.

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I would like to suggest that the Bishop strongly urge, or better yet demand, that sometime in the next month every parish priest prepare a sermon using these two articles as the centerpiece. Al Fisch Green Valley. Ruthmary Powers, Pastoral Center P.

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Bartholomew and St. My prayer is that we will soon have fair, compassion- P. Francis of Assisi, Elfrida al years of my life in different ways. I hope that you and nent. Petersburg, FL humane, and comprehensive immigration reform. Ambrose know that you have our prayerful support! The undocumented are in violation ment Retreat, La Purisima of federal law and technically became criminals when they We were disturbed to see a letter inserted into our bulle- entered the U.

Springfield, IL. The U. That is not a problem. The prob- Knights of Columbus Meeting, St. Thomas the Aposprofiling. We continue to hope that you would use your lem is that nearly one million additional people enter this tle office to facilitate peace rather than picking a side. We country each year illegally and that must be stopped. The ship tors community and broker an understanding between it and is sinking and before we can fix the problems we need to P. Blessed are the peacemakers. Mark Long email: bernz diocesetucson. ORG 5. One in five U. When CNSNews. The violence among the drug trade is worrisome, and that is why, yes, there needs to be border security, but in and of itself, that is simply not going to solve the problems we face as a country.

We need to find legal ways for that to happen. A fire to symbolically burn away fear highlighted an ecumenical gathering of about supporters of immigration reform last month at St. John the Evangelist Parish in Tucson. We need legal avenues, which would prevent the difficulties we currently face. She told CNSNews. There are so many other elements. Jan Flaaten, executive director of the Arizona Ecumenical Council, said that stemming the flow of drugs coming across the border from Mexico is not only a moral duty, but also a national security issue.

And is he going to push us to try to get an organ? Or is it going to be something where he comes in and tries to change the dynamic here? The short list is the stuff they have in common: the Dominican formation, the Newman mission, the commitment to priesthood and service. The list of differences is virtually everything else, beginning with where they preach, how they preach, and what they preach on. Father James uses a prepared text and stands at the lectern; Father Bart leaves the lectern and the script.

Father James addresses morality, church teaching, and church history, while Father Bart applies scripture to everyday challenges and temptations. Even the way they position their hands at Mass reflects broader discrepancies: Father Bart folds one hand over the other, palms facing his chest, while Father James presses his hands together, fingers pointing up.

As a younger generation of priests joins and replaces an older generation, parishes across the country are feeling the change. City by city, diocese by diocese, it is a changing of guards that is neither swift nor soundless and comes with no choreography to guide the steps. Many young priests arrive with an unabated zeal for the church, a solid grasp of liturgical rubrics, and a preference, if not insistence, for traditions of the past.

They are unafraid to preach on touchier moral teachings and eager to share rituals they consider timeless—ones their gray-haired peers often interpret as a step backward from the hard-won changes of the Second Vatican Council. For these older priests, zeal for the church has softened into an abiding love, tinged by an awareness of its shortcomings.

At best, the change can puzzle parishioners, surprised at how different the same vocation can look. At worst, it can induce an exodus of parishioners. When the old priest and the new priest are diametrically opposed, Catholics say it can feel as if the axis of a familiar home church is tilting, the ground moving beneath their feet. On a personal level, that can result in. As a younger generation of priests joins and replaces an older generation, parishes across the country are feeling the change…it is a changing of guards that is neither swift nor soundless and comes with no choreography to guide the steps.

That major decision can be prompted by minor liturgical changes, which parishioners quickly pick up on and often read into, says Karon Latham, who has worked as a pastoral associate and now serves as director of faith formation for a cluster of three parishes in rural Central Michigan. She was dismayed that fellow parishioners who had been strong in their faith stopped showing up on Sundays during a difficult transition to a new pastor, which coincided with the mandated implementation of the General Instruction of the Roman Missal. To try to ease their struggles, Latham met with parishioners at church, at coffee shops, and in homes.

At question, ultimately, is their very identity: Are they defined by baptism or by ordination? Older priests tend to say the former, emphasizing what they share with parishioners and offering their first name. Forgetting that primary identity can lead to a dangerous attitude, he adds. The laity are disciples. As for Father Bart and Father James, they attribute their accord to open communication, deep-seated respect, and good-natured teasing. Charles in Bayport, Minn. And occasionally they just bite their tongues.

