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This led to all four members attacking each other, thus disbanding the team. Despite Kane's partner the Hurricane being absent from the match, he still retained the title. On January 19, , Christian entered the Royal Rumble match at the namesake event , however he was eliminated by Jericho. At Unforgiven on September 21, Christian defeated Jericho and Rob Van Dam to retain the title in a triple threat match, [58] but later lost the title to Van Dam in a ladder match on the September 29 episode of Raw.

Also, Christian and Jericho began romances with Lita and Stratus, respectively; and as part of the angle it was revealed to be a bet over who could sleep with their respective female first, with a Canadian dollar at stake. At Backlash , Christian and Stratus faced Jericho in an intergender handicap match which they lost. Christian participated in the first-ever Money in the Bank ladder match at WrestleMania 21 , but the failed to win as the match was won by Edge. On the June 30 episode of SmackDown! Championship, but he lost to John "Bradshaw" Layfield.

On October 31, his contract with WWE expired. Before leaving WWE, Reso filed to trademark the nickname of "Captain Charisma", which allowed him to use it as Christian Cage in the Total Nonstop Action Wrestling TNA , but after WWE disputed the trademark claim by citing a provision in the terms of his old contract he stopped officially using it on TNA programming by the summer of , calling himself "The Instant Classic" from early onwards although he still continued to be referred to as "Captain Charisma" in off-screen appearances and sometimes wore his "Captain Charisma" entrance jumpsuits to the ring at live events.

Cage made his first appearance on Impact! After the event, Cage began a feud with Rhino one of Reso's real-life good friends as Rhino questioned Cage on his actions at Hard Justice on the August 17 episode of Impact! On the March 8 episode of Impact! Abyss was later kicked out of the group after he attacked Cage on the April 19 episode of Impact! On the January 3 episode of Impact! Christian won an elimination chase tournament to become the number one contender to the ECW Championship, gaining a title match at Backlash.

Christian then began feuding with Sheamus, leading to a match between the two at the Hell in a Cell on October 2 and Vengeance on October 23, both of which Christian lost. Christian made his return at Over the Limit on May 20, where he won a battle royal to receive a title match for either the Intercontinental or United States Championship and—despite originally selecting to face Santino Marella for the United States Championship—went on to defeat Cody Rhodes later in the show to win his fourth Intercontinental Championship, turning face once again.

After a ten-month absence, Christian returned from injury on the June 17, episode of Raw , defeating Wade Barrett. In mid-May , it became known that Reso had been released from his talent contract. Around spring of , Christian began to build up a loyal fanbase, despite his placement as a heel , who he referred to as his "Peeps", [] "Peepulation" a play on the word "population" [] or the "Christian Coalition".

Christian used an inverted double underhook facebuster , called the Killswitch and also previously referred to as the Unprettier and the Impaler , as a finisher. Reso currently lives in Tampa , Florida , with his wife Denise, a German model whom he met while on tour in England; the couple married on May 25, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Canadian professional wrestler and actor. Denise Hartmann m. Main article: Edge and Christian. Main article: The Un-Americans. Main article: Christian's Coalition. Retrieved April 27, Sports: Wrestling.

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Goldberg vs. Archived from the original on July 5, December 8, The Malay Mail. April 18, Archived from the original on February 19, Retrieved February 15, August 30, Retrieved November 19, January 30, Retrieved July 15, Retrieved December 11, Retrieved August 30, Anne June 30, October 31, Retrieved October 31, Archived from the original on October 1, Retrieved September 18, Retrieved September 28, Kappa Publications. Retrieved September 29, Samoa Joe, 4-Way Match, more ".

Retrieved September 30, LAX for tag titles, Christian-Rhino angle". Retrieved October 1, Retrieved October 2, National Wrestling Alliance. PW Torch. Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. May 15, Retrieved October 22, Booker T, more ". One Pro Wrestling.

Love Square Gacha Life Mini Movie ~8.1K Special~

Archived from the original on August 22, Daily Star. Retrieved October 5, It's interesting, he was the first big name to jump ship to us and he's been the first to jump back. Retrieved October 14, Retrieved May 19, Zack Ryder". Yoshi ECW Title match". Retrieved December 14, Retrieved December 30, Retrieved February 2, Retrieved March 7, Retrieved September 24, Punk, Swagger shows off trophies". July 18, Archived from the original on September 28, Please shut up. But then, oh then it gets even more ridiculous. You would think the final strike against this miserable merry-go-round would be Thomas's reaction to Hero confessing about her affair with Griffin.

Thomas hits her--to the point she's thrown to the ground--and calls her a whore. But guess what? She still decides to go through with the engagement. And why? Because her brother made the match and she agrees with his choice and Thomas is the "safer more reliable choice" over Griffin. And cue my step off this ride right here. She seemed to easily forgive Thomas for what he did because "he was hurt"--who FYI gave her a fucking diamond emerald necklace as an apology in the end if that doesn't say enough --but was constantly crucifying Griff for how he lives his life and the choices he makes and thinking he wasn't good enough.

