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It can be hard to see how passion might apply to your job interview, but more and more employers are asking potential hires exactly that. When you have two candidates who are equally skilled and qualified for a job, the hiring manager has to look deeper into what makes each candidate tick, and sometimes what can really make the difference is discovering which employee has a passion for life and which one is just coasting through on autopilot.

Here, let us explain:. When you have someone who is passionate about something, odds are that person is self-motivated to learn as much as they can about that subject. This is an incredibly desirable trait to a potential employer.

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Candidates with a passion are also usually hard working. They take their free time to develop the skills they need to pursue their passion.

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Treat this question with the same amount of seriousness you apply to all your pre-interview homework. Passion is a funny thing…what makes one person wildly enthusiastic might be a complete and total turn off for another person. Be prepared to talk about what your passion is and potentially answer follow up questions especially if your passion is unique, you mad lint ball collector, you! Use the opportunity to talk about your passion to really engage your hiring manager. This is an opportunity for an employer to not only see what drives you outside work, but to also get to know you a little bit better as a person, and not just as an employee.

Another mistake can be letting your enthusiasm for your passion take you over. Yes, an employer wants to see you genuinely excited to talk about what you love, but remember, this is still a job interview. This is truly excellent. Thank you so much. I read your posts regularly, but this is my first time to comment. Wonderfully articulated. Many thanks. Awesome post. Thanks for adding! Wow, this is great. And Marcia, as always- fantastic post! Thank you so much for your insight- I feel very inspired! It changed my life when I heard about it. My entire life had been riddled with self-doubt before.

Sam, your insight is so helpful. Thank you for this. Timing is everything. I am good at what I do and I actually have said to myself more than once, Who do you think you are?! And, keep going forward! I love these posts. This was me, and I used to always think like this. If people give me negative comments, or judge me without knowing me then they have no value to me what so ever.

So, I give them no thought at all anymore. I have just dived right in a the deep end, and am going to see what happens. I think anyone who doubts what they are doing should check out other people in their niche — dont worry that they may be considered more successful than you. Just remember they were you once….. I find that action is a helpful antidote to self-doubt. But it brings things to a healthy level rather than that overwhelming swamp.

Wow, what a great article! Such a good point, though, that those who might look down on me are not my audience anyway. I need to remember that! Not that I have been criticized, that I know of, except in my own mind. Love your lighthouse analogy… Like you say, we get so caught up thinking the spotlight is on us some of us adore that attention and some of us hate it when instead it should be shining onto that helpful path we create for others.

Well said. The lighthouse is cool. Thanks for underscoring shining the light onto the path we create for others. Thanks so much!!!! Yes, I do that.


Funny thing is I feel my most invisible when I have a bad hair day, my gray is showing too much, etc. Like I really blend in. Thank you for the inspirational post, and also for providing an awesome example of engaging, inspirational content. You set the bar high for the rest of us with this post, and we are all the better for reading it. I also appreciate your ability to talk about vulnerability and self-doubt, because you open a dialogue for all of us, and there is comfort and encouragement in knowing we all face the same fears, and we can get past them. Thanks Marcia! Marcia, This is an absolutely fab read!

Beautiful writing. I love the lighthouse image—very helpful. Turn on the lights and up the volume! Hi Leah! So thankful for your support. You have managed to shine your light so bright today!!! The thought of talking to medical professionals makes me want to run for the hills!

Angel — I feel like I have done my job today if I have helped you through a rough spot. Thanks for letting us know! Hi Marcia, A very helpful and supportive article in that I have had some of the thoughts you mentioned. I have been an employee and solo business owner.

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Now semi-retired and working in an area that caught my attention, Media Literacy. Teaching children and their parents the skills they need to critically think about the media messages that surround them in everyday life. I am self-taught and sometimes gets in my way. Thank you. How did you know I needed to read something like this today? Bookmarking and sharing this one because I know I will need to keep coming back for the reminders!

You Are the Answer

Happy to know you. Great post Marcia! The fear of being seen and teaching others without a degree were my hangups. I will no longer allow this to affect the person I am now and can become. Thank you, Ty. Marcia, this is a very eye-opening post — I need to work on attracting the people I most want to work with for sure. I loved this post. Great stuff! You covered just about everything!

This was exactly my thoughts when I first started my blog, and I even got a couple of remarks saying this same thing. You just have to be determined and plod on! Fantastic post, Martha!

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And as a fellow too-tall girl growing up, I know how tempting invisibility can seem! Thanks for sharing your wisdom in such a warm and generous way. What an amazing, kind, and sincere article. I really love it. This speaks to such deep fears we have as entrepreneurs.

How to Answer the Entrepreneurial Question: “Just Who the Hell Do You Think You Are?”

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