Their common ground may be narrow, but it is deep. She lives in St. Paul, Minn. This article is condensed from the original for space reasons. Reprinted by permission of U. Catholic magazine uscatholic. Catholic is published by the Claretians. For subscriptions, call or visit uscatholic. Since this article was written it was announced that Father James Moore will leave the Newman Center to study for a doctorate in music.

He will be succeeded by Father Donald J. Bramble, a somewhat older priest. Reyes, who served 20 years in the U. Marine Corps before entering the field of education, was a middle school and high school administrator for the Tucson Unified and Sunnyside Unified School Districts. Bishop Gerald F.

Reyes begins work on July 1. San Miguel is a Catholic high school that provides college preparatory education to students from families of limited financial means. Students take a full course load, while at the same time working in entry level positions at local businesses, earning approximately 60 percent of their school tuition. Meanwhile, San Miguel High School.

Hartmann has been executive director of the Sunnyside Unified School District Foundation since , after working in marketing for a number of Tucson businesses and the University of Arizona. It will feature a 7 a. The format is two-man low net blind. All of the money generated will go directly to support vocations and seminarians.

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Donations are welcome from nongolf players as well. For more information, or to register, contact Andy Herreras at , Abe Aragon at , Art Kingman at , Anthony Peralta at or Ruben Limon at Yuma scholarship Thanks to the efforts of two Brother Knights, St. The scholarship was made possible mainly through the efforts of Robert Hardwick and Robert Lecorchick.

Council provided seed money for a booth at the Yuma County Fair last year. Augustine Cathedral, will become pastor of Sts. Father Crino, who had been at the Cathedral since , will serve for a term of six years. Kicanas announced the appointments, which are effective July 1. Peter and Paul. Jude Thaddeus in San Luis. Augustine Cathedral. Jude ThadRev. James deus in San Luis to St. Douglas and St. Bernard in Pirtleville. For two years, the priests met for three days each quarter with faculty and facilitators that included Richard Serrano, diocesan director of Human Resources, Paul Vernon, a retired corporate executive, David Kennon, a retired educator, Jim Petrus, a corporate management development specialist, and Father Al Schifano, Vicar General and Moderator of the Curia.

The sessions addressed matters that are not addressed at length in seminaries: The realities of parish administration such as hiring and supervision of staff, understanding financial reports, community organizing and facility needs. Kicanas, who presented certificates of achievement in a ceremony at the Redemptorist Renewal Center at Picture Rocks. Essay competition winners show off their certificates after the presentations were made by the Serra Club judges. The Serra Club of Tucson has announced the winners of its essay competition, in which students of Catholic schools described what they thought would encourage young people to consider serving the Church as priests, sisters or brothers.

Savings Bond. The winner at the elementary level grades was Caroline Pisani, a 5th grader at St.

Conozca primero su Fe Católica - San Judas Tadeo - 2014-10-29

Annual procession Holy Family Church and St. Benediction will be at 7 p. All are invited. Transportation will be provided for those who cannot make the walk.

Rare Latin Americana

For more information, contact Sylvia at or sylvia hfc. A variety of Catholic organizations and movements, labor unions and political groups joined them, filling St. The laity and the movements are expressions of it through their vitality, their beauty and through the strength of the witness they give each day. We cannot allow our pastors to be the only ones who live with this suffering, which is a suffering that affects the entire Church. Pope Benedict also referred to the scandal when he wrote to participants in a large ecumenical gathering in Germany.

The ecumenical Kirchentag, which ended May 16, had focused on the theme of hope. Using the words of a Bible parable, the Pope said that people may be tempted to ask God whether he sowed the seeds of his Gospel in good earth. The Pope made some of his strongest remarks to date on the sex abuse crisis during an in-flight press conference May 11 on his way to Portugal for a four-day visit that was to include the Marian shrine of Fatima.

While Lourdes Catholic High School in Nogales had 12 graduates, at the opposite end of the spectrum was Salpointe Catholic High School in Tucson, with a graduating class of , nine more than last year. Kicanas presided at Baccalaureate Mass for graduates of all six schools. Odilia Parish and the graduation ceremony was held on May 21 in the high school gym, where. Father Greg Adolf, pastor of St. Andrew the Apostle Parish in Sierra Vista, was the speaker.