I mean I just gave up caring for any kind of redeemable HEA after this scene, with a heroine this weak and spineless and self-involved it just lost all my interest. So yeah, not a winner for me. Here's to hoping Winter's book is better. Mar 11, Mar 20, Reader experience: Hmmm. What to say. I liked this The POVs and characters are not fully developed, the world building is an afterthought and so flat.

And the internal dialogue is confusing at times because you aren't sure if the characters are speaking in hypothetical or describing something that is actually happening in real time. And that annoyed me to no end.

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Everything just blurs and blends together. There seems to be a whole lot of telling rather than showing. The long winded repetitive inner monologues just dragged everything down especially in the second half with all the repetitive info dumping. How many times do I need to be reminded that the marriage contract has been signed? Or what good honorable gentlemen do? Similar to her other books, there were weird grammar choices and typos and use of modern language.

There was a very good attempt at it, but it came off very very forced and thin. I think a big part of that had to do with the limited range of expressions and words used. The number of times the word upon is used in here is insane and most of the time very clunky.

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This kinda drove me crazy because it kept popping up everywhere and used so awkwardly. Also the dramatic dialogue almost straddles to juvenile and hammy in some areas. What was the point of this? Add a dramatic flare? Not necessary. I guess if it wasn't for the writing I would have enjoyed it more. No that's a lie. The bullheaded stubborn stiff-lipped hero Brandon got on my nerves too. This guy really needed to unclench and stop talking in circles. I found some of the reasons why nobody wanted to put an end to the 'Wedding of the Year' too much and could easily have been resolved.

Brandon played dramatic martyr too much for my liking, at one point even saying his decision would effect his decision making in parliament and England will fall apart if he makes one selfish decision in following his heart. Good grief. I liked him enough in the beginning and he has great chemistry with the heroine but he really tested my patience with how long it took him to actually accept and admit he is marrying the wrong girl and in love with Sophie.

I actually liked the triangle here and the difficult situation all parties involved deal with. Sure Sophie is falling for an unavailable guy but she took into consideration Clarissa's feelings or I should say non feelings so it didn't bother me. Dec 24, Dec 30, Her handling of prose is like nothing I have seen and purely unique. Very understated and subtle but really packs a punch. Simple yet so layered. And for just a moment, as their gazes met, he thought he saw the young Sophie looking out of those eyes.

All else faded into insignificance as the connection they'd shared since their first meeting vibrated between them like a plucked string, an echo that reached all the way down to his soul. One word, one gesture from her, would bring him to her side, to her feet, wherever she wanted him Her depth in capturing human emotions and her stylized writing is almost poetic but without any pomp and melodrama.

I find that to be the most endearing quality about her work. Her characters are so well rounded and human. And she seems to be a new writer in the HR world, so bravo to her. Her stories are very dense and lengthy though, so I would recommend it to those who have the patience. This one in particular spends a good 9 chapters on just flashbacks of how the hero and heroine met 5 years prior and how they fell in love. At first I was a little worried by it, I usually never like this backwards approach, but it actually really helped here considering I couldn't remember what happened between Sophie and Robin in Waltz with a Stranger that had me rushing to get my hands on this one.

And I'm so glad I did. I found it charming, beautiful and so painfully sweet how the quiet, stoic, intense, flinty-eyed Robin fell hard for the fresh faced, old soul, smart as a whip younger Sophie. The age difference did not bother me considering how mature Sophie was for a going-on year old girl and Robin was 25 at the time and nothing overtly intense happens between them except a kiss Seeing how these two fell in love and the quiet yearning that stretches over 5 lonely years was beautiful to see.

It's the thing I find most alluring about this writer's work, the quiet intimate moments--while few and far in between--are filled with so much intensity and soulful yearning with just a few turn of words. Not easy to do. Their lips met, restraint and reserve going up like tinder as passion flared between them, all the more intense for four years of privation. They clung together, the only sound in the carriage their ragged breathing as they kissed and kissed again. Oh, my love. My love. He did not realize he'd spoken--groaned--the words aloud, until he heard her whispered response.

Always yours. She takes her time, paces herself and explains everything from reactions to surroundings. On one hand it's marvelous because you just get swept up in her rich world building, on the other hand it can drag things out at times. That certainly became the case in the second half of the book when a murder mystery unfolds. I do think the momentum of this story lost it's footing unfortunately when the author decided to focus entirely on the mystery arc view spoiler [of who killed Robin's estranged wife, Nathalie.

To be blunt? I just did not care one fig for Nathalie's death or her for that matter. I guess my biggest complaint was the sharp focus and repeated emphasis on Robin's fury and rage over who killed Nathalie--a scheming, grasping, manipulative, selfish CHEATING wife who spared no thought on anyone but herself. Yes she was the mother of his child, but still.

This woman was no saint and no love was lost between her and Robin. It just didn't click well to have the hero so hellbent and emotional over this. The number of times it was emphasized and regurgitated how this woman died and how awful an end it was for her, Robin's internalizing of how he found her and wondering who did this became agonizing, and not in a good way. Because of this the romantic arc took a complete backseat with the heroine playing second fiddle to a deceased wife. I just found it strange and disappointing. For a woman who made Robin's life miserable, Nathalie dominated a good chunk of this book for inadequate reasons I'm sad to say.

The dramatic turn from lovers reuniting and rediscovery to the saga of 'who killed the adulterous wife' and the endless airing of all her dirty laundry left me wanting. She gave up her virginity to some random violin player months after breaking things off with Robin and thought nothing of it. She's a very level headed young woman who thinks everything through and comes from a good well established family and respectable upbringing. She never once voiced against marriage, so I found this bold move entirely out of character for her and contradictory to how she was raised.

It also seemed a little too modern for a young girl her age to just give up her v-card so freely with zero regret just because 'she was lonely' and wanted pleasure. Wasn't buying it. Overall, wonderful angsty story with a couple that has a lot of trials to overcome. If it wasn't for the missed beats in this story and draaaagged out conclusion in the second half I would have given this a 5 star rating. I really hope to see more work by Pamela Sherwood because she is an exceptional writer and very underrated. This is only her 2nd published HR book which is very impressive to say the least.

I hope she writes more because I will definitely pick up more of her work and recommend it readers who love romance with angst-riddled couples. Sep 30, Oct 08, Waltz with a Stranger. I keep flip flopping on the rating for this one. Loved the hero and heroine's story. The underlying tension, the longing and rumination of 'what ifs' I keep flip flopping on the rating for this one. The underlying tension, the longing and rumination of 'what ifs' were subtle small moments, sprinkled here and there but nice and really genuine. If only those quiet crushing moments happened more often I would have given this a solid 4 star without hesitation.

Those fervent moments were the saving grace for me in in an otherwise slow dragged out story. I'm new to Sherwood's work, she's a very thorough detail-oriented writer, it definitely shows. I'll be honest at times I did want to strangle the heroine's twin sister who is the golden 'perfect' sister who fusses and tuts over everything and doesn't realize she doesn't want to marry the hero till the very end. That kinda drove me nuts since it was so obvious since day 1 they had nothing in common. I would like to try other works by Sherwood but you need the time and patience to sit through it for sure.

Also the hero's best friend, Thomas, a talented painter was a delight as well. Really liked him. Excerpt from my favorite scene: He stared at her, his dark eyes unfathomable. They stared at each other, scarcely breathing--then, in an instant, Trevenan closed the distance between them in one stride and pulled her to him, arms banding around her like iron.

Their mouths met in a fierce mutual claiming, and the world went white around them--white as lightning, white as the heart of a flame. Closing her eyes, Aurelia let herself fall, deep into a void where all that existed was his touch, his taste, and the hot, urgent press of his lips against hers. This, she thought hazily. Yes, this.

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And knew by his response, the guttural moan in his throat, that it was the same for him. Love, that is first and last of all things made Why couldn't you wait for me? Jan 02, Jan 07, A sigh of relief honestly because I was so disappointed and kinda worried after reading Book 1. I felt this author's distinct voice was completely vacant and missing in Romancing the Duke but here I felt right at home. This had Tessa Dare's signature mark stamped all over it. Clio and Rafe were so engaging, sexy and fun. Nothing was forced between them and the chemistry and sexual tension just rings off the page.

I'm a complete sucker for gruff towering ginormously built heroes. I love them. The bigger the better. And to top it off, they're a prizefighter with huge fists and bad boy disposition? What was great about Rafe is that even though he's reckless and a self-described illiterate brute, he's got such a playful vulnerable heart with insecurities that were very endearing. I loved how sexy and open he was about his attraction and admiration of Clio.

No matter how much he fought it off, it was great seeing him test the boundaries and get Clio to fight for what she wanted. There were a few laugh-out-loud moments that I loved. The comedic timing and whit was there that TD is always great with. It's not trite and overly done. Bruser was hysterical and Tessa flirted with him possibly being OTT and a cartoon but thankfully it never went there. There were some close moments that toed the line but he made a great secondary character that brought laughs and levity to the story.

And what I loved and missed the most and was here in spades was the sensual, playful sexy love scenes. TD doesn't shy away from that and I love it. I always appreciate the way she's written love scenes and just intimate moments in general. She always manages to capture the underlying desperation, need and all-consuming passion.