Both will attend the University of Arizona in the fall. The Mass for Lourdes Catholic was celebrated in the school chapel on May 14 and was followed by the graduation exercises. The graduates were accepted at 12 colleges and universities in both the U. For St. Augustine Catholic, the Mass was celebrated on May 20 at St. Francis de Sales Parish, the awards assembly was held on May 21 in the school gym and the commencement exercises were staged on May 22 in the school gym. Gabrielle Sparkman was Senior Scholar Athlete.

The 19 graduates at St. Kicanas and CTSO representatives at the annual luncheon held to thank them for supporting Catholic schools throughout the Diocese of Tucson. The affair, called the Corporate Tax Credit Appreciation Luncheon, was held at the Arizona Inn in Tucson, where the benefits of the program and the diversity of its impact were underscored in several ways. Charles Apache School — praised the stewardship the program provides.

Kicanas expressed the. Villegas was also a member of the National Honor Society. Carroll, president and head of Salpointe Catholic High School. The highest honor at Salpointe, the Carmelite Medal, was awarded to two seniors who consistently exemplified the ideals that reflect the Christian spirit of the school and demonstrated balanced and values-centered accomplishments and contributions to the school and the community.

They are Dan Slania and Kelly Howard. The John Hughes Spirit Award winner, selected by students and administrators for loyal support of all aspects of the school, was Hugo Werstler. Seventy-five percent of CTSO scholarships are given to minority children, and 86 percent are low and middle income families.

Graduation speakers, chosen from a pool of seniors with a GPA of 4. Despite being able to defeat similar bills aimed at undocumented immigrants each of the past two years, it became clear from the beginning that this year was going to be different. Recognizing this fact early on, the Bishops of the Arizona Catholic Conference released two statements one with several other religious leaders expressing their concerns about SB and the negative consequences it could have on our state. The Conference worked diligently on this bill with other interested parties to successfully mitigate some of the many problematic areas of SB so that people providing humanitarian aid or transportation to church are not caught up in this new law.

Additionally, we were glad that HB later succeeded in bringing greater assurances to crime victims and witnesses who otherwise might have been afraid to come forward out of a fear that they would be arrested or deported.

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Nonetheless, SB still raises many concerns, including the fact that it mandates local police to enforce federal immigration law to the fullest extent possible. Many people are worried that less attention may be focused on more serious crimes because of this mandate. Finally, irrespective of whether or not it is accurate, the message that is being portrayed around the world with respect to SB is certainly a negative one relating to Arizona.

For many, the only good that may come out of all this attention would be if it finally gets the federal government to take care of our immigration and border concerns without any further delay. Major pro-life victories The Conference had several major prolife victories this year. Perhaps the most significant of these victories came with an amendment that was initiated by the Conference to have Arizona become the first state in the nation to have its health insurance exchange, that is now being mandated by the new federal health care law, opt out of abortion coverage.

Ultimately, the amendment was added onto legislation SB clarifying that cities cannot use taxpayer funding to provide abortion coverage in the insurance plans provided to their employees. The Conference is especially grateful to Rep. Nancy Barto and Sen. Linda Gray for being legislative champions of this effort and to Gov.

Jan Brewer for signing this bill into law. Additionally, SB will now provide improved data relating to abortion reporting. Finally, it should be noted that all of. Big wins for school choice This year was another big year for school choice. Despite a number of bills and amendments proposing to suspend, repeal, or sunset the tuition tax credits, none of them was able to move forward. Meanwhile, three very good school choice bills were made law.

At the top of this list is a bill SB that will now extend the deadline to claim a tuition tax credit from Dec. Given our struggling economy, many people are unsure of what taxable liability they may have until they start preparing their taxes. SB will help raise money from many of these people so that school tuition organizations can continue to enable children to attend the school that best fits their needs. In addition to SB , positive legislation promoting increased transparency and accountability for the individual HB and corporate HB tuition tax credits has been signed into law.