It's always what I look for in my readings, that connection and realism of human emotions no matter how flawed or reckless. I just need to see more of that in her future work that was so prevalent in her other series and in here. Closing his eyes, he let his brow fall against hers. His thrusts redoubled with force. They clashed against one another-cheek against jaw, teeth against chin. Raw, openmouthed kiss against kiss.

Then his hand tightened in her hair, and he broke the kiss, pulling her just a few inches away. He held her so tightly, forbidding her to look anywhere else. She had no choice but to stare into his eyes. And something more. Something that could only be love. It will be alright. There were some modern anachronisms that bled into here but they weren't so heavy handed and OTT like in Romancing the Duke.

Not interesting. It's subtle in some cases and others I personally didn't notice but in her more recent work it's like a sledge hammer and too much. And some of the details surrounding the hero's prizefighting career could have been trimmed and finessed more to suite the era IMO. But I'm no expert. I just wish Tessa would be more careful with her slip ups or intentional winks? Here thankfully it wasn't. And since I'm starting to repeat myself I'll end there. While I don't think this was her most exceptional work it was still a fun read and I felt at ease.

I hope to see more angsty dark forlorn characters Tessa used to center her stories around because they were much more fun, fluid and organic. Jan 24, No Commitment Required. Was planning to give this a 3 star just for the potential this had but the unbelievable amount of back-and-forth verbal foot shuffling and forced dram Was planning to give this a 3 star just for the potential this had but the unbelievable amount of back-and-forth verbal foot shuffling and forced drama that happens continuously in here ruined any enjoyment I initially had when I started this. I know I was supposed to empathize with the heroine given the traumatic childhood she had but I only wanted to throttle her.

I was looking forward to it. Beautiful Disaster Beautiful, 1. OMG the melodrama in here These are actual college students? Did not feel that way at all. More like High School Musical without the music. And a guy beating people to a bloody pulp in the cafeteria and all over campus willy nilly without anyone stepping in or calling security? Apr Apr 10, Dying Wish Sentinel Wars, 6.

Butcher, Shannon K. Jackie did not annoy me as much as I thought she would like a lot of 3. Jackie did not annoy me as much as I thought she would like a lot of readers. Her fears and hesitation were totally justified. A lot of reviews label her as selfish and hard headed. Well yeah, I would be too when trapped inside a cave with nasty human-eating monsters for 2 years straight.

I felt the Theronai's, Joseph in particular were being too narrow-minded, unrealistic, hard-headed and unreasonable with her. They kept trying to force her into something she wasn't ready for. She wanted her old life back and some normalcy and I don't blame her. You are dealing with a highly traumatized victim, what do you expect? Desperation to get some normalcy back no matter how unrealistic is expected.

Even with all her baggage, she still went above and beyond to help save Ian several times and was willing to put herself in the line of fire for him. It impressed me that no matter the mind fuck and paralyzing fear of facing the Synestryns again she was willing to do it to save others. I can't label her as selfish given the lengths she went to for others, Ian in particular. She was open minded, realistic and grounded through the whole thing and way more patient then a hand full of the Theronai characters have been IMO.

She called out the guys and ladies on their idiotic bullshit rules while defending Ian. It was very refreshing. The thing that was 'jump the shark' moment for me was having her approach Cain and make that silly pact with him near the end. Gave me whiplash. That disease comment she made was nasty and WTF given everything she went through with Ian.

I found it a little out of character of her to do that after everything they went through together. It made her come off cold and callous and I did not like it. And how does Ian go from having no honor in the beginning of the story series more like it to having honor half way into the story?? He keeps stressing till the very end how his honor is the only thing he has left to hang on to which was very inconsistent to how he was presented in the beginning of the book.

If a Theronai warrior has honor that means his soul is still in intact, Ian is the only warrior who is completely soulless. Very contradictory mistake and made no sense. The author never bothers to address this sudden change and that annoyed me more. Jul Jul 06, Lawless Long, Tall Texans Dec 27, No Choice But Surrender. Apr 13, Apr 18, What I liked: -Revisiting the Duke of Villiers one of my favorite EJ characters from this series and seeing his family dynamics with Eleanor and a grow What I liked: -Revisiting the Duke of Villiers one of my favorite EJ characters from this series and seeing his family dynamics with Eleanor and a grown up 'Tobias' a.

Oh sweet sweet sexy Vander. Thorn's best friend and the 'other man' vying for India's hand in marriage. I really hope the next book is for him, he deserves it. His presence in here was very magnetic and I loved how he didn't back down from Thorn and went after what he wanted with honesty and caring for India's feelings.

And can we please go back to him having icy blue eyes? They go from blue to warm brown by the end of the book. Thorn is insistent on finding and marrying the 'perfect' woman for him and he's convinced that woman is Laetitia a. Never mind the fact that the girl cowers in fear every time she's near him and doesn't say a peep in his presence or anyone else she doesn't understand.

And Thorn doesn't notice any of this. Like father like son. I tried to be swept away by them and their story but really couldn't. This was the case of "I can't stand you but you secretly turn me on" a trope that didn't really work for me here. The constant bickering and arguing was used as a form of foreplay and supposed sexual tension but I struggled to see it. There has to be more than hurling insults on the page to convince me it's chemistry. If it wasn't for Vander's involvement in the last quarter I would have been bored out of my mind to be honest. He managed to make things much more interesting and genuine.

Didn't like the dramatic wishy washy self-indulgent mind games India kept pulling in this. And it was used to gain sympathy with readers near the end which confounded me more. India lies to Thorn 2 times, both times to intentionally deceive. Emphasis on intentional.

The first to get what she wanted--sex view spoiler [she lies to him about not being a virgin technically she isn't but there's more to it just so he will have sex with her hide spoiler ] and the second to get him to cry off from feeling 'obligated' in her eyes to marry her.

He accepts both lies, never mind the fact that he questions and fights her later on about it when he learns she lied to him. That doesn't matter to our heroine. Too little too late! She then turns around hurt and moaning about him not seeing through her lies and feeling betrayed, crying that he never knew her and just wanted to use her. Oh how could he?! He tupped me in the closet like a loose housemaid without using protection even though I was panting and crying his name and clinging to him like a dog in heat.

He has no respect for me! I lied to him and he didn't see through it! I felt like I was in the twilight zone with the abrupt I'm sorry but she strung him along the entire time knowing exactly what she was doing. This bothered me greatly since it was used to paint the heroine as the wounded betrayed victim and the hero as the careless rake who used her.

Nope, didn't buy it. That's not what happened at all. Oh and apparently she was testing him this whole time. I must have missed that part. I have no interest for these mind games. I saw no point or reason for her to act so put-upon and morally offended or scorned by any of this when she set these lies in motion and had zero problems seducing him and letting him take her against a wall without any protection. Girl please. It takes two people to tango. Take responsibility for your part and the mess you made.

70 Best Christian Colleges & Universities - 12222 Edition

I really hate when authors try to force sympathy on characters whose words don't line up with their actions. Acting like the wounded party when they set everything in motion to begin with is a little ridiculous and contradictory. It's clear flip flopping. You can't manipulate your readers that way. This is more of EJ's typical character trope and I usually enjoy it when it's written well and more subtle but here it got a little annoying. Everything you eat goes to your breasts?

Boo hoo darling. Give me a break. This girl goes from 0 to in less than a minute. She's a fireball and very set in her ways. I found her reactions to every little thing Thorn would say or do a little bit much and overly dramatic. She veered into shrew territory a few times for me with her constant reprimands. Calm down girl. I was hoping to meet Theodore all grown up, I wanted to see how the twins were faring 8 years since the last book.

I really wish we got to see the rest of Leo and Eleanor's brood and was honestly expecting to see them considering the big part they played in the last book. May 09, May 15, The story had such a strong start and s 4. The story had such a strong start and so much sexual tension and explosive chemistry between the hero Jeremy and the heroine Lucy I don't understand why Dare thought it necessary to force all that tension between them with all the constant misunderstandings, unspoken feelings, and distance.

The couple deserved so much better than that. I'm a big lover of angst when it's necessary and adds to the story, here it came off like foot shuffling and stalling. Lucy is not the kind of heroine I usually root for or have patience for given her stubborn headed personality but she really grew on me and I ended up loving her. Damn I really loved this girl! Her free spirit and fearless courage to go after the things she wanted I found charming and admirable.

Her eccentric tomboyish reckless personality made me love and sympathize with her, she cracked me up countless times in here. Her struggle to try and be a 'lady' in order to fit in and be a proper wife I found myself relating to in many ways and endeared me to her. The whole Toby drama was a little bit infuriating but I liked that she realized it was a girlish infatuation and accepted it and went after who and what she wanted with open eyes and an open heart That was the real saving grace for me, she quickly realized who she wanted and loved and went after it with pure guts and heart.

Oh Jeremy. Weak in the knees and woozy in the stomach. Jeremy was no exception. His stony brooding personality yet incredibly vulnerable tender passionate heart made me fall for him instantly. Oh and the fact that he seemed to be the only one out of the 5 friends with sense and reasoning!

I thought his shame and self-recriminations while understandable were overblown in some areas like seriously get off the damn wood darling! He deserves a life of happiness and know what it's like to be loved and share emotions. Telling Lucy to stop loving him? Oh honey don't even. He made my heart ache with what he went through as a young lonely boy. I have to say it was a refreshing change from the typical HR template. Like my friend Beanbag mentioned in her review of Sophia's book, she's selfish and I saw some of those selfish instincts come out more than once in here which irked me and raised some red flags.

The whole letter fiasco for one and letting Lucy take the fall for it while she cowered behind her shiny new fiance and didn't say a word to save or defend her. Didn't jive with me. And her whiny 'you're so lucky I hate you' teasing on Lucy's wedding day grated my nerves. I know it was meant to be chiding and playful but to me it came off self-centered and petulant.