An addi-. Conclusion The Conference is grateful to all of the people and groups it has worked with over the course of this session to make our efforts successful. In particular, a special acknowledgment is due to Representatives Adam Driggs and Andy Tobin for their assistance on so many of the issues mentioned above.

Finally, the Conference is especially indebted to all of the people who supported our efforts through prayers and e-mails this session. We look forward to working with you again on the public policy issues of greatest importance to the Catholic Church. Cyril of Alexandria Church. Kicanas will preside at Mass at St.

The keynote address, which will be delivered on Friday, July 16, by Msgr. Conference of Catholic Bishops. It seeks to engage, support, nurture and build communities of African Catholics and direct and promote their spiritual well-being,. Hay que ver cada persona como hijo de Dios con derechos humanos. Es importante que nos amemos uno y otro con sinceridad. Es el administrador de la parroquia Saint Charles Borromeo, ubicada en la localidad de Brigdeport, en el estado de Connecticut Estados Unidos.

Porque no puedes reembobinar un momento en esta vida, no dejes nada en tu camino, porque las manos del tiempo no las puedes controlar. Para amontonar dinero, para asegurar futuro brillante a nuestros hijos --en el caso de que los tengamos--, o para vivir despilfarrando y gastando en cosas que no necesitamos.

Su principal anhelo era encontrar a Dios, recuperar el tiempo perdido y volver a empezar. Recordemos, nunca sabemos el momento. Por eso vale la pena empezar a cambiar ya aquello que deba ser cambiado. Sor Anne Sophie M. En mi nueva novela les hablo de mi gran amiga sor Anne Sophie M. Aunque no quisiera ser negativa, me gustara platicarte de un defecto muy sutil pero de largos efectos perniciosos, tanto para las madres como para los hijos.

Desde luego esto lo hago con la esperanza de que al reconocerlo, esas madres hagan lo posible por desterrarlo, ya que da por resultado, en los hijos, personalidades inseguras, infelices en lo tanto que se ama como es la familia. Es decir, con esta forma de amor la madre ama posesivamente no por ellos, los hijos, sino por ella misma. Come to my assistance in this great need that I may receive the consolation and help of heaven as I work with my challenges, particularly here make your request. I praise God with you and all the saints forever.

I promise, blessed St. Jude, to be ever mindful of this great favor, to always honor you as my special and powerful patron, and to gratefully encourage devotion to you. Deliver Your Prayer to the Shrine.

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Light a virtual vigil light. You give me hope, St. Jude, in the face of loss and sorrow. I pray that you will guide all souls to the light of Christ. May the hope that you offer be a source of comfort to all those who grieve. Stay by my side, St. Jude, so that I may always rely on your care for me. Jude, I place myself in your care. Pray for me; help me remember that I am not alone in my struggles. Please join me in asking God to send me hope in my sorrow, courage in my fear, and healing in the midst of my challenges.

Prayers to St. Jude | The National Shrine of Saint Jude

Please ask our loving God to fill me with the grace to accept whatever my life holds and to strengthen my faith in His healing power. Thank you, St. Jude, for the promise of hope you hold to all who believe, and inspire me to give this gift of hope to others. God the Father, give me hope. Help me to know that your hope is alive in me as I offer kindness, forgiveness, and tenderness to others. I trust that your servant St. Jude walks with me in all the blessings and challenges of my life, and intercedes on behalf of my petitions. Through your intercession, St.

Jude, please help me to always be open to the calming presence of God.

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Help me to remember how important my forgiveness toward others can be, for their peace as well as for mine. I will continue to pray for peace between nations. But I also want to contribute to building peace in the corners of the world that I live in, and with the people I meet. May God grant my family peace. Jude, for being a source of deep hope and for bringing my petitions to God.

Jude, may your path of hope be mine in the days ahead. I promise in faith to share your hope with others, to forgive as I am forgiven by my Father in heaven, and to show caring and kindness at every opportunity. Guide me, St. Jude, so that I begin each new day with gratitude, truth, and hope in my heart. Challenge me, St. Jude, to end each day reflecting on my actions and motivations so that I grow in faith, love, and hope.

Jude, you are with me in all that is new. May your path of hope be mine in the days ahead. I promise in faith to share your hope with others, to forgive as I am forgiven by my Father in heaven, and to show sympathy and kindness at every opportunity.