She reminded me of that one Debbie Downer in a group of friends who gives out insincere congratulatory wishes and is constantly giving you grief over your happiness. Like knock it off. You got your dreamy fiance now pipe down! And let's not forget that she jilts said fiance at the very end to find her own happiness. On their wedding day. The girl had plenty of time to cry off while she was busy moaning and groaning to Lucy that she wanted passion. I hope she grows up some more in her own book. Overall, great story and wonderful loveable couple!

Oct 19, This was painful for me. When you are feeling like this while reading: It's not so fun. But the emotional pay off in this was close to zilch for me. Anyone who knows me and my reading tastes knows that I am a big fan of romantic angst. Like HUGE. Here it was like sitting through a never-ending forced therapy session with a lovesick hero and a belligerent heroine talking about their entire relationship from conception all the way to a very rushed floundering reunion that seemed pages too late.

I felt the overall tension, misunderstandings, grudges, miscommunication outweighed the reconciliation and light happy moments for these two. This was incredibly unbalanced where the uphill battle outweighed the much anticipated climatic reunion twofold. JM keeps putting her readers in this uneasy shaky mindset through a good portion of the story: And I'm not sure if I enjoyed this kind of mind game.

I started to feel really manipulated by it. It's a problem. I kept having to tell myself to be patient, the end result will be worth it. Was it? Not really. Just barely. That was the biggest problem for me which I couldn't overlook. You need to convince me, show me these two truly love each other. I know they did, but I didn't see enough of it. I love tension just as much as the next person but seriously just I enjoyed the lovey dovey moments while they lasted but I wanted more. Waaaaaaay more. I felt really resentful and manipulated as the misunderstandings kept stacking up.

What made it worse was how far Matt was willing to go to sweep Meredith off her feet and win her back but she was having none of it. I hated that the most. Heroes chasing after obstinate uninterested shrewish heroines is my least favorite kind of trope. Meredith kept acting like Matt was the fire-breathing villain in this even after the truth came out and it made me want to just smack her even more. A snob is a snob. End of. Stop trying to throw glitter and fairy dust on it to make readers buy into a false package. I found her character very inconsistent at times.

She acts betrayed, hurt and offended by Matt at every turn. Yet her perfect angel of a fiance who she constantly puts on a pedestal belittles her best friend Chloe and she just shrugs it off and acts confused by it. Where is your spine woman? Oh and it gets even more ridiculous.

Hidden Expedition: Devil's Triangle ® Walkthrough, Guide, & Tips | Big Fish

Not even a full day--try mere hours -- after ending her engagement with said fiance, her best friend Chloe who's secretly been in love with the fiance sleeps with him and doesn't seem to care about the repercussions. Earth to McNaught: NO woman should do that to another woman. Especially someone who you've grown up with and is considered a sister, family to you.

And not having the decency to even feel guilty about it is insupportable. Of course Meredith forgives them both because she's just that perfect RME and doesn't give them the burn of a cold shoulder. Her non-reaction to the whole thing is what burned my ass the most given the shit she gave Matt. Just UGH. I literally wanted to do this every time Meredith flung cruel barbs at Matt: The brutal set downs I found grossly unfair because they hit below the belt given how far Matt came and the struggles he dealt with. The emotional and verbal abuse and misery compounds everything that I wanted to see happen.

This was literally like sitting through a couple's never-ending therapy session. And this was in serious need of editing. Oh boy did it ever.

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  8. A big chunk of this was weighed down by the repetitive never-endingpages-too-long business meetings, business strategizing and corporate talk and endless background fodder. At times this didn't feel like a romance story at all, Meredith and Matt are drowned out by all the corporate politics and filler nonsense about secondary characters who play minor roles. McNaught is a big fan of meticulous details and thorough backstories which is something I generally look for in my readings.

    But here I felt she got too bogged down in the details of things that honestly added nothing to the story. Do I really need to know the history of the 2 old security guards working at the Bancroft department store? Or how long a board executive has worked with Matthew and what each person wears and their entire educational background? No thank you. It just became a chore to read through all this unnecessary tiring filler. Maybe it was more of my personal taste that bled into this, but the corporate info dumping added absolutely nothing to the foreground of the story.

    I love love LOVED all the details and background information in Perfect , it worked marvelously with the Hollywood backdrop, but here it was suffocating with all the mundane repetitive business talk and stiff bigoted socialites who I cared nothing about. Her constant enabling of that man was disgusting and unbearable to sit through.

    While I think this had a ton of strong potential the 'early' years of the hero and heroine and how they meet was brilliantly set up I did not get the satisfaction I was looking for. I loved the potential they had but I wanted more. The anxiety this book gave me is unparalleled with anything else I've read so far. While I see what JM was trying to do here, she focused too much of her attention on parts that were irrelevant and got carried away with the small minutiae details that should have been edited out.

    Apr 21, Apr 28, Well wasn't this a surprise! I have to say this was really enjoyable and it made me miss Eloisa James's writing. I miss this series! I went into this Well wasn't this a surprise! I went into this with very low expectations and part of it was because of the low ratings this received and one review in particular that completely turned me away from reading this. I blame it on my 'spring cleaning' of my towering to-read shelf. She has her moments of eccentricities in her writing style and sometimes silly characters and plots, but still she can write wonderfully beautiful in-depth stories with endearing characters, witty brilliant dialogue with a ton of angst thrown in there.

    I will be honest the first few chapters of this I struggled to get into and it didn't seem very promising. The heroine Olivia wasn't winning me over with her snarky indifferent personality while her twin sister Georgiana kept fussing and scolding over her poor manners. It got tiring. And their parents were no better with their self-serving deluded ways forcing your daughter to have sex with her betrothed to ensure a possible heir if he doesn't return from war Olivia and Georgie's twittering jokes over Rupert's limp celery episode was in poor taste and made me wish EJ didn't go there but it was all in good fun and not meant to be mean.

    As the story progressed my opinion changed about Olivia. I started to understand Olivia and come to love her and she isn't as indifferent and careless as others peg her for. I fell hard for the hero Tarquin 'Quin' real quick. I was expecting a brooding indifferent jerk but he surprised me I'd still like to know when exactly Quin was a 'jerk' in this story?

    He broke and melted my heart. He's incredibly intelligent, has a surprisingly great sense of humor and very tender passionate vulnerable heart. And oh yeah, excuse my girly moment but he's drop dead gorgeous! While I don't mind love-triangles, I was leery and nervous over the set up in here. The duke falling in love with a woman who's already betrothed to be married and also happens to be the sister of the woman his mother plans for him to possibly marry. I loved this couple so much and their story was very enthralling.

    This book needs to be given more credit than deserved IMO. Let me get this out because there are quite a few misconceptions about this book that I feel needs clearing up after reading a few reviews on here. First of all, the hero Quin absolutely does NOT have Asperger's syndrome or made fun of like one reviewer vehemently accuses James of doing and is what originally turned me away from reading this.

    The only 'difficulty' Quin suffers is struggling to read others emotions and sometimes putting his thoughts into words, which anyone healthy or otherwise, suffers on a daily basis. That is not an ailment IMO and the author never describes him as having one. Quin is perfectly fine and acts like any quiet grieving man would act. As for Rupert, Olivia's 18 year old fiance, he's described as having social difficulties and very emotional, he's labeled as being mentally handicapped something he apparently suffered when he was born.

    So I have to ask the reviewer what the hell they are talking about??! Cause I saw none of that in this book. I even googled Asperger's syndrome to see if it was something I missed and none of that was in this book. In fact, Rupert's personality and how he behaves is the exact opposite of AS. Also, this is set in the s so if you expect aristocratic England society to be so accepting, knowledgable or advanced medically of learning disabilities or handicapped of any kind that's not accurate or realistic. I went into this expecting the worse, a selfish cruel heroine poking fun of a mentally-handicapped man and I saw none of that in here.

    The only ones who maligned Rupert are those who didn't know him. As for Olivia and how she treats Rupert? She was his champion through most of this book. She protects his name, encourages his poetry, faces down others including a stuanchy Doweger who insults him, takes care of his dog Lucy, and goes all the way to France to save him and nearly dies while doing so. What part of this is considered cruel or selfish? That's quite brave and selfless in my book. And I have to point out none of her actions were out of obligation, she vehemently refuses to leave Rupert alone in France and insists on going all the way there with or without Quin.

    She genuinely seemed to care, love and worry for him. I don't know what readers expect from this girl, she made some tasteless jokes in the beginning and is labeled as a cruel selfish heroine. I disagree with that completely. She had some growing up to do and she does plenty of it in here. And as for "stealing" her sister's fiance, considering the fact that Georgie and Quin were never betrothed or even courting to begin with and Georgie gives her sister her blessing to go after the man she loves, there was no stealing to be had in here like some reviewers keep insisting.

    Georgie tells Olivia point blank she doesn't have feelings for Quin and pushes her sister to go after him. She was willing to sacrifice her own happiness for her sister and Quin respected her wishes. He too felt guilt ridden for falling for a woman who is already betrothed and feels he owes something to Rupert. This whole situation could have painted both the hero and heroine in a not-so-favorable light but James handled it beautifully.

    There is a lot of angst, longing, guilt shared between the two so I can't label this couple as selfish or careless. Not even close. I went into this with a somewhat skewed negative perception given all the comments and low ratings I saw on here and was amazed with what I got. A lonely duke who isolated himself after losing his wife and young child and believes he can never love again and doesn't have the capacity for it.

    A beautiful incredibly insecure woman who loves her sister more than anything and hides behind silly jokes and naughty limericks and thinks she's the 'imperfect' fat twin. I call out characters when they act a' fool and neither of these two were. They were very open and honest from the very start with each other, no games, no lies or tricks. Honest, open and up front from the start. I was surprised with how playful, affectionate and passionate my damn Quin was with Olivia.

    He made me melt. Olivia clearly made him happy and he wanted so very badly be with her. For a mathematical genius who's supposedly not good with words I beg to differ , he's quite the romantic. They fell for each other quite easily and openly and tried very hard to fight it out of respect for other parties involved. It goes without saying or repeating in this case that this book is highly underrated book in Eloisa James's Fairy Tale series. She is not for everyone, like I said before she has her own eccentric style of writing that works in some cases and in others not so much.

    You never know what to expect from her which is part of the reason why I can never give up reading her work, her characters are one of a kind and far from conventional HR characters. Her characters and stories are always colorful and very unique and I've always admired that. I enjoyed this book so thoroughly and was charmed by every aspect of it.

    I didn't want it to end. And this bares repeating: The author does not in any part of this book disparage or make fun of a character who is mentally handicapped and there is no character in here that can be labeled as having Asperger's. It's a skewed false statement to make. In fact Rupert is the hero of the story who both Olivia and Quin go to a great deal to bring back home like the war hero he is. So I guess I fail to understand what was so incredibly awful about these two or the story. I'm guess I'm in the minority on this one.

    May 13, May 19, Possession Fallen Angels, 5. I enjoyed it so much I ended up taking it with me to work and reading it during my lunch break, I don't usually do that. I loved the pairing in this even though I really wish Ward would step away from the days window time frame for the couple to meet and fall in love. I hate the rushed restriction Ward is putting on each of these books and how everything needs to happen and unfold in a matter of days.

    Is there a reason for this? After all this is a game of good vs. I was pleasantly surprised with the shift in POV in this. We got much more of the heroine, Cait's POV and back story than we did both guys combined until much later on. There are obvious reasons for that but I liked that Cait seemed to be more of a lead in this. She was sweet, compassionate, relatable and trying to live life to the fullest and break out of her own comfortable safety bubble. I thought Duke was sexy as hell. I wasn't sure what to make of him at first but I fell for the guy. He's the typical brooding silent, gargantuan Ward alpha male, and the guy pulled it off.

    So shmexy. I have a thing for towering gruff silent type heroes. I wasn't overly thrilled how they started off, and Duke's motives behind pursuing Cait bothered me but we get more intel on him and what drives him and he starts to truly fall for her so he won me over. Plus their sex marathons were enthralling and very hot. His insatiable appetite for her was quite addictive and all kinds of delicious. There are some clever twists and surprises with these 2 and G.

    And I do think G. I'm there. I want them. I honestly didn't think Ward would take it there even with the subtle and not-so subtle hints given all the hokey-pokey fuckery with Devina going on so I wasn't sure how serious she was about the potential of Jim with Sissy. But Sissy has intrigued me and I really like her. She's smart, patient, clear-headed, brave and wants her shot at helping Jim and Adrian in the war. The age difference doesn't bother me and Jim clearly is smitten with her and is trying to fight it tooth and nail , and Sissy seems to be slowly coming around.

    It doesn't seem forced or contrived which is another plus. Sissy definitely has matured and seems wiser than her years given what she went through. It was a nice shift in gears. This managed to squeeze tears out of me when she visits her family and thinks about all those she has left behind. Pretty heartbreaking. For someone who has officially 'entered' the series and now has a play and POV in the games she's a very well-rounded character with a lot of depth and maturity which I really liked.

    Kudos to Ward! Pathetic even for Devina. That was unbearable enough but to bargain with her to keep her away from the soul in play by sleeping with her AGAIN was pure torture. Totally you have got be kidding me? How many times do we have to go through these mind fucks pun intended Ward?

    I will not and never will sympathize with Devina or her poor wittle OCD demon heart being crushed by Jim's brush offs. And him constantly having to go on fucking sprees with her as a 'sacrifice' is rage inducing and getting pretty damn tiring at this point. I see that Ward is valiantly trying to humanize her in different ways with her OCD therapy, deep insecurity and falling for Jim.

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    Guess what? Still ain't working. All that does is just razz me up more and wishing someone would just stab her in the eye heart with her stiletto shoe and be done with it. She's great as a villain, she's cunning and quite terrifying lessers take notes. She's a total sociopath and I loathe her. But as a misunderstood 'I feel ugggggly' whiny woman?

    No no and once more with feeling And yes Xhex aka 'Alex Hess' plays a small part in this story as well. I get a kick out of all these character cross overs and cameos between the 2 series. Hope Ward keeps it up!